[Sunset Mixtape] Goodbye Summer: One Last Go

You may be currently sipping a cocktail in the backyard and tanning your skin away, but we all know the inevitable is coming — the end of summer. I know, it burns our ears too, but let’s not forget all the good times basking in the sun quite yet. We’ve compiled the perfect playlist for your last minute BBQs and days at the park. There are songs literally about summer (Kate Nash), songs that just make you want to get down at the labor day party (Roy Woods, Mac Miller), and some tracks that are simply light and catchy (Big Baby D.R.A.M., Kali Uchis) for those “windows down” car rides. Before you kiss the sun and warmth goodbye, take this playlist for a spin and just live in the summer moment.

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Netherfriends – Uptown Boys [MP3 + Lyrics]

Some people just seem to know how to make a catchy song. It seems that Chicago’s Netherfriends is one of them. The 27 year old born by the name of Shawn Rosenblatt but better known by his stage name of Netherfriends just released a new song called “Uptown Boys” that captures so many things I beg for in a catchy song: a sing-along vibe, a stomp-clap beat, a slowed bridge, and a part in the song where he delays the expected delivery one beat long enough to make it stand out (I’m referencing the part at 0:43).

This is a summer jam worth keeping on rotation on your portable boombox. Smoke some weed, walk the streets, and share the summer spirit. Almost a complete winner from Netherfriends. He only got one thing wrong: the song is only 2:15 long. Add 1:15 to the song and it’s perfection. “Uptown Boys” is a single off his upcoming release P3ACE (pronounced “three peace”).

It’s easy to dream when you’re always high

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Cris Cab – Good Girls (ft. Big Sean) [Video]

I posted this song up a few months ago, but Cris Crab just dropped the visuals for his first real single, the remix to his hit “Good Girls” with a feature from GOOD-rhymesayer Medium Sean. Shot in a cool slideshow, almost-Apple ad style, it’s solid that Cris is staying relevant and bringing you some Summer vibes as we move into the colder months. It’s also been awesome seeing Cris move up from a relative no-name to working with names like Pharrell and and getting his videos debuted on Vevo (Fight the Man, though, f**k Vevo).

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15 Songs For Summer!

Warm Weather Sunset in the Rearview

You know the summer’s coming when you step outside and can smell the heat. The sun is out, people decide to eat lunch outside, your bathing suits start calling your name, and it’s pool time. Grab the margarita mix, grab the coozies, and grab your speakers — it’s time to party! Here are 20 songs perfect for your summertime playlist, compiled by all of the writers at Sunset in the Rearview. Get it.

(Right click and save file to download each song.)

  1. “Default” – Django Django
  2. “I Want It All” – Rich Kid Sound System
  3. “Closer Than This” (Viceroy Remix) – St. Lucia
  4. “Never Grow Up” ft. Loggy & Mike Stud – Timeflies
  5. “So Good” – B.o.B
  6. “Driving 90” – August Coupe & The Interns
  7. “Summerlong” – Xylos
  8. “Ride With Us” ft. Cisco – Tayyib Ali
  9. “Work To Do” ft. Drake – Perfeck Strangers
  10. “City Lights” – Windoview
  11. “Pretty Lights vs Summertime” – Pretty Lights
  12. “Return of the Mack” (Viceroy “Jet Life” Remix) – Mark Morrison
  13. “Somebody” – Jukebox the Ghost
  14. “Payphone” (ft. Wiz Khalifa) – Maroon 5
  15. “All of Me” – Tanlines


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5 Songs for Your Summer Shindig

Spring Break pool party

As the warm months approach and sundresses and Nantucket Red shorts are beginning to appear amongst the ladies and the gentlemen, one aspect of summer get-togethers is often overlooked: your playlist. As much as you want it to, the playlist that you made for your house party last semester just isn’t going to cut it when it’s 85 degrees and the sun is out. But never fear, for here are 5 sure-fire mainstays for your summer-time playlist.

1. Hey Ma – Cam’ron ft. Juelz Santana

If someone asks you for a “chill hip-hop song” suggestion, you just can’t go wrong with this guy right here. The best half of Dipset created a club hit that’s very hard to hate.

2. Summer of ’69 – Bryan Adams

Absolutely classic summer song, and shame on you if you haven’t heard it before. In addition to being a great sing-along track, it has a fairly comical and fairly inappropriate double meaning to it. This is definitely a must for whatever your summer get-together is.

3. Dancing with the DJ – The Knocks

“Dancing with the DJ” is a dance/electronic song that I’ve just recently discovered. Ridiculously catchy, this is a great song to throw on if any of the drunk girls at your house say something like, “I WANNA DAAAAAAAAAAAANCE!”

4. Swimsuits – The Cool Kids ft. Mayer Hawthorne

In my opinion, THE summer hip-hop song, even more-so than “Hey Ma.” A crisp two-and-a-half minutes long, Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks float all over the lead single to their debut album When Fish Ride Bicycles.

5. Loved You Tonight – John West

The first hit from the Def Jam up-and-comer. You might know him from his recent collaborations with GOOD Music artists Pusha T and Big Sean, but John West has a great R&B vibe that is perfect for the warm weather which he shows off with this track.


And there you have it. Pepper these puppies in between the standards (Dave Matthews Band, Jack Johnson, etc.) and your music will be one less thing you need to worry about this summer.

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Shwayze ft. The Cataracs & Dev – Love Letter

This is probably my favorite song at the moment. I just can’t stop playing it! I’ve actually had this sitting in my itunes for about a week now, but I’ve been so busy with orientation for college, going out of town, that I didn’t have the time. So, is it okay if I use one of my late passes on it? This ones a must download. I love when summer rolls around because summer music is the absolute best. Besides that, I can’t resist Dev. Any collabo with her I’ll always download. Enjoy!

P.S. – Whatever happened to Shwayze’s show on MTV? Despite how awful MTV is, I did like that show.

Shwayze ft. The Cataracs & Dev – Love Letter

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“Summer” – Magic Kids

I apologize for not posting this gem sooner! This song has been blowing up in the blogosphere this summer, and for good reason! The main singer’s hoarse voice fits perfectly with the light tone of music Magic Kids deliver. On top of that, the childish-sounding female vocal sections are not only catchy, they’re also extremely appetizing for the ears. I’ve been eating this song up all summer, and you should be too. 

Anybody else feel like it’s totally fitting that their band name is Magic Kids? I feel like I should be skipping down an esplanade in a light dress with a bow in my hair when I hear this song!

Summertime is for sweethearts

Download “Summer”

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