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[MP3 Premiere] The Hard Knocks – Hosana

New The Hard Knocks!

When we were introduced to The Hard Knocks this spring, we instantly compared them to modern indie favorites like The Neighbourhood and The 1975. But that was before “Hosana.” This track is a two-and-a-half minute bulldozer over every preconception we had about LA band. It expands our previous comparisons to legends like Michael Jackson and Queen. On the recording lead singer Shane Hunter sounds like he’s singing for his life, sparking this ball of retro energy that is a perfect reminder of what our generation is missing. We’ll keep you posted on the band’s upcoming ME+ EP.

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The 1975 – Sex [MP3 + Music Video]

New The 1975!

Ryan Hemsworth‘s remix of The 1975‘s jam “Sex” started our mixtape Trust Falls last fall. Now, the boys from Manchester have a remastered version of the track along with a stunning, new music video. The NSFW video documents a summer romance gone wrong or right–depending how you look at it. It features sloppy kisses, running from the cops, and trips on acid.

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Stream New Songs by The Neighbourhood and Lovelife

New The Neighbourhood!

After touring extensively over the past few years, The Neighbourhood is finally going on their first national headlining tour. They are bringing a few friends with them–friends who happen to also be some of our favorite artists, including Lovelife, The 1975, and JMSN. Icing on the cake? The guys are releasing three limited split 7″ singles with their friends; these will be available at every show.

The NBHD has never been shy about their hip-hop influences. “West Coast” marks the return of lead singer Jesse Rutherford’s rapping (previously known as Jesse James) and truly is a sun-kissed, summer jam. Lovelife’s “Every Minute” is a silky smooth, dramatic taste of indie rock witha falsetto bit that will change your life. Thank God for bands that care.

I’m so West Coast, it’s a goddamn shame

New The Neighbourhood!

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The Hard Knocks – Pocket Full of Change

New The Hard Knocks!

I get emails from people I don’t know. That’s just part of my life now. Depending on how intriguing the subject line is or even how much free time I have, I’ll open the mass email, and occasionally, I’ll like the song held within it. When I get an email that says, “For fans of The 1975, Pacific Air, [and] The Neighbourhood,” I have to stop and pay attention to it. This guy knows what he’s doing, and either he will be dead off in his comparison or he’s managing my new favorite band. Luckily in the case of The Hard Knocks, he’s managing my new favorite band. The SoCo-based four-piece is headed in the right direction, garnering comparisons to some of my favorite buzz bands of the past few years. It’s gonna be very interesting to see where this single takes them, and what’s next for this group.

We’ll keep you posted on The Hard Knock’s debut ME EP, coming out May 7th.

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Trust Falls – A Sunset x Noon Pacific Mixtape

And this is how it starts…

The music blog community is generally a pretty tight knit community, and with Thanksgiving just around the corner, Sunset in the Rearview is thankful for the many, many music websites that share great music every week. One such website is Noon Pacific. This site delivers a playlist straight to your email every Monday at noon (pacific time), containing the best music the blogs have to offer. Sign up is simple and easy; you just have to give your name and email address. I mean, you guys this is a great idea that has been executed to perfection.

So naturally, we decided to collaborate with Noon Pacific, who was kind enough to feature our very own guest mix in their weekly email. I put 10 brand new indie songs on this mix, including Ra Ra Riot’s newest single, a song from our new favorite west coast band The Mowgli’s, and “Annie” from Peter and Kerry‘s excellent debut album La Trimouille.

Hit the jump to stream and download the SITR x Noon Pacific collaboration.

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