Stephen – Sincerely


Stephen is an unbelievable talent. I know there’s a plethora of artists out there that can sing, rap, dance, produce, write, etc…, but god damn, Stephen is truly special, and “Sincerely” is a testament to that. It’s uncommon you can feel the emotion, not only through words, but through sounds as well. Stephen captivates his listeners with every detail. If you can attend one of the shows below, do yourself a favor, and go. You won’t be disappointed. You can find his tour dates here.

Side note: this sounds like it could be a track in Captain America’s new movie, like when things get dark, or Captain America is in a big-gloomy-fight.


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Stephen – Fly Down


Stephen graces our ears with yet another rich ballad in “Fly Down.” The genre-defying artist has no boundaries when it comes to his craft, and it’s shown with his previous releases since making his debut. Once again, he’s the only contributor for “Fly Down” with vocals, lyrics, production. The triple threat, as I like to call it.

If you’re in a happy, energetic mood, this probably isn’t the best to listen to at the moment. Key this up for a cruise during the night time, though.

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Stephen – Remembering Myself [Stream + Lyrics]


A few years back, an artist known simply as Stephen released a song called “Bullet Train” that would change his life quite substantially. The track blew up, labels starting courting him, and he realized that he might have a knack for this music thing after all. Since then he’s dropped out of school, moved to LA, and taught himself how to sing and play guitar, among other things. Acting as a one-man-band (he writes, performs, producers, mixes, AND masters) on his first track to emerge since his debut, “Remembering Myself” features Stephen doing everything from riffing bluesy guitar to producing Flume-like synths. The results are something that are equal parts radio friendly as they are cutting-edge. The best way to describe his music is indie futuristic mixed with a little RnB, which seems to be hot in today’s music scene.

“Remembering Myself” is the first release from Stephen’s upcoming project. Stream the song below and read along with the accompanying lyrics!

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