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Shawn Chrystopher – Name On My Heart

God damn! I’m on my Sunset grind right now. 3 posts in a matter of 20 minutes. I guess that’s the problem of only having one class from 8-9:15 and done for the day?

Totally forgot that Shawn Chyrstopher was releasing his next project this month. A while back I posted the “teaser” for this and now here’s the full version as we get closer to the release of his project, Silent Films For The Blind!

Too much good music right now…(Bei Maejor, Timeflies, J. Cole, soon to be Shawn Chrys) but whose complaining?

MP3: Name On My Heart – Shawn Chyrstopher

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Shawn Chrystopher – Too Cold

Gritty beat  + punchline king = #TooCold. Shawn Chrys drops off the lead single for his album “Silent Films For The Blind. Story behind Too Cold is that he’s had it for about 5 months now, and tried really hard not to leak it. I can tell why. Usually when people craft something good, they want to show everyone. Silent Film For The Blind out next month!!

Shawn Chrystopher – Too Cold

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[Video] Shawn Chrystopher – Name On My Heart (Commercial)

Sheeeesh, talk about a slow past few days.

I will always stand by this statement. Shawn Chrys last album, “You and Only You” is a masterpiece. One of my favorite albums of all time, and words can’t describe how psyched I am for his next project, “Silent Films For The Blind.” I mean, let’s be real, the creativeness in that name is astounding. Anyways, Shawn Chrys returns with a video/commercial/snippet/preview/whatever you want to call it for “Silent Films For The Blind.” The track is called “Name On My Heart” and by the sounds of it, seems awesome. Shawn is really good at connecting with his fans, and by that I mean he’s easy to relate to. Enjoy the video!

“Silent Films for the Blind” out Sept 13, 2011!!!

Directed by: Mr. Chrystopher
Produced by: Zaire Koalo

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Shawn Chrystopher – It’s My Time Now

His last project, “You and Only You” was one of my favorite albums of all time. You might even be asking yourself who Shawn Chrystopher is? He’s a real down to earth guy. Real lyrics. Real songs. Can easily relate. Thats why “You and Only You” was that good, and I highly recommend you buy it/listen to it, whatever. Any who, he returns with the second single off of his next album that drops in September called “Silent Films For The Blind.” This single, “It’s My Time Now,” is set around the concept of how he got to where he is, what he avoided, and the route he took, and now it’s his time to take advantage of where he’s gotten himself.

“Feel so damn good to never have to sell crack. That mean’s we progressing, at least a little bit. That’s why I never truly understand why niggas in the hood sweatin’ all the little shit.”

Shawn Chrystopher – It’s My Time Now

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Mixtape Releases: Shawn Chrystopher and Asher Roth

Shawn Chrystopher and Asher Roth both released new mixtapes today. Download both below.

Download Shawn Chrystopher’s “The Audition: EP”

Download Asher Roth’s “Seared Foie Gras with Quince and Cranberry”

(Pretty poor album art by Asher, if you ask me. But atleast the features look gook! Talib, Blu, Pac Div, and more.)

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Shawn Chrystopher – Position


“Position” – Shawn Chrystopher

Been posting a lot today (it’s Tuesday-big day in the music world!), but here’s a sample of one of the things I posted (the Shawn Chrystopher mixtape). John Mayer sample. Clear that this boy loves his mama. Cute.

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Shawn Chrystopher – A City With No Seasons [MIXTAPE]

FREE ALBUM: “A City With No Seasons” – Shawn Chrystopher


Shawn Chrystopher, recent recipient of Hip Hop Official’s Artist of the Week award, has just released his debut album, A City With No Seasons.

Shawn’s personal remarks on the album:

“I set out to create art. Something that people would begin to compare future albums to; to set a standard. I started this project to raise the bar in hip hop, to get people to think outside the box and do things differently. So for 9 months we diligently worked on EVERYTHING, from types of instruments, to how the coloring should be done for my cover artwork. Everything was a strategic plan, yet not forced.

This album means so much to me because as I listen to it, i remember where I was at the time of me recording the songs. I remember who was around me, who was in my life…and then think about those who are no longer around me and no longer in my life. I can’t help to think that everything happens for a reason because, as down as I have been about certain untimely events that happened throughout the course of making this album, I can easily sit here and say that I am the happiest I have ever been in my entire life.

I tried to force things, force situations, force people to stay in my life, but now I have learned to live and let go; and I am a stronger man because of it.”

…and on Track #3, “Believer:”

“The 3rd track on my album is titled “Believer” and is actually a song that means a great deal to me. The song basically encompasses everything that Ive ever gone through as an artist; having a dream and basically hoping that someone that you loves more than life believes in you and in that same dream.

Belief in someone is such a powerful tool. It can make normal people instantly become superheros, and that’s what i did my best to convey in this song.”

and lastly a bit more on the album and its artwork:

“I’m a person who loves to take chances, loves tight-roping the line between genius and insanity; the artwork for my debut album is no different. I felt, in hip hop, we were playing things a little too safe with our album artwork, scared of the backlash we would get and ultimately not being true to ourselves. I’m here to change that. The “A City With No Seasons” artwork is inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat because his art was debated about the most on whether or not it is real art because it looks ‘elementary.’

I honestly believe that there is no such thing as wrong, or bad art; that is difference between art and math. If I say 2+2=5 I’m wrong, but because my lines aren’t straight and my coloring isn’t inside the lines my art isn’t art? Art is all about expressing yourself, and no one can ever say that you are expressing yourself incorrectly.

It’s ok to say you don’t understand; what’s not ok is to say that it’s wrong.

Sure people will say its not ‘rap’..but its ‘Shawn’…and I’m the only person who can truly define what ‘Shawn’ is.

Let this be a stepping-stone for all artist to do whatever they feel, and not worry about how people recieve it. Push the envelope, make people think, make people mad…they will understand later.”

Download the mixtape here.

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Mike Posner & Big Sean – Who Knows (Shawn Chrystopher Remix )

I spy with my little eye…that Shawn Chrystopher jumped on the Mike Posner and Big Sean track “Who Knows” — I like this. Shawn Chrystopher’s gonna be big, I can feel it. The production isn’t great on this-but you get the idea.

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