TALLOWS – Sprawl (ft. Samantha Crain)

New Tallows!

You would think rock bands would shy away from naming songs “Sprawl” after Arcade Fire made not one, but two songs with the word in the title. Then again, you don’t know TALLOWS. With the first single from their new LP Waist Deep, this four-piece from Oklahoma City has boldly declared that they are, and this is a direct quote, “better than Arcade Fire was or ever will be.” Actually, that’s a lie, and I apologize for it.

“Sprawl” is a beautiful song. It will sound familiar at first, but I think that has more to do with how damn good it is than it does with any unoriginality. The song builds with a scientific exactness. It is grounded in purpose and will have you deeply invested in the story by the 1:42 mark exactly.

Soon, I’ll sprawl

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