Listen to Smallpools New Single “Killer Whales”

After bursting onto the scene in 2013 with their self titled EP that was probably my favorite of 2013, Smallpools is back, ready to put out more music, and going on a big tour in the fall. “Killer Whales” has that upbeat and poppy touch that has made them so fun to listen to. Most likely on their debut album, whenever that is.

God, I love good, quality music.

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Songs of the Week: August 12 – August 18

It’s been another wonderful week of tunes, here are some of the highlights in case you missed anything!

1. Big Sean – Control (ft. Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica)

(Posted by Arjun)

Nothing better than a song that gets people talking, right? All week long people have been feeling some sort of feelings towards Kendrick Lamar’s verse in particular, so you know it did what it had to do. Whether you like this track or not, you’ll probably be hearing about it for awhile. You just can’t put out this kind of fire folks.


2. Galimatias – Dream (ft. Flowzart)

(Posted by Arjun)

This Galimatias track is fresh as hell, to say the least. It’s hip hop but with it’s own twist. It’s chill but the textures of “Dream” are something to marvel at. Will these artists from the UK ever put out bad music? I’m starting to think it’s impossible with what’s been coming out of there the last few years. We thank you, either way.



3. Running in the Fog – Desire

(Posted by Alicia)

Did this track come out of nowhere and sweep us off our feet? I’m going to say yes. It’s a fusion of many genres from r&b to electronic to indie, so there’s a touch of everything for everyone. It’s soothing, catchy and just fabulous in all the right ways.


4. Smallpools – Dreaming (Magic Man Remix)

(Posted by Lydia)

This Smallpools remix is one that makes you want to drive around and not care about anything ever again, really though. To quote Lydia “I feel invincible right now, yall.” FOR REAL THOUGH.  It’s fun, indie pop heaven. Nothing to complain about with this kind of music in our lives. Magic Man did the job with this perfect remix of “Dreaming”.


5. Chet Faker – Melt ft. Kilo Kish

(Posted by Alicia)

Two amazing artists doing their thing together, what more could you ask for? Smooth as can be, a blend of Chet Faker’s soul and Kilo’s edge. It’s what we like to call a match made in heaven. “Melt” will truthfully make you dissolve into your seat because it’s that good. Hey awesome artists, keep making music together because we LOVE it.

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[MP3] Smallpools – Dreaming (Magic Man Remix)

Oh my god it’s been a long day. When I finally found a minute to open up my SoundCloud account (for the first time in over a week…good god, this is my nightmare), I found solace in this absolute GEM from Magic Man. It’s a remix of one of the best tracks in the year: Dreaming by Smallpools. The thing is, and I don’t mean to belittle Smallpools in the slightest, this version feels a bit more victorious than the original. It’s got this airy, heavenly vibe about it that’s suddenly like OMG I AM GOD, THIS IS MY WORLD, EVERYBODY SHUT UP AND LISTEN. I feel invincible right now, yall. And there are no drugs involved. Just this magestic song. WHOA.

Oh no, please god tell me we’re dreaming

Original track: “Dreaming” by Smallpools

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20 Must-Have Summer Songs of 2013, Part 1

We’re about one month into summer so it’s only right for the Sunset Fam to give you a dose of our favorite songs of the season so far.  We’ve compiled a list that’ll make you want to cruise to the beach with your windows down, with no worries in the world.  Here’s our top 20 must-have tracks to get you going for the rest of this lovely season.


1. Netherfriends – Uptown Boys

There’s not much I can say other than this jam by Netherfriends is one of the coolest songs I’ve ever heard. If I could only transport back to college and just drive around campus blasting this song with my windows rolled down. Fuck it, though, I’m just going to put my headphones on, play this song on repeat, and strut around living like it’s a summer day every day. It’s easy to dream when you’re always high. Lydia


2. La Plage – Rendez Vous

La Plage gives us that light, fun indie summer track we all need in our lives.  It’s dreamy and sweet like a summer treat. (Yes, I just said that with no shame.)  Alicia


3. Sol – Jump In

To be honest, I go back and forth on Sol. Sometimes I think his content is lacking substance. But when it comes to a summer tune, sometimes the last thing you want is heavy content. That’s part of what makes this song so perfect. It’s light, airy, and catchy as ever. music is my baby, she drive me crazy – Lydia


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Songs of the Week: July 15 – July 21

It’s Sunday, which means a few things. 1. It’s pizza night in my household, and 2. the best songs of the week are here. Check out this weeks best new releases below!

1. Something Silent – Ricki Lake

The debut single from Hoodie Allen’s producer, RJF and David Brook that is infectious, and an impressive debut. The sample is catchy as fuuuuuck, and I already can’t wait to see what this duo has in store next!

2. Sol – Jump In

It’s summer. Everybody knows that (at least I’d hope so…). So people tend to release summer sounding music. Sol does just this as he is back from his travels overseas and he lets loose the first single from his upcoming EP out September 10th.

3. Collin McLoughlin – Chasing Ghosts

Another first single from another upcoming EP, as Collin McLoughlin gears up for his new EP, Tears of Tempo, with his first single off of the EDM infused project.

4. Jaymes Young – Fragments

A good pop song that’s constructed to be easy on the ears, but dreamy at the same time. Jaymes swoons in over a simple instrumental

5. Raleigh Ritchie’s EP

I know you’re not supposed to put EP’s on this, but IT’S SO GOOD. ALL OF THESE COULD BE THE BEST SONGS OF THE WEEK.

6. Smallpools EP

Again, I know you’re not supposed to put EP’s on this, but IT’S SO GOOD. ALL I WANT TO DO IS DANCE BECAUSE ALL OF THESE COULD BE THE BEST SONGS OF THE WEEK.

7. Carousel – Not Enough

Sticking with the whole “singles dropped before an EP theme,” I’m gonna round out this week with Carousel’s latest as their distinctive sound will take over your speakers and put you in the best mood you’ve been in all day.


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Stream the Self-Titled Debut EP from Smallpools

New Smallpools!

Because of the Internet, everyone and everything is instantly connected. People have shorter attention spans, and so music is processed and shared quickly. Therefore, most music does not have longevity. Record labels realize this and understand that they have a very small window of time to sign and promote new artists. So with just “Dreaming” out, RCA signed the LA-based band Smallpools. Luckily for us, this means quick turnaround on a debut EP (below), a major national tour (with SITR favorite San Cisco), and most likely a full-length album in the not too distant future. So why did RCA sign Smallpools so damn quickly? Aside from that shit I made up about the Internet, it’s because they rock. This EP is high school and college in a four song nutshell. It will have you desk dancing and putting off work and most importantly feeling amazing. Own the Smallpools EP forever in exchange for $$$ here.

“H.A.G.S.” -Smallpools to you

Related: Check out Smallpool’s tour dates with San Cisco

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Smallpools – Mason Jar [MP3 & Smallpool Tour Dates]

I spent the past two work days holed up in a room with my team of 17 or so people, and at one point the day today, it was evident that the entire room had hit a wall. People slumped in their chairs, their eyes were heavy, they could be caught staring at nothing in the distance, and if they were asked a question, they would ask for it to be repeated. Classic case of a food coma, or in this case, a meeting coma. We tried a couple different things to pep people up: took a break, stood up, did a group activity. Eventually, the group activity helped pick things up a bit, but what we didn’t know at the time was that LA’s Smallpools released a song yesterday that could have done the trick in no time. It’s an instant pop wonder, and I can just imagine handing everybody a set of headphones and seeing people jump out of their seats to dance to this song. People would be bouncing off the walls, jumping around to the beat at their own will. Sometimes they call things like this a drug, but other times it’s just called music.

Hit the jump for their tour dates.

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Smallpools – Dreaming

New Smallpools!

One of the many great things about summer is the bands that come out of the woodwork and blow you away with amazing debut singles. There’s currently a wide open competition for summer jam, and “Dreaming” might just be a frontrunner. Combining Passion Pit‘s synth-heavy enthusiasm with Keane‘s vocals, Smallpools is clearly their own entity and possibly a force to be reckoned with in the mainstream market. I mean, damn I could see this playing at the very end of a season finale of a hit TV show and then skyrocketing on iTunes charts. Shouts to Captain Cuts with the spunky production.

[via Neon Gold]

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