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Mike Posner – Single and Drunk


“Single and Drunk” – Mike Posner

Mike Posner Sunset in the Rearview

Mike Posner is out with a new track, “Single and Drunk.” It’s become a bit of a pattern here for me to pour out my most honest thoughts of Mike Posner’s music, since I’ve been following him since 2006. So here goes.

After reading the rumors that Mike Posner is dating Miley Cyrus, I’m glad to hear a song where it seems that Mike is speaking to a crowd a bit closer to his age. Well, I hope anyway. After building such a young fanbase, maybe this isn’t the best idea. Promoting random hookups after drinking? Meh, whatever, everybody does it, right? Hm, I guess.

Mike Posner’s a model? Who knew?

Anybody figure out what Lil Jon’s role on this song is? Wait, did Lil Jon ever have a role in life? Other than having an energy drink called CRUNK!!! and starring on the 2011 NBC show, The Celebrity Apprentice? Lil Jon, as usual, is a bit of a random asset on this track.

Well, we got ourselves a club smasher out of this song, but perhaps not the most memorable of Mike Posner’s songs. But what’s memorable anyway when you’re…single and drunk?

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