[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: The Flower

New Tape Tuesday!

I am not going to talk about flowers in this writeup. The name of the tape is more of a feeling. This is morning at the beach music. You can start your day with any of the first 13 tracks — preferably in the arranged order. After track 13, the mix veers into darker territory. It is like when the high wears off, and you realize that the summer is coming to an end.

And the flower is dead. Sorry, just needed one flower reference for it all to make sense. And the beginning is like the flower of love, blooming. Ugh, gosh, sorry… two.

I know enough about being high to know you my ultimate drug


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Johnny Yukon – 2it (ft. Telana) [Prod. IIIAI, Deï, & Tru]

New Johnny Yukon!

1234 Creations‘s very own Johnny Yukon continues to put out extremely well-written pop R&B joints. Last month, I said he makes the type of music Justin Timberlake would make if he grew up on Migos. “2it” features shades of Justin Bieber and PartyNextDoor but more than anything it shows a young songwriter flexing his massive potential. The songs Yukon has put out are “crossover hits” (shitty term, I apologize) that belong on the pop charts. This is the shit that would get you excited to turn on mainstream radio, instead of holing up with your own meticulously arranged, hyperspecific playlists every… single… day.

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