[Sponsored EP] Radical Something – No Sweat

The guys from Radical Something have been waiting for this moment for a long time–and, if you’ve been following their music, so have you. Today, we are proud to be sponsoring the release of their new EP, “No Sweat.” It’s been great seeing them progress over the past year or so, and the trio of Loggy, Josh Cocktail, and DJ Big Red has really been working to curate a sound that is uniquely their own.

Along with an exclusive stream of “Waterfalls,” one of the best songs off of the EP, we also have a video of the guys themselves providing some background on Waterfalls and the EP in general.

Waterfalls in many ways showcases what’s great about Radical Something–Josh Cocktail shows off his unbelievable voice, Loggy goes in hard with some heartfelt verses, and Big Red produces a really cool, unique instrumental behind it all. The emotion Radical Something puts into their music is tangible–you can hear it, and you can feel it. To me, that’s the best thing about their music, how much they care about it, how strongly they believe in it, how deeply they feel it.

Some of it, as you would guess from their discussion of the EP in the video above, is melancholy or stressed out.  But the overall tone is perseverance, maintaining a “No Sweat” attitude no matter what challenges or struggles may come your way. “You Feel Amazing,” while definitely having a theme of lost love at the core of the song, is a perfect example–even while it talks about missing a girl, it retains an upbeat, catchy attitude throughout.

There’s a little bit of everything here. Catchy, hooky guitar riffs are found on “Valentine” and “You Feel Amazing,” “Say Yes” almost turns into a club banger at some points, while “Acid Rain” is more of a laid back, pensive track.

Overall, Radical Something has put together a really great, versatile project.

Today, head over to iTunes to support Loggy, Josh, and Big Red. More than that, though, head over to iTunes to support talented, heartfelt, independent music. That support will cost you less than $3. Tell me that’s not a steal.

“No Sweat” on iTunes


Dream Big

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Sunset Concert: Filligar! San Francisco, CA

Sunset in the Rearview Presents Filligar, Warm Weather, Terraplane Sun

Well guys, the G-Eazy show was such a raging success, we’ve decided to sponsor another concert in our second month based out of San Francisco! This time around, we’ve switched from hip-hop to good old fashioned rock and roll. Filligar, a rock and roll band hailing from Chicago, will be taking the big stage, following opening performances by fellow rock bands Warm Weather and Terraplane Sun.

Filligar is visiting us in San Francisco after having wrapped up an international tour. They just might be on their way to becoming one of the youngest and hottest rock and roll bands in the world. It’s an enormous claim, but they have the ability to live up to it. Their sound is full, their energy is through the roof, and apparently they put on one of the best live shows the world has to offer. Needless to say, it’s going to be a fun night. The floors will be rattling in San Francisco…

Download Filligar Apricot Jam

MP3: “A Promise” – Warm Weather (via Knox Road)

Concert Details:

    • Thursday, January 26 @ 8 PM
    • Location: Cafe Du Nord (2174 Market St, San Francisco)
    • Special: Thrillcall will be at the show, offering drink specials for those who download their mobile app!

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[Sponsored Beat Tape] Skin and Bones – The Bedroom

Along with our friends over at Mic Control, we are pleased to present Skin and Bones’s new, 17 track beat tape. Featuring samples from John Mayer, Third Eye Blind, and Fleetwood Mac, just to name a few, Skin and Bones maintains a mellow vibe throughout the tape.

I never really listened to beat tapes until this year. Tapes like The Bedroom, and especially songs like Smoked Out, are perfect for relaxing and thinking. It’s clear Skin and Bones has some serious talent, I look forward to seeing their work progress in the future.

The Bedroom Collective by SkinAndBonesBeats

Download “The Bedroom Collective”

Skin & Bones || Facebook


D Prep || Follow on Twitter

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JuiceBoX – Timeline

JuiceBoX Mixtape Cover

I learned of JuiceBoX when Sunset teamed up with fellow music blog Hold My Coat to create a Best College Artists mixtape. JuiceBoX submitted his material and he was an immediate yes. He’s releasing a mixtape on September 5th, sponsored by Sunset in the Rearview, and here’s the first single from the tape. This one is called “Timeline” and he’s executing with a bit of a J. Cole type of flow. It really works with the beat. Ending with the interviewed bio sound is a really nice touch, too. Get excited about this mixtape – it’s really something special.

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Sunset in the Rearview, DML and Yacko Present…

Josh Bonney concert

Sunset in the Rearview is sponsoring a concert alongside Dirty Mexican Lemonade and Yacko. The show is Thursday, September 1st at Fat Frogg in Elon, North Carolina. Doors open at 10:00 PM. Lineup is as follows:

Josh Bonney
K.O. Kid & DJ Ladro
Eddy B & Tim Gunter
Chris Levintow
Tim Gunter (DJ Set)

Late night DJ Ladro DJ Set until 2 PM. Tickets will be $8 presale and $10 the day of the show.


Mark your calendars!

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Summer 618 Festival: June 18th, 2011

I wanted to give yall a friendly reminder to purchase your tickets to Summer 618, an electronic festival this Saturday, June 18th at Great Plaza Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia. Some of the performers can be seen on the banner above. Here’s a write-up from one of our readers who got a free ticket last year from Sunset, who is an official sponsor of the festival this year.

The most fun I’ve had in a long time.

I drove up to the farm and rolled down my window to see where parking was. A guy that looked to be 18 or 19 said, “You here for the rave? Just follow the cop, bro.” 5 minutes later I was backing in along a fence in a massive cow pasture. The entrance wasn’t very organised at all, and I had my doubts about the whole things entirely, but once the show began, there was no need for much organisation. The first dj, a guy named Ali Berger, had lots of friends in the small crowd that had already arrived. He played some sick dubstep and glitch mixes and I was already diggin’ the show. Along came DJ Stroppy and it only got better. From Daft Punk to his own creative mixes, he pumped up the ever-increasing crowd in between the small stage and the half-built ‘sky dome’ that would host the after party. 5 & A Dime brought a different kind of fun to event with their high-energy hip hop remixes and party jams and DJ Traffikjam played a very long set before the headliners got started. All of this was just the pre-game too, the sun hadn’t even gone down yet.

Then Super Mash Bros really got the party started and played a proficient hour-long set of creative mash-ups (the best in the business really). They played well-known favorites and changed it up a bit. Each of the three members kept in tune with the crowd as well, cutting the music off at times or singing along, just to keep everyone involved. Everyone was having a great time. And even with this kind of entertainment, the chant “Chiddy! Chiddy!” arose as they started packing up.

After a slight intermission, Xaphoon walked on stage and talked to the crowd for a second and started setting up his computer/drumset combo. A guy a few feet back from me kept yelling, “Xaphoon, you crazy!” The lights went dark and Xaphoon started jamming on his set while the music played some kind of Chiddy Bang intro music and Chiddy ran out on stage. They told us that they were playing a set and immediately getting a plane back to the west coast to continue their tour and consequently the set wasn’t incredibly long, but it was fantastic. Chiddy’s raps were on point and Xaphoon’s drums provided the right groove. After every song one of them would talk to the crowd and it was a good time. The best part of the show by far was when they mentioned a Chiddy freestyle and asked the crowd for six topics. I can recall the world cup, toy story, and ‘my man dave.’ I can’t describe it in words, but this freestyle was crazy. Part over the Pass Out beat, and part over Xaphoon’s drums, Chiddy seamlessly rapped about each and every topic like it was nothing. “…I had a buzz like Woody on Toy Story…”

Great show.

(Review written by Robbie G.)

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Summer 618 Festival [Sponsored by Sunset]

Have you ever wanted to go absolutely rage face at an electronic festival? Now’s your chance! Saturday, June 18th at Great Plaza Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia, Pixie and Buck Productions is hosting 618, Philly’s premiere electronic-flavored music and arts festival. Performers include The Cataracs, Major Lazer’s Switch, Shwayze, Porter Robinson, Tayyib Ali, The Sexy Saxman, Gilbere Forte and more. This festival is a mere hour and a half from NY via the NJ transit and ferry or bus, so New Yorkers, be sure to hop on over. Tickets cost $44 for 14 hours of straight music and an after party. This is going to be absolutely absurd. Apparently there might be a 60-foot long professional graffiti wall on the scene. Highly recommend going to this festival – it’s one of those things that will be selling out in days before too long. Get in while you can!

Purchase tickets here now!


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Sid Sriram – Farther, Closer [Sponsored/Exclusive]

Currently, Sid Sriram is a student at Berklee College of Music. In the near future, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sid Sriram was the next Bruno Mars. This kid has a natural ear for catchy music that complements his beautiful voice perfectly. As D Prep said the last time we sponsored a Sid release, this isn’t typically the type of music we gravitate toward over here, but there’s something about it that makes it stand apart from the rest of the R&B/pop music.

“Farther, Closer” – Sid SriramDownload

Download Sid Sriram Farther, Closer (Single)

Does it sound like something that could be on the radio? Sure. If the radio steps its game up, that is. One thing the world can never get enough of is beautiful voices. If you ask me, Ke$ha does not have a beautiful voice. Neither does Britney Spears. Sid Sriram, however, does. Matter of fact, he could probably knock a lot of the American Idol contestants out of the park. I’m putting my money on Sid making it far in his musical career. Let’s help him take the first step by supporting his single releases. If you’re  fan, click on the Facebook “Like” and/or Tweet button and spread the word about this single.

This track is sponsored by Sunset in the Rearview and Good Music All Day.

Hit the jump to see the incredible music video that Sid has released with this single. Continue reading “Sid Sriram – Farther, Closer [Sponsored/Exclusive]” »

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Fortune Family EP, ‘Paradox’ [New Release]

Today, we are proud to be co-sponsoring Fortune Family’s new EP, ‘Paradox,’ along with our friends at Bro Bible, Camelback Music, Good Music All Day, and Dope Atmosphere Clothing. Fortune Family, an up-and-coming hip-hop group out of Philly, embodies a unique style of sample based instrumentals combined with lyrics that are at times fun and easy going and at other times poignant, potent and deliberate.

With excellent production from Hop Hobson, Fortune Family is able to simultaneously produce songs fit for parties, such as ‘Take Me Away,’ and songs fit for protest, such as ‘Heartbeat.’

In the ever growing ‘Frat Rap’ scene, Fortune Family is uniquely self aware.

They call it ‘Frat Rap’/ Cause I’m white and I’m drinking beer/ Really though I’m past that/ I don’t write what you think you hear/ Why you gotta act like something is wrong?/ Like it’s a problem that the college kids fuck with my songs”

-Hobson in “Ahora”

While Fortune Family is certainly able to create songs and lyrics to to party to, such as their track with Hoodie Allen, ‘Lift Off’, they are equally able to produce songs and lyrics that offer serious, significant opinions on the world around them, such as Reef’s lyrics in ‘Heartbeat.’ As an Egyptian, this song became all the more relevant for Reef as the struggle in Egypt climaxed.

Wishing of the day when I could all bring it home/ They promise land, riches/ Liberty and bounty/ Now I’m looking all around at this chaos around me/ I’m sweatin, I’m dripping, my heart starts pounding/ The people hit the streets and they all start shouting/ Pump pump pump is the sound of the gun/ Thump thump thump is the feel of the sun/ I see the fear in they soul/ The hurt in they eyes/ 1, 2, 3 they start dropping like flies/ I got my head to the ground and my finger to the sky/ With my devil on my left and my angel on my right/ I got my fam on my mind and my flag on my chest/ Sins fill the air with the smell of burnt flesh”

It becomes increasingly apparent as you listen to ‘Paradox’ that labeling Fortune Family as “college music” or “frat rap” is, well, paradoxical. It is true that they produce music that is great to listen to when you’re hanging out, pregaming, or full out partying. But, as becomes blatant in this EP, they are much, much more than that.

Acutely aware of not only their own role in the up and comer hip-hop scene, Fortune Family is also extremely aware of the way they are perceived and the on-goings of the world around them. In a time of increasingly futile attempts at popularity by artists who care more about play counts than potency, Fortune Family refuses to make music just for the sake of popularity: they simply care too much.

Now every girl needs a song to rip shots to/ Tell me throw the autotune on, like it’s a costume/ My reply? Nah I’ll be OK/ That shits been dead since Hov made D.O.A.

-Dumb It Down

Secure in their abilities as artists and lyricists, Fortune Family is confident enough to make music that they truly believe in. ‘Paradox’ is their best work yet, both in terms of production quality and lyrical strength.  Featuring great verses from Hoodie Allen on ‘Liftoff’, Oncue on ‘Hasta la Vista’, and S.I.R. on ‘Ride Out,’ it is clear that Fortune Family has earned the respect of their peers in the rap game. So listen to ‘Paradox,’ pay close attention to the lyrics, learn something, and enjoy the music. Expect big things out of this group—with their combination of slick flow, lyrical potency, and excellent production, Hop and Reef will are just about to lift off.

I’m just being me/ Fuck it if it’s right or wrong/ I guess you cared enough to have advice to offer me/ But I don’t care if you care or not/ It’s the beauty of autonomy/ I just hope you got a pair of socks I’m about to knock them off your feet/ I’m something like a paradox because what I spit beyonds belief/ They told me I should come down cousin/ But I flatly refuse I ain’t dumb down nothin”

Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Provided by DatPiff.com

(Amazing) Cover Art by Delaney Gibbons

Fortune Family || Facebook || Twitter

Dream Big

Twitter || D Prep

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MIXTAPE: Sunset in the Rearview Presents “Indie We Trust”

MIXTAPE: sunset in the rear view Presents  “Indie We Trust

Beware: no hip hop on this mixtape. This may anger some of you and others of you may be jumping for joy. Thought I’d try something different and completely exclude any hip hop from this tape. I took a lot of time sorting through indie/alternative-ish songs picking out which ones were worthy of a tape just under 2 hours long…did a lot of cutting and a lot of new searching. I hope yall like this tape, as it’s my first one to make for sunset in the rearview. Hopefully this will be the first of many! Please leave your thoughts and comments in the chatbox!


1. “Lions” – The Features

2. “Come and Check Your Head” – Blue King Brown

3. “Back to the Wild” – Langhorne Slim

4. “Science is Golden” – The Grates

5. “On the Wing” – Owl City

6. “This Will Be Our Year” – The Zombies

7. “Up Late” – Custom Kings

8. “Street Parade” – Extra Golden

9. “Loosy Lucy” – The Steeples

10. “Get Going” – Headlights

11. “Here Comes Your Man” – Meaghan Smith

12. “Blow It Out” – The Features

13. “Mrs. Cold” – Kings of Convenience

14. “Where Does the Good Go” – Tegan and Sara

15. “Islands” – The XX

16. “Furniture” – The Albertans

17. “What This World Is Coming To” – the Swimmers

18. “Settler” – Balmorhea

19. “Into the Dark” – Ben Lee

20. “Saint Simon” – The Shins

21. “Vagabond” – Wolfmother

22. “Hold Me Now” – Polyphonic Spree

23. “Too Much Time” – John Vanderslice

24. “The Auction (Part 2)” – Post Post

25. “Night Runners” – Extra Golden

26. “Canada” – Themselves & WHY?

27. “Divine” – Sebastian Tellier

28. “Hurricane” – The McCloskey Brothers Band

29. “Call Me Anytime” – The Cops

30. “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?” – She & Him

31. “Intro” – The XX

Download the mixtape here

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