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10 Indie Songs That Help Me Relax

Sometimes I get this feeling that my life is speeding ahead in the fast lane and all I can do is try to step back and beg to slow it down. My mind will go a mile a minute while my body stands still, leaving me victim to many sleepless nights. The best I know to do is put on some music (some choose TV, I tend to choose music or a good book) and try to lose myself in that narrative rather than my own. I’m in one of those places right now, so here’s my best attempt to slow my roll. Some of the songs are really slow and minimal, others are a little bit upbeat (because too slow and life can find itself getting too heavy). Soundtrack after the jump.

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St. Lucia – St. Lucia EP Stream

St. Lucia EP Cover

St. Lucia is officially releasing the digital version of their EP tomorrow, but we’ve been given the gift of being able to stream the EP today. He has also released visuals for his track “We Got It Wrong,” which you can catch after the jump. (Be prepared for Go-Go-Gadget Arms to the extreme.)

It’s no surprise that St. Lucia is quickly gaining steam in the music world. The music is dreamy, poppy, a bit electronic, nostalgic, infectious, and…if it wasn’t clear from the adjectives I just wrote it…pretty fucking amazing. If you’re not on board yet, you might be on drugs. And if that’s the case, join the party, because St. Lucia might be on drugs, too. (Trust me, you’ll agree with me after you see the video.)

Be on the lookout for an EP Review from our very own @THEArjunGrover this week.

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Morning Parade – Us & Ourselves (St. Lucia Remix)

Here are some tidbits of information about Morning Parade as researched by me on Wikipedia: Morning Parade is made up of five people from somewhere in England (no one actually knows). Their band name comes from having to wake up early to go to work and calling that a “morning parade” (British people are weird). The band has a self-titled album that is set to release on March 5th in the UK. Not sure about the US release date. We can steal it on the Internet (not actually condoning that behavior).

I like this band. They sound all good and dramatic. Both of these songs build and build as they play, getting all sweaty and grimy in the process like a dirty shower or Louis CK’s unkept belly, and then, they stop, and you try to move on with your life. But this band leaves you wanting more, and you try to get more by hitting the replay button. And the next thing you know, they’ve Battlestar Galactica-d you.

Portlandia swag.

Morning Parade – Us & Ourselves (St. Lucia Remix)

Morning Parade – Under The Stars 

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