Stay Calm

The Lytics – Stay Calm

The Lytics - Stay Calm

Canadian hip/hop STAND UP!

Talented musicians have continued to ooze out of the northern nation and bless us with some terrific music over the years. Artists such as Classified, k-os, K’naan, and hell, even Drake have made a significant imprint on the music scene through their undeniable talent and continued hard work.

The Lytics may represent a new wave of Canadian music with their new and catchy debut single “Stay Calm.” This managed to catch my attention because of its unique and organic alterna-pop sound coupled with a strong old school hip hop vibe. The group’s sophomore album, They Told Me, is scheduled to drop October 16th, and should be an intriguing listen. Snag this great track below to get your fix before the album is released.



The Lytics






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