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Tape Tuesday: Teenagers

I’m graduating on Saturday. I think graduation is a time when people want you to be both selfish and selfless. They expect you to want stuff–whether it be a whole graduation party or a freaking overly emotional parting gift. They say that this is your time, and it is. But also half of graduation is for other people. It’s a time when you let your mom fix your graduation cap for one last time. It’s a time when you endure a really boring ceremony just so your parents can have a picture of you accepting your diploma framed and sitting proudly on the mantelpiece in the family room.

My point is that I made this mix for you as much as I did for myself. I’m really kind of scared of graduation, so I stuck a lot of (new) songs that for one reason or another remind me of a specific memory from the last four years–I guess so I don’t forget. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

You got a young heart and you’re afraid to break it off to a slow start but don’t worry I can take it, you are worth the wait and I’ve got the time

  1. Mouth’s Cradle – Sparks
  2. iFFY The Bad Man – Triumph
  3. Russ – Serenity
  4. N.A. – Sheep & Wolf
  5. A.Dd+ – Shit Got Crazy
  6. Jon Hope – Cashews
  7. Unouomedude – Buildings
  8. Carousel – Let’s Go Home
  9. Jesse James – Opposite
  10. Left Boy – Your Song (Daft Punk Rejected Mix)
  11. Slow Magic & Beat Culture – Once
  12. Trails and Ways – Nunca
  13. Fast Years – Young Heart
  14. Ninja Turtle Ninja Tiger – Spinning on Fire
  15. Fletcher C. Johnson – Messin’ Up My Mind
  16. Torches – I Want Something
  17. Dante – Next to You
  18. Tough Guys of America – SALE
  19. Saint Motel – 1997


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Tape Tuesday: Hot Ass Summer Day

The weather is a lot warmer now. I like that. Just the other day I almost went to the beach, which really is a promising sign. But gosh darn it, I digress. This mix isn’t about summer the season. It’s about the people you spend time with during the summertime. It’s about friends. It’s about family. It’s even about those random strangers that you meet at the beach (not the rapey kind!). This is the mix that can soundtrack your entire summer vacation and hopefully stay relevant throughout.

Let me also say that HOT ASS SUMMER DAY is dedicated to Lydia, whose birthday is today. I love Lydia. I don’t know how many times I have to say it (I think that’s the first time). She’s taught me so much in such a short amount of time and has given me such an awesome opportunity to write for Sunset in the Rearview and do things that I never thought would be possible a year ago. I literally love every second of it, so swag on that.

Please take this time now to wish Lydia happy birthday softly in your mind or on Twitter.

While I was feeling such a mess, I thought you’d leave me behind,
While I was feeling so upset, I thought the sun never shine,
Then I found forever. Hey! Hey! Love!
We’ve been best friends forever darling,
That’s what’s up!

  1. Maverick Sabre – Let Me Go (Welcome to HASD)
  2. Dieter Schaaf – Biochemistry
  3. Oberhofer – Away Frm U
  4. Vacationer – Everyone Knows
  5. Of Monsters and Men – Mountain Sound
  6. Manicanparty – Rebels in the Light
  7. Swim Deep – King City
  8. Mouth’s Cradle – The Fever
  9. Dana Buoy – Call to Be
  10. The Preachers – Take a Card
  11. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – That’s What’s Up
  12. Teen Mom – You and me
  13. The Parlotones – Honey
  14. The Cast of Cheers – Animals
  15. Last Dinosaurs – Weekend
  16. Chance The Rapper – Prom Night
  17. Sunni Colón – Shrines


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Tape Tuesday: This is Country

My life has recently changed. I have taken a liking to country, and it truly has changed my life. I’m not exactly sure how it happened–maybe from kids playing it at school, maybe from my sister playing it at home, but one day I just couldn’t stop listening to it and it’s been in heavy rotation ever since.

A lot of people hate country–trust me, I understand that. I couldn’t listen to it until about a week and a half ago, and I couldn’t understand what anyone saw in it. Now I’ve completely flip flopped.  When people tell me they can’t listen to country now, it makes no sense to me.

Anyway, these are my favorite country songs right now, the songs that got me into country in the first place.

By all means, PLEASE  help me grow my country collection. Let me know in the comments what else I should be listening to!

Josh Kelley – Georgia Clay

Benjy Davis Project – Mississippi

Jason Aldean – Dirt Road Anthem

Punch Brothers – This Girl

Jason Aldean – Church Pew or Barstool

Joe Nichols – Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off

Kenny Chesney – You and Tequila (feat. Grace Potter)

Zac Brown Band – Chicken Fried

Zac Brown Band – Different Kind of Fine

Zac Brown Band – Jolene

Old Crow Medicine Show – Wagon Wheel

Eric Church – Homeboy

Download “This is Country”


Dream Big

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Tape Tuesday: Pre-Game To This

Usually, Arjun handles these, but once in a while I like to join in on the fun. Before I get into my second Tape Tuesday (this being my first), let it be known that teen drinking is frowned upon…unless you have a fake id.

Everybody has their own pre-game playlist, right? I mean, it’s an essential part of one’s night. Who pre-games in silence… That’s unheard of! Even when I’m old and have grandchildren, I won’t allow that to happen. Whether you’re pounding those cans, or filling up those glasses, this is a nice playlist to compliment your night. Maybe my next move is creating a power hour? That shit would be cray…

This playlist stemmed from my first semester at Miami of Ohio, some of my favorite songs in general, and remixes of Levels. You’ll find some recent ones, then some older ones. Some party songs, and some songs that I just love to drink to. I do have a bunch of other songs I left off of here, so maybe this will turn into a series? We’ll see. Drinks up!

Hulkshare: Download Tape Tuesday: Pre-Game To This

Hit the jump for full list of tracks!

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Tape Tuesday: Hii Times At Sunset High

The answer is yes: that is me in the cover art. We were those ignorant kids taking pictures with the flash at the Hookah bar.

Well, I’m pretty sure the theme for this is obvious. That “chill” music for your listening pleasures.

I had to limit myself with Cudder and Wiz, but still, this is quite an enjoyable playlist. 53.2 minutes for those sessions I know some of you have, or just to mellow out after a long day of work. Now granted, everyone has their own set of songs they like, but this just highlights my top ones.

My three favorite tracks are Man On The Moon, I Want You, and Up. Enjoy!

Download Tape Tuesday: Hii Times At Sunset High

  1. Five Bucks (5 On It) – Big Sean ft. Chip Tha Ripper & Curren$y
  2. Alive – Celeb Forever ft. Curren$y
  3. High As The Ceiling – Chiddy Bang ft. eLDee The Don
  4. 25 Wives – Chip Tha Ripper ft. Wale
  5. Doobie Ashtray – Dee Goodz & Mac Miller
  6. HiiiPower – Kendrick Lamar
  7. Man On The Moon – KiD CuDi
  8. CudderisBack – KiD CuDi
  9. Hyyerr – KiD CuDi ft. Chip Tha Ripper
  10. The Prayer – KiD CuDi
  11. I Want You – One Room
  12. Up – Wiz Khalifa
  13. In The Cut – Wiz Khalifa
  14. Smallville – XV
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Tape Tuesday: The Realest

When Sunset in the Rearview’s own D Prep began his college career this September, he was unlucky enough to meet me, Honest Bill, his roommate. Although most of our interactions are based around violence and hatred, we occasionally make peace to talk about our favorite topic, and the favorite topic of many readers of this site: music. This past week, the topic was Jay Electronica. Thus we have joined together to deliver Sunset’s “Tape Tuesday”: The Realest. In an era dominated by swag and wonton soup, there is nothing better than slowing it down, sitting back, and listening to some more serious MC’s laying down their genius.

The first and most important track in this tape is Jay Electronica’s “Eternal Sunshine.” In this nine minute magnus opum of hip-hop, JayElec not only delivers multiple verses that I believe stand alone as some of the greatest of all time, but also pushes the boundaries of hip-hop with obscure samples and an array of beats that aren’t really beats at all; “I took Eternal Sunshine and I looped it, no drums no hook just new shit.”  You have to listen to this track to understand it. Take ten minutes and give Jay some patience, he will give back one of the true gems of hip-hop.

It’s crazy to think about the lack of attention that Jay Elec receives. He’s on such a heightened level compared to others in the game right now, yet you never hear him on the radio; while Wayne wins Grammys, Jay Elec just lays down the realness; “I get tempted by all the rewards that come along with making n****r songs…and when you talk like this and try to walk like this the radio stations will never put a n****r on. Just Mims, just 50, just Wayne, just Jeezy and Franchize Boys and Jimmy Jones. Fuck that, fuck rap, this is God Hop. Kingdom music for the hard knocks.”

As further proof of Jay Elec’s genius, I have also thrown in “Exhibit A (Transformations)” which features an exquisite verse from Mos Def, and “My World (Nas Salute).”

Also included is Immortal Techniques’ “Dance with the Devil,” one of the most heavy-handed song in all of hip-hop. As one of Immortal’s best works, it simply wouldn’t be right not to include it. “Dance with the Devil” touches on issues ranging from drugs, to murder, to rape, in the brutally honest way Technique has become known for.

“Glen Close,” of Binary Star’s epic album Masters of The Universe, is quite simply one of my favorite politically inspired hip-hop tracks of all. It gets a little difficult towards the middle, but the opening verse is perfection.

“Dancing in the Rain” is an interesting take on the real struggles many rappers face. Blu discusses how difficult it is to make a career out of hip hop while making a living honestly; “I guess my bills ain’t paid/ No ride to work for the day/ Second option hop the bus but there’s a traffic delay/ My boss trippin’ cause I’m runnin’ late and ain’t no excuse/ When I’m about to be 22 without a whip I could swoop/ Feel like I’m fixin to shoot my own dome with chrome to escape/ Zonin’ out cause workin workin out ain’t worth what I make/ My lady callin’ buggin’ always fussin’ just cause we ain’t ballin’/ But it’s hard because her cousin is fuckin’ rich cause her husband’s hustlin’/ And I ain’t fuckin touchin’ nothin’ but a mic/ Five o’clock and off of work ready to go home and write.” Blu doesn’t try to pretend that he’s rich, or that he’s slangin’ caine, or that he’s got girls all over him; he raps about his daily struggles, and in an era where hip hop seems to be getting less and less real, Blu’s music is refreshing.

These last few tracks are RjD2 collaborations from his 2002 debut album, Deadringer. In my opinion these are some of the most musically interesting tracks in hip-hop, products of a game-changing musician like Rj complimented by top-shelf rappers like Blueprint, Jakki, and Copywrite.

This tape is a collection of real hip hop. Not “swag,” not “dope,” not “ill.” Just real.

  1. Eternal Sunshine – Jay Electronica
  2. Exhibit A (Transformations) – Jay Electronica
  3. My World (Nas Salute) – Jay Electronica
  4. Dance With The Devil – Immortal Technique
  5. Glen Close – Binary Star
  6. Final Frontier ft. Blueprint – RjD2
  7. F.H.H. ft. Jakki – RjD2
  8. Dancing in the Rain – Blu and Exile
  9. June ft. Copywrite – RjD2

Download “The Realest”


Dream Big

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Tape Tuesday: #Jets

Private planes. Dom Perignon at 30,000 feet. Aston Martins, Bugattis, McLarens, Ferraris, and Bentleys. Gucci loafers. Damier print. Welcome to the life. Wealth. Class.  #Jets

Curren$y is the ringleader of the #Jets crew, kind of like Wiz has the Taylor Gang. His swag is effortless, his flow is crisp, and this is perfect to listen to when you’re just running things like a boss. Hit the jump for the full tracklist and download link.

“Michael Knight” – Curren$y

Lames catch feelings, we catch jets. Jets, fool.

“We Back Soon” – Lil Wayne

Sittin’ in a Ferrari, thinkin’ bout money/ I swear I will go head up with all o’ y’all/ Bumper cars

One of my favorite Sam Adams tracks, this one has some great rhymes from Sam and has that trademark Spitta flow on it. Great collaboration between Curren$y and sam right here.

“Fly Jets Over Boston” – Sam Adams feat. Curren$y

I’m the three white keys in C, you a minor/ Knew my shit banged when my music hit the highways/ Found out that hardwork pays off, like Fridays

Truth be told, Chip’s flow might very well be my favorite flow in the game right now. Not saying he’s my favorite rapper, but the dude flows like a goddamn faucet.

“Movie” – Chip Tha Ripper

Dog my life is like movie/ All of the cars and places we are/ All my girls look like dem girls off in the movies

“Final Hour” – Big Sean

Catch me runnin’ to the money/ Until my feet lose feelin’/ Stack it wall to wall till it’s leakin’ through the ceilin”

When Lil Wayne does a song called “Bill Gates,” you know it’s going to be about serious skrills.

“Bill Gates” – Lil Wayne

Polo Ralph Lauren bitch/ That’s what my pajamas say/ Big tall glass of some shit you can’t pronunciate

“Glass House” feat. Curren$y and Big Kritt – Wiz Khalifa

One of the dopest/ I’m schedule 1 you just ibuprofen

The entire album that this next track is off of, “The Crash Album” by DJ Moondance, is one of the best mashup albums I’ve ever heard. He doesn’t just mash track A and B, rather he takes elements from each song and puts them together. This is my favorite cut off of the album. Effortless swag.

“All-American Party” – DJ Moondance

Brushin’ off my three piece/ I make this look too easy/ So tall and lanky/ My suit, it should thank me/ I make it look good to be this hood/ Meyer Lansky mixed with Lucky Lefty/ Gangster, effortlessly/ Poppa was a rolling stone-its in my ancestry

“King Kong” – Curren$y

Fuck around get popped like a collar/ For slippin’ in my city get bitten, chewed, swallowed/ Fool, what you think you like me?/ Your idol and your rival I be

“Gossip” – Lil Wayne

Stop analyzing, criticizing/ You should realize what I am and start epitomizing/ Legitimate I got the heart of the biggest lion

Chuck Inglish productions are always dope, and with three of the slickest flows over this one, you know it’s going to be nuts. Extra crispy flow from Chip, Spitta, and Sean on this.

“Fat Raps” feat. Curren$y and Big Sean – Chip tha Ripper

Your girl show me L-O-V-E/ I drop the O, and the E/ And just took the LV/ That’s Louis Vuitton luggage every time you see my passport/ Damier print, got me lookin’ like a chess board

“Cool Head” feat. Kid Cudi – Travis Barker

I’m in my own world/ Literally, no bullshit baby

“We Major” ft. Kanye West and Nas – Big Z Remixes

Turn nothin’ to something now pimpin’ that’s the Savior/ Best things are green now pimpin’ get your paper/ High off the ground, our status skyscraper

I’m very on and off with Wale. Absolutely hated his last album, but I am definitely a fan of his ability to flow, which is really accentuated on this track. Plus, I love Aston Martins, so swag.

“Aston Martin Music” – Wale

My garments shouldn’t be here, I’m somewhere near the future/ As far as being hard, I feel I’m somewhere near Medusa

“She Said” – Mac Miller

Ayo my herb smoke tastin’ like a Nerds rope/ Imma get rich so I can buy my bitch a fur coat/ Something like a millionaire in training/ Still my shit amazing

”The Number Won Competition” – Wale

Fuck it we on the move/ None of us tryin’ to lose/ I am out of this world/ and you a man on the moon

I was stoked when I first heard this track because I was already a big fan of the song “Walking on a Dream” by Empire Sun. That combined with Wiz, I knew it was going to be dope.

“The Thrill” – Wiz Khalifa

Wake up drunk, go to sleep fucked up

Just some classic, heavy hitting, laid back Lil Weezy. Nothing’s better.

“Lighting Up My Lalala” – Lil Wayne

It’s, Little Wayne Imma shine in the rain/ Now nothing gets cleared without me signing my name/ I’m just, headlining the game/ Won’t stop till I’m/ A Rodding the game, they riding the bench

“Feel Good” – Chip tha Ripper

If you tryna fuck wit me then you better have some commas/ I be wit them OGs i’m probably stuntin wit yo fathaaa

One of my favorite Jay-Z classics with some of that tight Ratatat vibe, all around great track.

“Allure (Jay-Z & Notorious B.I.G.)” – Ratatat

The allure of breaking the law/ Was always too much for me to ever ignore/ I got a thing for them big body Benzes/ Indulge my senses/ In love with a V-Dub engine

Download “Jets”


Dream Big, Swag Out

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Tape Tuesday: #Roadtrip

Tape Tuesdays will be a biweekly feature on Sunset in the Rearview. I will be compiling a new playlist every other week, with a new theme each time. My advice: stream the music on MixPod, listen to the songs, and if you’re a fan, put them together on your computer or iPod as a playlist. My shorter playlists are always better than the longer ones because they seem to have a consistent flow; larger playlists tend to get overpacked and diluted. Every tape will be short enough to fit on a single CD, so if you feel so inclined, burn one and put it in your car or something. So listen, hopefully enjoy, and let me know what you think. Drop any playlist theme ideas in the chat to the side!

Hell yeah, roadtrip! Right? All roadtrips start out with a little gusto, in excitement to get to your destination. Ya know, like “Eff it, we’re going to NYC even if it’s going to take us 9 hours in this packed, little car! Yipee!” While that excitement almost always ebs and flows, that’s how these trips almost always start. Unless, of course, you’re traveling to Idaho or some fly over state with your entire family. That just sucks, and you’d probably be playing emo music. Sucks. Let’s get to it. Hit the jump for entire tracklisting and download link.

Let’s Dance to Joy Division – The Wombats

“Let’s dance to joy division/ and raise our glass to the ceiling/ Cause this could all go so wrong/ but we’re so happy”

Make it last all night? You talking about making the drive last all night, Tom?

American Girl – Tom Petty

“Well she was an American girl/ Raised on promises/ She couldn’t help thinking that there was a little more to life/ Somewhere else”

I spent a fair amount of each summer in Nantucket, so this song is usually ironically relevant. Especially the summer before last, where I left Nantucket to sail in Mystic Seaport, then back to Cape Cod, then back to Nantucket. Also relevant because I have vampire like fangs. #truestory

Walcott – Vampire Weekend

“The lobster’s claw is sharp as knives/ Evil feasts on human lives/ The Holy Roman Empire roots for you”

So at this point that original gusto has subsided and you’re like, “Damn, this is going to be a long ride.” So you kick back a little bit, and listen to some calmer tunes. Like Jason Schwartzman’s, for instance.

West Coast – Coconut Records

“And if you shake her heart then she will appear/ Tonight I think I’ll be staying here/ and you never did like this town/ I’ll talk out loud like you’re still around”

I had some of the best times of my lives, with my best friends (Bryan T, MM Head, Devon K, Thead, etc) listening to The Killers. I can relate to a lot of this song, and a great song to rock out to. Beautifully nostalgic.

Smile Like You Mean It – The Killers

“And someone is calling my name/ From the back of the restaurant/ and someone is playing a game/ In the house that I grew up in/ and someone will drive her around/ Down the same streets that I did”

Wish You Were Here – Incubus

“I dig my toes into the sand/ The ocean looks like a thousand diamonds/ Strewn across a blue blanket/ I lean against the wind/ Pretend that I am weightless/ and in this moment I am happy”

I honestly think this next one is the best roadtrip song there is. No matter what mood you’re in, you can relate to it. Unbelievable instrumental, and more power to them for recognizing the fact that it was too beautiful instrumentally to write lyrics over-let the sounds speak for themselves.

Pacific Theme – Broken Social Scene

Another great instrumental song, this next one has a similar quality. Really unique sounds, I don’t know what makes the harmony over the top although I assume it’s a guitar.

My Only Swerving – El Ten Eleven

Homecoming King – Guster

“The sooner you leave the sooner you’re home/ Back in Massachusetts/ To your golden age/ Where they tuck you in at night”

Man I love Xaphoon Jones (the producing half of Chiddy Bang). He’s got really eclectic influences, and that certainly comes through in his sound. Great remix to a great song.

Radar Detector (Xaphoon Jones Remix) – Darwin Deez

“You are a radar detector/ I drive 1,000 miles an hour/ I won’t go on and on/ But you are always looking out for me”

Two Weeks – Grizzly Bear

“Would you always/ Maybe sometimes/ Make it easy/ Take your time”

Gotta throw some rap in there to kick back to, nothing better than a little laid back J. Cole.

Leave Me Alone feat. Kevin Cossom – J. Cole

“Hey dear Mr. Policeman/ Hey am I wrong or ain’t you supposed to keep the peace man?/ I coulda swore I was driving pretty peaceful/ So why the hell is you pullin’ over me fo’?/ Is it this black Mercedes?/ Or cause I’m black? Hmmm, maybe”

Soundcheck – Tayyib Ali

“And it’s the best feeling ever man/ No more rainy days under the umbrella man/ Cause when I’m outside I run into hella fans/ I love the top floor and I want this forever man”

This one is an absolute classic. Probably one of my top 50 songs ever, if not top 25. Grew up with this. Jam.

You Get What You Give – The New Radicals

“Fri-enemies, who when you’re down ain’t your friend/ Every night we smash their Mercedez-Benz/ First we run and then we laugh till we cry/ But when the night is falling/ And you cannot find the light/ If you feel your dream is dying/ Hold tight”

Amsterdam – Peter Bjorn and John

“Oh it’s a kind of stupid groove/ That you can’t ignore/ Oh it’s a kind of natural fact/ Sometimes you’re just left to be alone”

Turn into Something – Animal Collective

“Oh blissful bleed I came out peaking/ and leaked out like a wet clown/ My tears rolled down and arms went round”

The Kings of Leon are unbelievable, to put things simply.

Pyro – Kings of Leon

“Everything I cherish/ Is slowly dying, or it’s gone/ Little shaken babies/ and drunkards seem to all agree/ Once the show gets started/ It’s bound to be a sight to see”

The Way We Get By – Spoon

“We found a new kinda dance in a magazine/ Try it on, it’s like nothin’ you’ve ever seen/ You sweet talk like a cop, and you know it/ You bought a new bag of pot/ So let’s make a new start/ and that’s the way to my heart”

Destination reached. Feelings of glory ensue. Couldn’t be a better song for that than this one. On a sidenote, they were unfuckingbelievable at Lollapalooza. Out of body experience really. Truly, ridiculously majestic is the only way I can put it.

Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap

“Just stay there/ Cause I’ll be comin’ over/ While our bloods still young/ It’s so young, it runs/ Won’t stop til it’s over”

Dream Big

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