Chance the Rapper – Family (ft. Vic Mensa & Sulaiman)

This is why I love the Internet. Over the course of a few hours, I went from not knowing who Chance the Rapper was to becoming super excited for his upcoming release #10Day, a mixtape inspired by a 10-day suspension he received in high school last year. The self-defined miscreant has real potential. “Family” finds him talking honestly about his personal life, utilizing a relaxed beat and flow. If you want more Chance RIGHT NOW, because you’re an impatient little baby, you can check out #5Day, a short preview of #10Day, notably featuring the Chicagoan MC rapping over “Nantes” by Beirut.

MP3: “Family (ft. Vic Mensa & Sulaiman)” – Chance the Rapper

If “Family” and #5Day haven’t made you excited for #10Day already, you can check out a video of the mixing sessions for #10Day, which offers a glimpse into the recording process as well as previews of some upcoming tracks, including a Chuck Inglish-produced joint that will be featured on the mixtape.

#10Day will be release on April 3rd. Shout out to It’s the Bino for the heads up.

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