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[Sunset Mixtape] Notes on Improving the Universe

New Sunset Mixtape!

I recently finished Ashlee Vance’s authorized biography of Elon Musk, CEO/founder of Tesla and SpaceX. The book paints a detailed portrait of an extremely smart and determined man, who cares less about making money and more about impacting the world in a positive way. His driving motivator, the one that causes him to work most hours of the day, is to make humankind a multi-planetary species and to give us the tools to shift our energy consumption to clean energy. The idea of working toward a larger goal, such as Elon’s, is fascinating to me: not working to live, not working to make as much money as possible, but, rather, working to improve the universe. And it is not about winning some make-believe competition of who can be the noblest lad in all the land; there’s a fundamentality to it.

We have “x” number of years to live and reproduce →

Our planet has a laundry list of unresolved problems, and our species is confined to it →

So, let’s improve Earth for future generations, while reducing our dependence on Earth (for future generations).

Ironically, I also learned that, with hard work and proper execution, big money often follows such ambitious purpose. There is not a shortage of big thinkers, there is not a shortage of money, but there is a shortage of people willing to assume large risk for an abstract but basic idea.

NOTE: The SoundCloud mix is missing track 12 (“O&D” by Louis Val). Original image by Spencer Tunick.


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Sloan Evans – One Thing

New Sloan Evans!

Since introducing Sloan Evans on the site a year ago, he has caught the attention of some important ears. He is now the first artist managed by VLONE, the lifestyle brand and label of A$AP Bari, and yesterday, he released his first single “One Thing.” The song is deceptively complex with its catchy hook and pulsating beat. It shares a close kinship to Post Malone‘s best work. Stay tuned for more from Sloan. I doubt he will wait another year to drop the next single.

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[Introducing] Sloan Evans

New Sloan Evans!

Sloan Evans is an R&B artist from Virginia and Toronto who is a core member of the emerging La Fontaine collective. Over his few but impactful releases, he has carved out a lane for himself in R&B–specifically, the currently congested “autotune-crooner” lane (word to Alex Siber).

Sloan has a sound so unique that you halfway expect Drake to already have an “Are You Down” remix in the vault even though the original came out like a week ago. The only artist vaguely similar to him is New Zealand singer-producer Lontalius, as they both tackle complex emotions through gut-wrenchingly honest lyrics over self-produced, minimalist synth beats.

So please tell me, are you down?

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