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Terence Ryan – See About A Dream EP [Free Download]

Lydia discovered Terence Ryan a little over a year ago, and we haven’t stopped listening since. The Massachusetts native writes some of the most interesting hip-hop I’ve ever heard. Imagine Evanescence meets Eminem. Early ’00s overload? Sorry but it’s true. Each track on See About A Dream features a deeply personal anecdote or phobia or realization behind an undercurrent of darkness layered in old pianos and twisted synthesizers. Terence shines when he rhymes over his creations. Unfortunately, there’s less rap on this EP than there was on last year’s Skeleton EP. Still, this project shines on highlights “Silhouette Me,” “Disappearing,” and “Mind on Monday.” Definitely worth checking out.


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Top EPs & Mixtapes of 2012: Sunset in the Rearview

EPs & Mixtapes of 2012

2012 has been a good year for music. I know I found some songs and albums that will be with me for years. More importantly, however, I discovered some young artists whose careers I will follow. A lot of these EPs and mixtapes are debuts for artists. These are, perhaps, the first glances at the future of music. Check it out.

Hit continue reading to see the lists and hear a sample from each EP and mixtape.

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Terence Ryan – Slingshot + Walls

Terence Ryan is one of our favorite rising talents. You may know him as the guy who made one of your favorite projects of last year. You may also know him as the guy who (successfully) remade a Bon Iver song. You also may not know him, and if that’s the case, “Slingshot” and “Walls” are a perfect introduction into this young artist’s vision. Terence makes truly genre-less music. It’s indie rap, okay…maybe. But the beats sound like something produced in Justin Vernon’s cabin or from Australia’s hottest, new indie export. Shit. I think the best thing to do is to try not to label the music and just enjoy it. Terence takes great pride in creating his music himself, and this DIY work ethic shows in nearly every new release.

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Bon Iver – Holocene (Terence Ryan Remake)

So here’s the deal on this one. Terence Ryan released an impressive 7-track project last year. He is one of those rare artists that actually does it all: he writes, records, produces, and engineers all of his material. And if you don’t believe that that’s talent, Terence got you again with this entirely remade version of Bon Iver’s “Holocene.” Literally all of the production on this soothing rendition is original. There are no samples. It is as if Terence wanted to make it just to prove to himself that he could. Amazing.

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Tape Tuesday: King and Lionheart

One thing that’s cool about music these days is that it can come from so many different places. This mix is a compilation of songs from the places I’ve been since my last mix. I watched the emotional Chuck series finale, which ended with “Rivers and Roads” by The Head and the Heart. I dealt with an actual conversation about death on New Year’s Eve and found the Scattered Trees song as a result of it. I finally looked up Perfume Genius and stumbled upon their short but sweet new song called “Hood.” I discovered Kishi Bashi thanks to his ties with of Montreal (whose new album you can stream here). Lydia showed me Terence Ryan and Ugly, Ugly Words. Literally, every song on this mix comes from a unique person, place, or event that affected me in the past month. The result is King and Lionheart.

Well, you know, I’ll have to see, if all the stars aligned we could have solved the mystery, 
It’s a partial fantasy, we’re living in a land that went astray from history.


  1. Terence Ryan – Skeleton (Yeah Yeah Yeahs Remix)
  2. Kishi Bashi – It All Began with a Burst
  3. Midi Matilda – Day Dreams
  4. Antonio Paul – Made in China [Acoustic Mix]
  5. Scattered Trees – A Conversation (About Death on New Year’s Eve)
  6. Guillemots – I Don’t Feel Amazing Now
  7. Perfume Genius – Hood
  8. Spector – Grey Shirt & Tie
  9. Matt Corby – Brother
  10. Ugly, Ugly Words – Groundhog
  11. Of Monsters and Men – King and Lionheart
  12. Matt Corby – My False
  13. Kishi Bashi – Bright Whites
  14. Walk The Moon – Next in Line
  15. Radical Face – Always Gold
  16. The Head and the Heart – Rivers and Roads
  17. Deportees – A Heart Like Yours In A Time Like This


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Terence Ryan – Skeleton EP [Free Download]

New Terence Ryan!

This is why I blog. Terence Ryan, for me, appeared out of nowhere to drop “Alan’s Right” and now this really cool EP. He’s a totally self-reliant artist who wrote, recorded, produced, and engineered all of the songs below. It’s actually amazing how talented this guy is (relevant Louis C.K. stand-up clip).


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Terence Ryan – Alan’s Right [Music Video]

Terence Ryan Alan's Right

I just learned of a new hip hop artist on the scene, who, by looks falls into the category of hip hop artists that I am weary of. Young, white, potentially just a fad. But I gave the music a listen and I’m convinced that Terence Ryan is more than just that. Listen to this song, “Alan’s Right,” from his upcoming Skeleton EP and tell me if you agree that this kid is onto something real. This music video (which, might I mention, is written, produced, engineered, and performed by Terence Ryan himself) is beautiful. I particularly love the intro.

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