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[Mashup Album] Sex Ray Vision – Primary Colors

Shortly after releasing their EP a few weeks ago, Sex Ray Vision is back at it again…with a mashup album! I recognize about four -five of these, and considering only a few of them have a lot of plays, my guess is that most of these are new to the public.

These guys are the hardest workers. All they do is drop free tracks and remixes. Just some word of advice: if they’re playing a show near you…go. Thank me later.

Download Sex Ray Vision – Primary Colors

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[EP] Sex Ray Vision – Relax

I think it’s fair enough to say that Sex Ray Vision has made quite a name for themselves, super quick. Besides that, they’ve also become one of my favorite groups. I can hear a song and immediately know if its SRV. It’s come to that point. From their own original material, to their mashups (even remixes), it’s hard not to put one fist in the air, and constantly jump around.

This is their debut EP entitled Relax. When they say Relax, they mean “get ready to rage, Sex Ray Vision style!” – Actual statement from the group.

9 new eargasmic instrumental tracks, and 6 of them have been unheard until now! Grab this EP, turn up the music (just turn it up, louder!), grab your friends, grab some drinks (need to stay hydrated) and have a blast!

Download Relax: SoundCloud Mediafire

Check out their social networks: Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Youtube, Website

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Collin McLoughlin – Is It Love (Prod. By Sex Ray Vision)

Two of my favorites, Collin McLoughlin & Sex Ray Vision, collide to bring you this uptempo track that will be a great starter for your weekend. Enjoy!

Is It Love (Prod. By Sex Ray Vision) – Collin McLoughlin

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[Video] De-Lor – That We Loved (Say Ray Vision Remix)

As if I haven’t posted enough videos in the past 24 hours (4 and counting) here comes the latest visuals from De-Lor for his Sex Ray Vision remixed track “That We Loved.” The story behind this video is that they were at a Frat Party in Northeastern University in Boston. Talk about a rager! Cameos by Sex Ray Vision & Kinetics.

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Mashup Monday! (ft. Mark J, Sex Ray Vision, G3rst, Solow & Zalem Hest)

Mashup Monday

“Who Let The Dogs Out” was my jam. I never liked dancing much when I was younger–too self-conscious, I guess. Never had a good flow or rhythm. But when “Who Let The Dogs Out” came on, all inhibitions seemed to disappear. I probably looked like that little white kid who thought she was making a terrible attempt at breakdancing, but really those were just my moves. To this day, the excitement that rushes in when I hear “WHOOO LET THE DOGS OUT…WHOO WHOOO WHOO WHOO,” it gets me all jittery. And the moves come back. Unfortunately for all of you, my inhibitions have pretty much disappeared altogether, so the breakdancing moves come out day and night, drunk and sober. Yep, that’s how I roll. WHO! WHO! WHO! WHO!

MP3: “Brimful of Dogs” (Cornershop vs. Baha Men) – Mark J

MP3: “Good Vibrations Without Me” (Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch vs. Eminem) – Sex Ray Vision

MP3: “Stand By Last Friday Night” (Ben E. King vs Katy Perry) – G3rst

MP3: “No Levels” (Avicii vs. Waka Flocka) – Solow & Zalem Hest

*Shout out to @ITYLTSmusic for the heads up on the G3rst mashup.

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Sex Ray Vision – Lex Luthor, Blender, & How Bad Do You Want It

One of my favorite groups out right now. Sex Ray Vision make the music you want to just go fucking crazy to!! I’ve had two previous joints “Blender,” and the vocal mix to “How Bad Do You Want It Now” for a few weeks now, but when “Lex Luthor” came out a few days ago, I was like fuck it (i’m young!). These guys are legit. I love everything I’ve heard so far. All three of these are a must download. Add this to your rage pack of songs for the weekends!

Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday Funday! Browns won, so I am!!

Sex Ray Vision – Lex Luthor

Sex Ray Vision – Blender

Sex Ray Vision – How Bad Do You Want It Now (Vocal Mix)

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Sex Ray Vision – My (Other) Beach House (Vocal Mix)

Sex Ray Vision lets loose the vocal mix to their song “My Beach House.” Strictly a party song. If this doesn’t get you going then I have no clue what will! Every time I play it I break out and dance (not kidding). It’s a fun lil tune so add this to your weekend playlist.

Sex Ray Vision – My (Other) Beach House

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