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The Airplanes – Jingle Jangle EP

New The Airplanes!

Horrible things happen to unsuspecting, innocent people. I was raised in a generation molded by the understanding of humankind’s potential for evil. I was also raised in a family that tries its best to find and show the good in all human beings. People lose faith in the human race, which I think is outrageous. For every awful thing one person does, there are a multitude of good people doing good things. These good things often go unappreciated, especially in negative circumstances. The news makes things seem dire, and even when they are dire, there are people donating blood, donating money, holding the door open for the person behind them, and generally taking care of one another. The positivity elicited in The Airplanes music is genuine, and there’s something about it that makes everything seem alright–or seem like it will be alright soon. While I wish we could erase the bad things that have recently occurred from our memory, we simply cannot; instead, we can only continue to do our good things because as Patton Oswalt said in his now-famous Facebook post, “The good outnumber [the evil], and we always will.”

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The Airplanes – A Little Light

New The Airplanes!

I can write a bunch of words here–like, so many words. I know a lot words, but I’m not here to brag about that. My vocabulary is enormous, and you know what they say about people with enormous vocabularies (wait, don’t tell me). But even the largest, most descriptive words cannot truly describe the genuine emotion exhibited on this track. It’s gorgeous, and that means nothing. So I recommend just ignoring me, hitting play, and letting this song (and his previous EP) better your day in every possible way.

The Airplanes is an alias of Arkansas singer-songwriter Joshua Vest and was previously featured on the January Tape Tuesday. Expect an EP from him on April 19th!

[via FishyTunes]

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Tape Tuesday: All The Songs That You Hate

I have always been fascinated with music that sounds happy but contains sad lyrics, so I wanted that to be a theme of this mixtape. I also wanted this to be a good hangover tape after NYE, so enjoy.

P.S. Andrew Joslyn from track 14 is Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s violin player.

P.P.S. “Stay Close” by Flume is the official Tape Tuesday theme song.

I made a mixtape with all the songs that you hate

  1. San Cisco – Beach
  2. Urban Cone – Kings & Queens
  3. The Airplanes – A Summer Daydream, Part I
  4. Boy Kid Cloud – I Would Die for You (Prince Cover)
  5. Ray Bradbury – The Last Night of the World Interlude (Read by RM)
  6. Jack Magma – Cat Gotcha Tongue?!?
  7. Loon Lake – Cherry Lips
  8. Set Sail – Kids
  9. Kwes. – Rollerblades
  10. Leapling – Seventeen
  11. Carousel – Stay Awake
  12. Thief Urban – Closer
  13. Sebastian Lind – Never Let Go
  14. Kris Orlowski & Andrew Joslyn – All My People
  15. Khushi – Seven Years Old
  16. Freelance Whales – Aeolus
  17. Brolin – Another Year
  18. Conner Youngblood – I Gotta Feeling
  19. Flume – Stay Close
  20. Bondax – Gold

‘Cause gold is not enough, she’s a diamond, I’m the rough


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