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Nas – Hey Young World


“Hey Young World” – Nas

I believe I have found my anthem. I love Slick Rick’s song, “Hey Young World,” but I might have just found a cover that tops the original. Call me crazy, and maybe I’m disrespecting the origins of hip hop, but I just can only handle so much old school hip hop flow. Nas recreates this song by Slick Rick and makes it a modern day hip hop song to the beat of a classic. If you ask me to sum up perfection, this might be what I’d hand you.

Nas was invited by Levi’s in their Pioneer Session Movement to recraft a classic song that inspired his sound. I admire that this is the song he chose. Here’s a video clip of him talking a bit about the process. Anybody else drooling over how calm and collected Nas is in the studio? I just love it. What a master. Or as Levi’s would have it, what a pioneer.

Download “Hey Young World”

BONUS: Download Original Song, “Hey Young World” – Slick Rick

Many people have produced their own versions of Slick Rick’s masterpiece. In my opinion, nobody did quite as good of a job as Nas did, but here are a couple more. Which do yall like best?

“Hey Young World” – 6th Sense
“Hey Young World” (ft. Aloe Blacc & Devoya Mayo) – Fashawn

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