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15 Weird Rap Songs (Pt. 2)

Rap is a constantly evolving genre. Even the most traditional artists take risks in delivery, flow, and beat selection; that’s part of what makes the music so consistently interesting and fun and influential. The following songs are not the strangest rap songs out there, but each one features some sort of “abnormality.” Of course, these abnormalities could one day be the norm, and that’s horrifying.

But also incredibly exciting.

  1. F. Stokes – Madison West High School
  2. Star Slinger – Ladies in the Back (ft. Teki Latex)
  3. Acmatic – Make Her Jump
  4. Flume – On Top (ft. T.Shirt)
  5. Flux Pavilion – Do or Die (ft. Childish Gambino)
  6. Dominic Lord – Never and Never (Prod. by Hudson Mohawke)
  7. K.Flay – Another Round
  8. Kendall Elijah – Sittin’ (Cover)
  9. Ab-Soul x JMSN – You’re Gone
  10. Blood Diamonds – Barcode (ft. Dominic Lord)
  11. Euro League – Social Network (ft. Denzil Porter)
  12. Evil Nine – The Black Brad Pitt (ft. Danny Brown) (Deebs Remix)
  13. Iron Mics x Tonio – T W A (Till We Arrive)
  14. MeLo-X – GOD MAGIC
  15. Homeboy Sandman – Illuminati

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Kilo Kish – k+ [Free Download]

New Kilo Kish!

Oh, this is dope. Last year, NY artist Kilo Kish came onto the blog scene (is that a real thing?) with her spellbinding HomeSchool EP. Since then, she’s made some really cool friends and with their help, crafted this 9-track (not including the intro) project. Who are these “cool friends” you ask kind of rudely? Well, Childish Gambino, Earl Sweatshirt, SBTRKT, and Star Slinger–just to name a few. Cop the awesome-weird, experimental project below. Really though it’s like the trippy R&B version of Royalty.

Speaking of Royalty, the CG feature…”Ghost”


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Five Best Dance Songs of the Week

It’s been a wild week, hasn’t it? I mean, there you were on Monday–still recovering from your Saturday night escapades–when you realized it was time to celebrate this great country’s birthday the very next night (sorry international audience.) Why did the calendar gods choose to put the Fourth of July on a Wednesday? That was rhetorical, but my point is that it’s Friday once again and I know you know what that means.

That’s absolutely right. It’s time for everybody to get down and shake their respective moneymakers. Yes, I know you’re tired because we’re about to embark on our third weekend in the past 7 days, but you know what the kids say these days. YOU DON’T GET TO DIE TWICE. #YDGTDT.

Shout out to Chris Herman who submitted some of his dance jam favs on the Sunset Facebook page. You made number five my friend!

1. Viceroy – Chase Us Around feat. Madi Diaz

2. Peter & The Magician – Memory (POINDEXTER Remix)

3. Jessie Ware – Wildest Moments (Star Slinger Remix)

4. Pretty Lights – We Must Go On

5. The Cataracs – All You (Feat. Waka Flocka) (Clinton Sparks Awesome Remix)

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Star Slinger – Night Sky (Beau Young Prince Remix)

Beau Young Prince

I haven’t heard much from Beau Young Prince lately, but just the other day he released a remix of the Star Slinger tune “Night Sky,” and I’m really digging it. This kid keeps getting better; he’s crafting his sound and it’s becoming something I can believe in. Of course it also helps to have such a dope by Star Slinger to rhyme over!

‘As I look at the night sky and write lines/ I’m tryna get signed’

“Night Sky” (Produced by Star Slinger BYP rmx) by BeauYoungPrince

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Tape Tuesday: Mr. Blue Sky

New Tape Tuesday!

Man, I love this shit.

But I really really don’t like talking about my own mixes. I put a lot of effort into them, and I personally really like them. Whether you’ll like them, I don’t know. I hope so. I just feel that me talking about my own mixes is like a band reviewing their latest album, ya know? So for this Tape Tuesday, I’ll just let the music speak for itself (literally, with selected song lyrics in italics below).

  • I can do what I want; I’m in complete control. That’s what I tell myself.
  • You don’t want me to grow. No, my dear, living in two different realities, I swear.
  • And you know it comes full circle. Hated by healthy geometry.
  • And I know and I know and I know what we came to do, and I’m pretty sure that you do, too.
  • All these days seem to fade away as I lost faith in myself, questioned everything I stood for.
  • All I can picture is held hands coming apart.
  • And remember what they say, that could be the end of laughter, that could be the story over…

Let’s not play games.

Poetic and confusing, huh? Not really? Ah, well, all I’ll say then is that this may just be my favorite mix yet. It’s a collection of songs that have stuck with me through rain and shine. Who is Mr. Blue Sky? He is me, and he is you. He is all of us. Whatever the fuck that means. Download the mix in its entirety, and look out for a special “unknown” bonus track at the end of it when you download the full tape. Let’s just say that Darwin Deez may be rapping on it. Listen to some tracks from Mr. Blue Sky below.



  1. Alex Clare – Damn Your Eyes (Etta James Cover)
  2. TEETH – Flowers (Gross Magic Remix)
  3. Star Slinger – Dumbin’ (ft. Reggie B)
  4. Gary Clark, Jr. – Things Are Changing
  5. Vanaprasta – Healthy Geometry
  6. Common – Blue Sky
  7. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Think I Wanna Die
  8. The Postelles – Can’t Stand Still
  9. Summer Camp – Ghost Train
  10. Yellow Ostrich – Hold On
  11. Das Racist – Girl (Prod. Blood Diamonds)
  12. Skizzy Mars – Possibilities
  13. Mr Hudson – Stiff Upper Lip
  14. Sons & Lovers – Set My Heart On Fire
  15. The Postelles – Sleep On The Dance Floor (Catchiest hook ever)
  16. King Krule – The Noose of Jah City
  17. Phantogram – Don’t Move
  18. Maverick Sabre – I Need
  19. Peter and Kerry – Knees (Personal favorite)
  20. King Creosote & Jon Hopkins – Bats In The Attic
  21. Martin Solveig – Let’s Not Play Games (ft. Sunday Girl)
  22. ??? (BONUS TRACK)


Mr. Blue Sky - Back Cover

Shout out to Aled Lewis and Umbles for the cover art. And if you haven’t already, cop last week’s Songs for an Actress 2.

Thanks for reading.

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Body Language – You Can (Star Slinger Remix)

Star Slinger is one of my favorite producers in the game right now. He has the unique ability of being able to take a short snippet of a sample and looping it behind wonky synths and 808 claps to create a truly masterful beat or remix. That’s actually the thing with Star Slinger. He is bending the line between beat and remix, because his beats are just as infectious as his remixes, despite generally not including vocals or a chorus. Anyway, here’s the remix, and while you’re at it check out his other work also.

Body Language – You Can (Star Slinger Remix) by Star Slinger

Can you imagine that conversation though?

Hi, my name is Darren, but you can call me…STAR SLINGER!

Arjun || Twitter

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Saturday at Sunset: Inspiration

Saturday at Sunset

Like many people, I am fueled by inspiration, and luckily for me, I’ve felt inspired for the past few weeks. It’s exciting. I’m excited for the future: my next few posts on Sunset (including this one), starting my senior year of high school, and even beginning my dreaded college applications. It’s weird. I’ll be the first one to tell you. Shit is thoroughly messed up, but I am going to ride this wave of inspiration until conditions are deemed unsuitable for riding.

But enough about me. Saturday at Sunset is a daily special in which the songs and writing are based on some sort of theme or genre. This week’s theme is inspiration, so let me tell you about how I got inspired this fine summer.

About a month ago, Lydia took a chance on me by letting me write for Sunset. Not in a Meta World Peace playing for any NBA team kinda way, but just because she didn’t really know me. But by allowing me to write for her site, Lydia validated my presence on the Internet. She is one of the nicest people that I barely know, and I am forever indebted to her. Her hard work, kindness, and overall awesomeness inspire me. This post, for example, would not exist if it weren’t for her Straight Talk Sundays.

Under the influence.

Listen: “New Map” – M83

Download M83 New Map

Listen: “Teflon Heart (Star Slinger Remix)” – Caged Animals

Download Caged Animals Teflon Heart (Star Slinger Remix)

As you may know by now, I’m a huge comedy fan. It’s something that I find completely fascinating, and I adore it. Louis CK’s Chewed Up is one of my favorite things ever. Like, I like it more than I like people. If I had a child, it would be Chewed Up first, child second. Easily. If I had two children, it would be the same, because I’ve already decided that I won’t love my second child at all. I’ll hate him. I’ll teach him the colors the wrong way just to fuck him over for his entire life. But yeah, I like comedy, and I’ve always wanted to try stand-up. Twice. Because apparently, the first time you do stand-up, you don’t really get a feel for it; you’re so nervous. The second time you’re more…there. I got inspired by watching an HBO Special from a few years ago called “Talking Funny,” featuring Ricky Gervais, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and Louis CK. The special was just them talking about comedy, and the fascinating thing about the whole thing was that they are the biggest comedy fans. They love what they do and have worked extremely hard to get to the top of their profession. Watching them talk candidly about the craft inspired me to write my own stand-up. Hopefully, I’ll be able to perform it one day. For human beings.

Fish are friends, not food. Swag swag.

MP3: “Never Be The Same” – Little Majorette

Listen: “Lighthouse” – Theophilus London

Download Theophilus London Lighthouse

Listen: “River Hymnal (FISHING Remix)” – Guerre

Download Guerre River Hymnal (FISHING Remix)

I’ve been listening to the newest M83 album lately (“New Maps” is from the album as is “Wait” below). I’ll have a review out for it soon, but I just want to say that Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming is a breath of fresh air. Really. It’s reminded me why I like indie rock so much. It reminded me that behind some of the trash that is put out in today’s overly accessible market is some really well-constructed albums such as this one. The entire double disc effort could have easily been the soundtrack for Spike Jonze’s Where The Wild Things Are–it’s beautiful, atmospheric, dramatic, cinematic, and delicious for any music fan.

It’s not delivery, it’s L’Homme Run.

Listen: “Wait” – M83

Download M83 Wait

Preorder Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming || CD | LP | InSound

MP3: “Don’t Go (ft. Josh Kumra)” – Wretch 32

My last source of inspiration has been a girl. She’s great in every way. I should tell her that.

MP3: “The Understanding” – Jones Street Station

Thanks for reading. You guys are the ones that really inspire me. Ha! Just kidding. Fuck you.

Arjun || Twitter



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Daladubz, The Hood Internet, and Star Slinger: Thirsty Thursday

So D Prep’s enjoying cold coronas and warm beaches in Mexico at the moment and completely forgot about Womp Womp Wednesday until my boy Jason Heitman reminded me on the Sunset in the Rearview facebook page (which you should “like,” by the way! And share with friends! We’ve got some free goodies coming your guys way when we hit 2k fans, let’s make this a symbiotic relationship!) So, to make my brotha Jason happy, I said I’d post a Thursday Thursday. Hence, this is my Thirsty Thursday. Enjoy.

“Pink Elephants VIP” – Daladubz

Talking to some of my friends who went to the Snow Ball Festival in Colorado the other week, a lot of them mentioned Bassnectar as a highlight of the show. Specifically, a song that sampled clips from Dumbo the Clown (peep original). Turns out it wasn’t a Bassnectar track, rather a track made by the Swedish producer Daladubz (who, by the way, is 17 YEARS OLD). You can see a video of Nectar dropping it live at Snow Ball here. Hipptty Hoppity.


“Ignition (Keep It Remixing Louder) (R. Kelly vs. Major Lazer) – The Hood Internet

Let me just say one thing-if you don’t like R. Kelly’s Ignition, I hate you with a burning passion. That right there is my muh fuggin JAM. I also love Major Lazer (they are absolutely nuts live), so the combination of the two makes my innards feel like warm jello. It’s the remix to the remix of ignition.


Freaks and Geeks (Star Slinger Remix) – Childish Gambino

I was super stoked when I saw the tweet about Star Slinger remixing this song. The original picked up an absurd amount of playcounts in my iTunes, so I was expecting big things out of the remix. Let me tell you, this is one hell of a successful delivery. They use my favorite line of the song, pitched down,  as the hook. “I am running this bitch, you are just a dog walker.” Anyways, super super dope. Great instrumental, sick acapella from Childish Gambino, overall just awesome.


Daladubz || Facebook || Twitter ||

The Hood Internet || Facebook || Twitter ||

Star Slinger || Facebook || Twitter ||


D Prep || Twitter

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Introducing: Star Slinger

I’m not sure the remix artist Star Slinger could have chosen a more appropriate name for himself. This European artist who tends to consider himself an instrumental hip hop artist has been producing remixes of songs and turning them into dreamy pieces adorned with a steady hip hop beat. I could drive to this music all day. I can see it now – hop in my car…California, here I come! Anybody want to come along for the ride?

“Helicopter” (Star Slinger Remix)” – Deerhunter

“Icypoles” (Star Slinger Dreamix)” – Alpine

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