[Music Video] Avicii – Wake Me Up

I love this song, and it makes me sad that Avicii didn’t push “Wake Me Up” a bit harder in the spring. I’m sure it would have BLOWN up this summer if he had. Whatever. Today (yesterday, actually, but I’m the worst blogger ever) we have the music video for said song, featuring vocals from Aloe Blacc and a whole lot of Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply (FUN ANDY FACT: I actually rowed with the dude-model with the long hair in high school). Check out the vid, and you can download the track here.

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Skrillex – Summit Ft Ellie Goulding (Aylen Remix)

Skrillex – Summit Ft Ellie Goulding (Aylen Remix) || Download

I’ve featured Aylen on here before, and with every new release I start to like him a little bit more. He’s a young producer, still in his teenage years, but I have the distinct feeling that he is going to become a very big name. This track is currently sitting at a nice #3 on the Hype Machine charts, and I’m happy to see him getting some increased recognition.

I’ve started to fall out of love with Skrillex–he seems more and more like a one trick pony with each new release–but Aylen puts a really nice twist on this one. Fresh out of the Skrillex laboratories, Aylen boosts this track by using more of Ellie’s beautiful (angelic, really) voice, and that’s a huge plus for me. I want Ellie’s babies. I really like his twist on the bassline too, and it’s cool to see him change things both in very noticeable ways and very subtle ways–a true testament to Aylen’s ability.


Dream Big


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Friday at Five!

Friday at Five!

So, typically I’m not a big fan of techno remixes. You know, hurts my head and all that. Sounds repetitive. I guess my glow sticks ran out of umph when I graduated from college. But for those whose sticks are still glowing, this song is for you. And when I say that, I mean it. For somebody who doesn’t tend to like techno remixes, I love this one. The Dragonette sample is simply delicious. Download this and get on with your weekend. This’ll make it a good one, promise.

“Hello” (Bassjackers Remix) – Martin Solveig and Dragonette  |  Download

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