Sometimes Asher Roth Big Z Remixes

“Sometimes” (ft. Asher Roth) – Big Z Remixes

“Sometimes (feat. Asher Roth)” – Big Z Remixes by Sunset in the Rearview

Sunset in the Rearview was recently listed as one of the Top 100 Indie Music Blogs on the internet, and when I was asked to answer a few questions about why people should listen to independent music, I mentioned the creativity that the indie scene allows. What I forgot to mention in this regard, though, is how entrepreneurial the independent music scene is. There are opportunities every day in the indie world that, through campaigns born from creativity, allow for your everyday person to go knocking on the door of some serious tastemakers in music. Here’s a perfect example of that.

Asher Roth recently put up an acapella on his Facebook page, calling for any producer who wishes to participate to make an original beat for the song. The chosen winner than gets to be on Asher’s next project. That’s pretty incredible, if you think about it.

To no surprise of mine, Big Z Remixes has submitted a beat. This song carries the typical low-key vibe that Big Z has claimed as his own, and it sounds quite nice under Asher’s lyricism. The sample is “Sometime” by The Noisettes.

The one thing I wish for from Big Z is a bit more variety, but I’ll say – this kid is young. He’s got the whole world ahead of him. So much time, so much room to explore. I’m just anxious to see that happen.

Download “Sometimes (ft. Asher Roth)” – Big Z Remixes

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