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[Album Stream] Swim Deep – Where The Heaven Are We

New Swim Deep!

There is a general fear when listening to a debut project from your “new favorite band” because you are well aware that a few good songs does not necessarily translate into a succinct debut. Well, what most people fail to realize is that bands know this. They get that. So yes, maybe we have heard the best songs on Swim Deep’s Where The Heaven Are We. But also, this is an album. Each song plays off each other and together convey a feeling. According to NME, lead singer Austin Williams describes the feeling as, “tiny coloured stars beaming from inside a cloud, and they’re beaming out prism colours.” He also says of Where The Heaven Are We:

There’s a vibration running through the album, a feel-good vibe, a positive take on music. I think we got bored of sad music and people moaning about shit. You need some pump in your veins. I feel bad for people who don’t do what they love, who hate what they do. I feel frustrated on their behalf. This album is for them.

So far, I can’t say I disagree. The album is out on August 5th. Pre-order it here.

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Swim Deep – Crush

New Swim Deep!

Women are so great. It’s hard to believe something like sexism against them could exist. They are clean and not gross and not sweaty and courteous and caring like at a fundamental level and can deal with stress with the utmost resilience and are strong and sometimes have to wear dresses and heels and make up (which probably sucks) and can basically create people and then raise them with milk that their bodies just know to create after making a person.

But damn, I always seem to have a crush on the wrong women.

One of our favorite young bands Swim Deep is releasing their highly anticipated debut album Where the Heaven Are We on August 6th. This is a bonus track from that, and it’s awesome. So just imagine how the album sounds. Pre-order the album here, and hit the jump to see the album tracklist.

P.S. “She Changes The Weather” is a top 10 song of the year.

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Swim Deep – King City

Swim Deep is the band the #SunsetFam has fallen in love with for their light tunes reminiscent of beach waves and babes in bikinis (spoken like a true lady). They released a single version of this song “King City” back in May 2012, but put the album version up on their SoundCloud today and it just reminded me of how beautiful it really is. That’s cliche, but it’s about all I know to say. I could add that if I close my eyes when I’m listening to it, I see this image. And that the way he sings “cool” is just too damn cool.


‘Cause I’m in love, so old
Put your flowers down, it’s too cold
Fuck your romance, I wanna pretend
That Jenny Lee Lindberg is my girlfriend


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Tape Tuesday: Lost in the Funhouse

New Tape Tuesday!

I respect people who try to stay true to themselves, even when everything in the world is trying to get them to do the opposite. Completely original people, too, like Andy Kaufman who heavily inspired this tape. They say, “You are who you surround yourself with,” but sometimes you get lost. I think recently I was lost–trapped in the dark corners of my own mind. This mixtape is about how I lost myself and how I continue to fight the surrounding negative energy. It’s less sad and serious than it sounds. These 17 songs are essential summer music. Burn them on a CD, go for a drive, and get lost in the funhouse.

  1. Josh Record – Wonder
  2. Bipolar Sunshine – Rivers
  3. The Hard Knocks – Pocket Full of Change
  4. Wet – Bad Idea
  5. SomeKindaWonderful – Reverse
  6. Cave Painting – Rio
  7. Swim Deep – She Changes The Weather (Whitely Remix)
  8. Mychal Cohen – Sentimental Guy
  9. Cowboy Indian Bear – Let It Down
  10. Noname Gypsy – Sunday Morning
  11. SPEAK – Peaks
  12. Kid Astray – Hey Sister
  13. The Casual Tuesday – Seatbelt
  14. Majical Cloudz – Bugs Don’t Buzz
  15. Planetarian – Zoned
  16. PHOX – Slow Motion
  17. The Dear Hunter – Whisper

If it were up to me,
I would’ve remained in that dream a little later


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Swim Deep – She Changes The Weather (Whitely Remix)

New Swim Deep!

Some songs just seem to rip at my heartstrings. Swim Deep‘s “She Changes The Weather” is one of those songs, and somehow even more so, Whitely’s remix of “She Changes The Weather” is that song. Tom Lowe, the man behind Whitely, expertly manages to take Swim Deep’s swift rock offering and transport it to a realm of ’80s inspired electronica without changing the song completely. Suddenly, this has become a song that would not be completely strange on the Drive soundtrack, and I love that.

She changes the weather in my bones, seems like it’s never getting cold.

This remix is a submission in Swim Deep’s remix competition. For more information about that, click here.


Just today, Swim Deep released the B-side to “She Changes The Weather.” “Simmer” is another slow burner that pays off in the last minute with an epic break down.

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Swim Deep – She Changes The Weather

Swim Deep is a band that can write the shit out of a hook. Just last year, they had us shouting “Don’t just dream in your sleep, it’s just lazy!” from their infectious second single “Honey.” Their newest offering, however, delves into a different world. With a slower build and cleaner sound, this is one feels like it’s straight out of the O.C. soundtrack. I don’t know if you followed the teen drama back in the day, but that is a big compliment. Gosh, now I have to go back and re-watch its four seasons. Thanks a lot, Swim Deep.

Expect their debut album Where The Heaven Are We on July 29th. Better yet, pre-order it here.

Bonus! Check out another track from a few months ago.

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Tape Tuesday: Secret Beach

Don’t just dream in your sleep, it’s just lazy.

Secret Beach is a real place. But this mixtape isn’t about the actual place where I’ve had some of the best nights of my life. Instead, this mixtape is about the idea of a fictional Secret Beach where you can relive your greatest memories in all their glory. The main conflict of the tape is finding a balance between relishing old memories and creating new ones. The conclusion is definitely left open to interpretation about whether the protagonist moves on or chooses to stay at Secret Beach.

But hey, you might listen to these 20 songs and get a completely different story out of it. Part of what makes music so powerful is that it affects people in different ways. Secret Beach is where you can remake your own story.

In dissolution, I found beauty. How the hell have you been?

  1. YesYou – Half of It
  2. Elite Gymnastics – Andreja 4-Ever
  3. Lightning Love – Bobby Thompson
  4. Benjamin Gibbard – Teardrop Windows
  5. Rubblebucket – (Focus) Oversaturated
  6. Fantasy Rainbow – Condominium
  7. Another – Looking Away
  8. The Sweet Serenades – Moving On
  9. The xx – Try
  10. Passion Pit – On My Way
  11. Two Door Cinema Club – Next Year
  12. COIN – It’s Okay
  13. The Sweet Serenades – Help Me!
  14. Swim Deep – Honey
  15. Praything – Soon Soon
  16. Bear Mountain – Survive (Germany Germany)
  17. Novi Split – Hollow Notes
  18. Years and Years – I Wish I Knew
  19. Slam Donahue – Good Morning World
  20. ABADABAD – All The Bros Say


You’re so attractive when you’re stretched out cat-like yawning.

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