Soldier’s Heart

[Video] Soldier’s Heart – New Housie

New Soldier's Heart!

I first heard “New Housie” around the time Soldier’s Heart‘s first single “African Fire” dropped. I actually spent like a week trying to download the song; it’s kind of embarrassing. I eventually succeeded and have the original mix in my iTunes. Listening to the new mix of the song, I understand why the band took their time polishing the record, because now we are left with a fully realized track with no holes or imperfections in it. The finished version sounds like Florence and the Machine meets Beach House (really, the background guitar melody reminds me of “10 Mile Stereo“–or even a sped up version of Childish Gambino’s “These Girls“). After touring extensively with the likes of Willis Earl Beal, Youth Lagoon, The Naked & The Famous, and Crystal Fighters, the Belgium band seems poised to make major moves in 2014.

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Listen While You Work: 5.0

Believe it or not, I still have people asking me if I have any suggestions for new music they should listen to (this happens very frequently, in fact). Perhaps it’s uppity of me to find this silly, but I’ve made it pretty well known amongst my circle of family and friends over the past five years that I absolutely love discovering music and have created a music blog as a portal to share that music. With the emergence of softwares like Spotify, it’s admittedly harder to get people to come to a blog to sort through the curated music collection, when they could just use the portal that’s downloaded onto their computer to press play and let the technology do the rest. But for the elite music seekers out there (is it cool to call us that?), we all know that not all of the gems are on Spotify. Most times, though, it’s on SoundCloud. So that’s the reason I continue to make these Listen While You Work SoundCloud collections. It’s just too good to ignore. And if we have to be spending so much time at work, we might as well make that time not just worthwhile, but enjoyable.

Enjoy this episode. I started it a long time ago, but just finished it today, so it’s actually kind of fun for me to go back and re-listen to some of the old picks that I haven’t heard in a while.

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Soldier’s Heart – African Fire

New Soldier's Heart!

Soldier’s Heart is a Belgium quartet that just this year won ‘Talent of the Year’ at the Cutting Edge Awards. They have finally come out with an amazing debut single “African Fire.” This gem of a song has a tropical flare that you might expect from Oh Land or Beach House. Lead singer Sylvie Kreusch is just dynamite on this song. We’ll keep you posted on more Soldier’s Heart in the future.

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