The Apache Relay

Live: The Apache Relay (100Bands #52)

What’s Left: 148 Days. 48 Bands.
Band #52: The Apache Relay

When/Where: April 7th, Great Scott, Allston, MA
Expectations:I wasn’t at SXSW, but this band kept popping up in tweets, blogs, and articles. I had never heard of them before March and now I want to see what it’s all about.

Concert: The Apache Relay opened for Tristen and Ezra Furman & The Harpoons and it felt like the headlining act was going first. They had so much energy, enthusiasm, and amazing dance moves (which I am totally stealing) that their stage presence trumped the following acts. The five of them crammed on stage looked like they were about to knock each other out with every twist and leg kick. Sometimes the fiddle looks ridiculously small and delicate in the midst of a rock band, but the way Kellen Wenrich played it, it fit right in like it was incredibly natural to be jumping around and foot stomping with a traditional instrument in hand.

Halfway through their set they broke out the song “Home is Not Places,” a song about that homesickness a band can experience during the long weeks on the road. This song kicked their performance up another notch as they played with a fervor usually not seen until the closing song for most bands. They started visibly sweating and their faces turned bright red while genuinely belting out the song. From there on out it was action packed songs and the crowd continually crept closer and danced more and more.

The Apache Relay’s songs showcase a tremendous amount of talent from the well-crafted lyrics, to the perfect blending of fiddle, guitars, and keyboard. Their sound can go from delicate, quiet verses, to crashing drums and seriously shredding their guitars in an instant. It really gets your blood pumping. They closed with even more energy, playing “Can’t Wake Up,” a song off their new record, American Nomad, out next week.

Concert Afterglow: Most of the time I leave shows thinking one of two things; either “that was good” or “I can’t wait to see them again”, and this was very much the latter. I want to see them again so badly that I am seriously considering a road trip to Philly on Saturday to catch their show.

Recommendation:They really are that fantastic and I highly recommend going to see them. (New York, Philly, Pittsburgh are their next stops.)


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