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Summer 618 Festival: June 18th, 2011

I wanted to give yall a friendly reminder to purchase your tickets to Summer 618, an electronic festival this Saturday, June 18th at Great Plaza Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia. Some of the performers can be seen on the banner above. Here’s a write-up from one of our readers who got a free ticket last year from Sunset, who is an official sponsor of the festival this year.

The most fun I’ve had in a long time.

I drove up to the farm and rolled down my window to see where parking was. A guy that looked to be 18 or 19 said, “You here for the rave? Just follow the cop, bro.” 5 minutes later I was backing in along a fence in a massive cow pasture. The entrance wasn’t very organised at all, and I had my doubts about the whole things entirely, but once the show began, there was no need for much organisation. The first dj, a guy named Ali Berger, had lots of friends in the small crowd that had already arrived. He played some sick dubstep and glitch mixes and I was already diggin’ the show. Along came DJ Stroppy and it only got better. From Daft Punk to his own creative mixes, he pumped up the ever-increasing crowd in between the small stage and the half-built ‘sky dome’ that would host the after party. 5 & A Dime brought a different kind of fun to event with their high-energy hip hop remixes and party jams and DJ Traffikjam played a very long set before the headliners got started. All of this was just the pre-game too, the sun hadn’t even gone down yet.

Then Super Mash Bros really got the party started and played a proficient hour-long set of creative mash-ups (the best in the business really). They played well-known favorites and changed it up a bit. Each of the three members kept in tune with the crowd as well, cutting the music off at times or singing along, just to keep everyone involved. Everyone was having a great time. And even with this kind of entertainment, the chant “Chiddy! Chiddy!” arose as they started packing up.

After a slight intermission, Xaphoon walked on stage and talked to the crowd for a second and started setting up his computer/drumset combo. A guy a few feet back from me kept yelling, “Xaphoon, you crazy!” The lights went dark and Xaphoon started jamming on his set while the music played some kind of Chiddy Bang intro music and Chiddy ran out on stage. They told us that they were playing a set and immediately getting a plane back to the west coast to continue their tour and consequently the set wasn’t incredibly long, but it was fantastic. Chiddy’s raps were on point and Xaphoon’s drums provided the right groove. After every song one of them would talk to the crowd and it was a good time. The best part of the show by far was when they mentioned a Chiddy freestyle and asked the crowd for six topics. I can recall the world cup, toy story, and ‘my man dave.’ I can’t describe it in words, but this freestyle was crazy. Part over the Pass Out beat, and part over Xaphoon’s drums, Chiddy seamlessly rapped about each and every topic like it was nothing. “…I had a buzz like Woody on Toy Story…”

Great show.

(Review written by Robbie G.)

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Free Ticket Giveaway! (Chiddy Bang! Super Mash Bros! And More!)


-2 free tickets

-Chiddy Bang, Super Mash Bros, more

-June 18th, near Philly, NYC, Trenton

-To sign up: comment on this post with your name, email address, and favorite movie of all time


Yep, you read it right! I’ve got two free tickets to give away for a concert outside of Philly (and only one hour from NYC via a $12 train, and close to Trenton as well). The event is called Summer 618 and it will feature:

Chiddy Bang

Super Mash Bros.

5 & A Dime

3 Philadelphia DJs

+ 4 Surprise Electronic Artists in the VIP dome/stage*

(*VIP: underneath an Ultra-style geodesic dome, a second stage will host the official VIP after-party.)

To be in the running for the free tickets, simply comment on this post with your name, email address, and favorite movie of all time.

Yall know if I was near NYC/Philly I’d be at this show in a heartbeat! This isn’t something to pass up on!

Here’s a video to get yall pumped:


***To make this whole thing even cooler, the concert is eco-friendly and fueled by biodiesel, run with electronic ticketing, and hosted on a natural food local-crop farm that will reinvest its profits in sustainability.

Feel free to spread the word about this to your friends/family in the NYC/Philly/Trenton area by sharing the link using the Twitter/Facebook/Buzz/etc. icons below this post.

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