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Phish – Bouncing Around The Room (Its Overture Edit)


Bouncing Around The Room (Its Overture Edit) by Its Overture

The concept of Phish is so interesting to me. I saw them live once, at ACL, and I was so blown away at the amount of absolutely diehard fans there who know every single obscure word to their songs that all seem to tell tales of random things that they’ve encountered in life. They serve a niche market, that much is clear. Personally, I think I’d love the music if only Trey Anastasio’s voice was bearable; but alas, nine times out of ten, I can’t stand the sound of it. This song, though, stunned me when I saw it live; these old men were playing the song while jumping, in syncronized movements, mind you, on trampolines. For those of you who may not attend many concerts: that is not normal. It likely takes a freakish amount of talent to figure out how to play your instrument, sing your part, and do some syncronized dance moves all at the same time.

Anyway, Its Overture, one of my new favorite remix/mashup groups, has decided to make a Phish song a bit more appealing and accessible to people who may not be Phish fans. It’s more uptempo, and quite frankly, makes me want to go buy a trampoline and see if I can play the part of guitarist and singer of Rock Band while performing some stellar dance moves on the trampoline. How much would you pay me to film that, huh?

Happy Friday at Five, everybody! Enjoy your weekend!

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Okkervil River – Wake and Be Fine

Okkervil River Wake and Be Fine

“Wake and Be Fine” – Okkervil River

Okkervil River wins my heart at the instrumental bridge at the 1:46 mark. I’m out of my seat, twirling around the room, pretending I’m both a rockstar and a ballerina at the same time. This song came at the perfect time. After a long, tiresome day, I came home, plopped onto the couch, fell asleep, woke up at 9:30 PM, and was reminded by Okkervil River that I, Lydia, have “still got time to wake and be fine.” Forget today and the cranky mood it put me into; I’ve got to remember my own motto that I preached on this last Straight Talk Sunday: life is short, live it with a smile.

ALSO! I feel as though the last line of this song is reminiscent of the last line of The Great Gatsby. Have you read that book? Yes? Good. No? Read it. The last line is epic. And so it is in this song, when Okkervil River tell us “our hearts are crashing loudly on some rock where the gulls whine, ‘Wake and be fine.’” Credit to Pigeons and Planes.

Click to Download “Wake and Be Fine”

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Live: Anthem (100Bands #47)

What’s Left: 179 Days. 53 Bands.
Band #47: Anthem

When/Where: February 24th, Motorco Music Hall, Durham, NC
Expectations: [Like I said with Eddy B & Tim Gunter and I’ll say for Hoodie Allen, I put on this show, so of course I am biased and had high expectations. That being said, though, I’m going to give my best shot at an honest critique.]

Perhaps more than any other, I had incredibly high expectations for Anthem. I have known him personally for over a year now and have become familiar with his work ethic and dedication. It’s unlike any I’ve ever seen before from an artist. My expectations were through the roof.

Concert: I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a hip hop showing as strong as Anthem’s was on February 24th. Let’s begin by saying that he was performing in front of a crowd of people who mainly came to see Hoodie Allen, the headliner. But Anthem started his set strong and heavy and immediately dropped the jaws of the entire audience with his incredibly quick flow, his unmatched wit, and his confident demeanor. After performing a couple of his own written songs, he asked the DJ (RJF, Hoodie Allen’s producer) to put on a beat and started freestyling. I tell you, Anthem is NOT messing around when it comes to off-the-dome rapping. There are a lot of rappers, some of whom qualify as my favorite recorded artists, who just can’t freestyle, or when they do, it consists of simply 1-syllable rhymes. Anthem exhibits his higher education and quick-on-his-toes thinking by freestyling using big words and multi-syllabic rhymes. Other than Chidera from Chiddy Bang, I’ve never seen such talented freestyling.

The set got a bit slower after the freestyling, and I think that Anthem could have benefited from keeping his set a bit more upbeat given the demographics in the venue, but either way, he killed it. I had several people tell me by the end of the night that they absolutely LOVED Anthem’s performance. I’d say every ounce of my expectations were fulfilled and that Anthem definitely gained himself a heap of new fans by the end of the night.

Concert Afterglow: To this day, I cannot get the image out of my head of Anthem before the show, headphones on, getting in the zone for his performance. This young man’s dedication to success is unparalleled.

Recommendation: Do yourself a favor. Download Anthem’s music and find out when you can see a live show. Do not challenge him to a freestyle battle; you WILL lose.

Song: “Inception” – Anthem

*Apologies for the poor photography. I had to ensure that nothing went wrong behind the scenes, so I could not photograph the show.

Written by Lydia | Anthem: On The iPod

Did you know that Sunset in the Rearview writers are trying to see and review 100 live shows in 365 days? Read More about 100Bands and See Our Other Reviews.



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Action Bronson – Barry Horowitz

Action Bronson

Action Bronson has yet to be featured on this music blog, but something tells me that you’ll be seeing his name a bit from here on. My buddy from work just told me about him. I’m initially wary of white rappers, I admit. It seems to be a growing fad, but it’s certainly not something any average Joe can pick up and run with. This guy is different, though. He’s got a knack for rhyming. I think he’s going somewhere. What do yall think?

Here’s a song from his project Dr. Lecter, releasing on March 15th. Hit the jump for another song/music video.

“Barry Horowitz” – Action Bronson

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Adele – Rolling in the Deep (Johnny Lawson Remix)

Johnny Lawson Remix

Johnny Lawson. Hot new name on the street for those of us who like fun little remixes. You know, I’ve completely come around on remixes. I really went through a hater phase with them, but I guess I did a little of that self-cleansing stuff. Eating grass, cabbage, and sleeping on silk pillows. You know what else? I’ve been posting lots of different version of this Adele hit, but why hate? It’s like if you really like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and I criticized you for eating them for lunch every day. I just wouldn’t do that, because peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are so good! Plus sometimes you can mix it up! Try it on different breads. Try honey! Try crunchy peanut butter! The options are…endless? Remix that sandwich! If you’re not down for that, switch over to some grass and cabbage. And don’t put your silk pillowcase in the washing machine.

Rolling In the Deep (Johnny Lawson Remix) by johnnylawson

Johnny Lawson || Soundcloud || Twitter

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New SunsetCast!

New pocast just in time for your Saturday night pregame! This one is a really fun one…be careful out there! Shout outs at the end of the track. You know who you are. Hit the jump for the download link.

SunsetCast 11: LIGHTS

1. “Lights!” (Ellie, Waka, Wale) – Potomac Boys Club
2. “Coming Home” – Sam Adams
3. “Temptations” – Gorilla Warfare Tactics
4. “Hasta La Vista” (ft. OnCue) – Fortune Family
5. “Shutterbugg” (ft. Cutty) – Big Boi
6. “Opposite of Adults” – Chiddy Bang
7. “Trapped In My Mind” – Kid Cudi
8. “One” (WAWA Edit) – Sky Ferreira
9. “With You Friends” – Skrillex
10. “Gorgeous” (ft. Kid Cudi & Raekwon) – Kanye West
11. “Fuck You” – Cee-Lo Green
12. “Hello” (Why are we whispering Remix) – Martin Solveig & Dragonette
13. “Black & Yellow” – Wiz Khalifa
14. “Good Vibrations” – Young Prince
15. “Lights” (Bassnectar Remix) – Ellie Goulding Continue reading “New SunsetCast!” »

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100Bands Review: #44 – Nicole Atkins

What’s Left: 191 Days. 56 Bands.
Band #44: Nicole Atkins

When/Where: February 23, Brighton Music Hall, Allston, MA
Expectations: Decent catchy music should correlate to a decent show

Concert: The most exhilarating thing about this concert was the long black dress Nicole Atkins was wearing. That, and the guitar player was clearly talented. Yes, Nicole Atkins does have an impressive, strong voice, even live, but it didn’t help that the music was boring and lifeless on the stage. There was mention of a flu going around the band, and Atkins was drinking tea on stage, so maybe they were suffering a little. However, the songs had no flourishes and a voice that sounds the same song after song after song can only captivate an audience for so long. After the short set they did an awkward encore of one song, but they had hardly left the stage before they came back to play. Cotton Jones, the always fantastic opening band, had more enthusiastic calls for an encore.

Concert Afterglow: For now, I am hoping this is a fluke because I do like the new album, but the concert was not good.

Recommendation: Save your money and just listen to the newest album, Mondo Amore.

Song: “Vultures” – Nicole Atkins

Written by Jessica ||  BlogTwitter

Did you know that Sunset in the Rearview writers are trying to see and review 100 live shows in 365 days? Read More about 100Bands and See Our Other Reviews.


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Javelin – TRYOUTS (Brenton Duvall Remix with Childish Gambino)

Brenton Duvall TRYOUTS

Brenton Duvall does it again. GOTDAMN. A Javelin beat remixed with Childish Gambino vocals? Part of me wants to say that if you choose the right ingredients, you can come out with a dank ass piece of pie, but that’s just not the case. It takes skill, and Brenton is overflowing with that. Go ahead, tell me that I’m all up in Brenton’s jam. Fact is…I’m okay with that. I like it there. Brenton makes music that matters. It makes me dance. Every single song he puts out is a banger. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?

Yep, Brenton Duvall has the official Sunset in the Rearview cosign. But that’s old news. Homeboy got that with the first track he ever released.

In other news, Childish Gambino is blowing up. Let’s start a movement! Let’s get Brenton to produce an original Childish Gambino beat. Official hashtag: #BrentonGambino. Seriously, tweet the hell out of that…let’s make it happen! Make sure to include @MrDonaldGlover in the tweet so Gambino sees it.

Here’s an example tweet:

I WANT TO HEAR A #BRENTONGAMBINO COLLABORATION! Featuring @BrentonRules and @MrDonaldGlover!

Alternate Download Link (Mediafire)

Artwork Credit: Original art by Swampy, remixed by Angela Nicholas

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Mashup Monday #45 Featuring TCOS, DJ Twixx, Cheap Thrills

Monday comes too quickly every time, no? Sorry I’m a bit late on posting this one, but here’s the plus side of it: Monday’s almost over for those of us Stateside folks! I’ve got a piece of paper hanging up in my bathroom that my sister mailed to me called “Why We Love Weekdays!” Monday says “Fresh Start!” but maybe it should say “Mashuppppp WHAAAAAAT!” Three dope mashups for yall on this wonderful Mashup Monday.

1. TCOS gives us a blend of Biggie and Nelly Furtado. Speaking of, where the hell is Female Nelly?

Biggie Smalls(Suicidal Thoughts) Vs Nelly Furtado (Turn Off The Lights) by tcos777

2. DJ Twixx mashes up T.I. and Ratatat. Straight Talk: one of the best nights of my life was at a T.I. concert. I may or may not have had my hair in cornrows. #swag

Swing your Pipes (T.I. vs Ratatat) by DJ Twixx

3. Cheap Thrills jumps on some buzz bands and throws Wiz Khalifa and Foster The People in the pan together. Do your thing, dood.

Hold On Tight (Feat. Wiz Khalifa & Foster The People) by Cheap Thrills

Download “Hold On Tight” | Cheap Thrills Website

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Eddy B & Tim Gunter – Nowhere To Go

Eddy B & Tim Gunter are out with a new track today. This beat is hot and Eddy B sounds great. I think the hook could be a bit stronger, frankly, but otherwise this is great. Can’t wait to hear them perform it live on Thursday when they’ll be sharing the stage with Anthem and Hoodie Allen! Buy your tickets here now! Not much time left!

“Nowhere To Go” – Eddy B & Tim Gunter

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Childish Gambino [INTRODUCTION]

Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino. Donald Glover. Comedian. Actor. Rapper. Singer. All of those words can be used interchangeably when describing this new presence in the indie hip hop world. Let’s stick to Childish Gambino for now. Anyway, I heard about this kid a little while back and was confused. Who was he? It didn’t get much clearer when I went to listen to his music. In some songs, he seemed to be a singer. Then “Freeks and Geeks” came along and BOOM. This dude is a rapper! And he’s not joking around! Seriously. Listen to what he has to say on “Freeks and Geeks” and tell me he’s not intelligent or able to rip you apart with a 26-letter-vault. I hereby introduce you to the lyrical murderer named…well, he’s named a lot of things, but like I said, we’ll call him Childish Gambino. Shout out to my friends Chris and Marc for the heads up on CG.

“Freeks and Geeks” – Childish Gambino

“These Girls” (ft. Garfunkel and Oates) – Childish Gambino

(To download the tracks, right click and save the linked file)

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Straight Talk Sunday: I Miss The Bone Thugs Days

Straight Talk Sundays stemmed from a little spree I went on where I posted things on the Sunset in the Rearview Facebook Page that I called “Straight Talk.” I want this blog to be a true representation of me and who I am, so I write Straight Talk Sundays so that you guys can know what’s on my mind or what I feel like talking about. Total transparency.

Straight Talk SundaysChildhood days were the best. One of the coolest things I ever saw in the past was this teal green phone that my sister got from her godmother, and it was curved like a wave. How many people could say they had their own phone in their bedroom, and on top of that, a phone that looked like it came straight off Sunset Boulevard? Well, my sister could.

I also remember the time when I listened to the TLC tape so many times in one night (its first night in my possession, mind you) that the tape film came unraveled. Talk about a tearjerker, but also the coolest claim to fame EVER. I literally listened until I no longer could. God I was cool.

Want to know what else was cool? I was the tiniest little white girl with the biggest cheeks you’ve ever seen (yep, they’re still with me) and long blonde hair, and I knew every word to “Crossroads” by Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony. Once again, coolest little girl ever.

Remember eating lunch in cafeterias and being cool enough to get chocolate milk for lunch at a certain age? Or those juice tins with the peel off top? Pineapple flavored juice? You drank that? Alright, you were cool too.

Life’s still good. Don’t get me wrong. But I’m definitely not nearly as cool as I was. I’m not able to find absolute bliss in Yikes pencils or caboodles anymore. (My Snuggie, though, that thing makes me smile all the time.) But think of how much technology has changed things. If you can afford it, you can order anything you want at the click of a mouse. Want an old school Saved By The Bell poster? eBay it. Craving a popsicle mold that you fill with cranberry juice on a hot summer day? Google it. It’s all right there at your fingertips. And hell, that’s pretty tight, but you’re probably not going to be quite as cool as my sister was when she brought a Polaroid picture of her new phone in to school, just because cool things are easier to come by these days.

What made me think of all this was thinking about how music is made these days. Hip hop, for example: want somebody cool to do a feature on your song? No problem! Email them your beat and they’ll record their verse and then email it right back and an audio engineer will mix it right in. Movies? Now you can see actors performing their parts in front of a greenscreen from different sides of the world and when the actual movie comes out, it looks like they were both on the set together for months. Genius collaborations that come from physical partnerships in a studio or on a set seem harder to come by these days. What do yall think? I don’t know, I’m stuck missing Bone Thugs and Polaroid pictures.

“Crossroads” – Bone Thugs N Harmony

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