SBTRKT – Save Yourself Ft. The Dream

It’s been a minute since we last heard from SBTRKT , but the wait is over and there’s a new track blooming. SBTRKT has had their share of collaborations, but this time around they took a turn in a different direction. Their latest track “Save Yourself” is a tender number that happens to be laced with the r&b smooth sound of The Dream. Imma love you all the way to my tomb, Imma love you all the way to the moon, The Dream sweetly serenades over hypnotic SBTRKT beats. “Save Yourself” gives off some good feels without even trying. Check out the collaboration below.

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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: Head Hunched Over Weeping to the Music

New Tape Tuesday!

The great artists suffer for their art. The great listeners suffer along with them. I think without truly intellectualizing it this Tape Tuesday is inspired by Na’kel‘s soul-crushing verse on “DNA” from Earl Sweatshirt‘s album I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside. For those of you who don’t know, Na’kel wrote and recorded his verse just after hearing that one of his close friends had died. And you can hear the pain in his voice, and he’s not a rapper (he’s a skateboarder) but he laid down a brutally poignant verse. He wrote his feelings on paper, and now whenever I listen to the song, I find myself feeling the anger and despair that Na’kel is trying to convey.

The sad thing is that in the vapid hype machine that is the music Internet verses like Na’kel’s could be overlooked. Hype is easy. I mean to dedicate my life to the creation of timeless art. When you’re honest and uncompromising, that’s when you become a step closer to creating art that is timeless.

And it’s okay to be emotional.

You used to say you like violins and your lifestyle depend on me

*SoundCloud mix is missing track 2 (“Mantra” by Earl Sweatshirt).


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SBTRKT just uploaded a song from his upcoming album featuring A$AP Ferg, and the track ‘Voices in my Head’  is absolute fire. SBTRKT writes in the description: “this is one of my fave tracks and seemed to be a fitting ending to the record too.”

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SBTRKT Feat. Sampha – Temporary View

SBTRKT and Sampha have always been a dream team, as we saw in SBTRKT’s self titled debut album. Now they’re treating their fans with yet another team up. “Temporary View” is like a part II to the sounds they gave us in the first record but with a new little twist. It’s an addictive yet smooth electronic track that’ll have you needing more after just one listen. If this is any idea of what new SBTRKT may sound like, sign us up because it’s bound to be quite the follow up.

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SITR Presents: GRIZZLY ADAMS (4/20 Mix)

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear.

Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair.

Fuzzy Wuzzy linked up with Jordan & Arjun to make a continuous track consisting of 20 songs to get blazed to on 4/20.

Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t really fuzzy, was he?


Hit the jump for the mix tracklist… Continue reading “SITR Presents: GRIZZLY ADAMS (4/20 Mix)” »

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Dida – Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown [Free Download]

Sweden is not exactly known for its hip-hop scene, but it seems Michael Dida is working to change that. On his newest tape, the rapper did not create anything groundbreaking, but all 6 tracks try something new and interesting. The tape samples SITR favorites Sampha and JMSN, so you know it’s real.

Mixtape highlights: ‘Corona,’ ‘Me, My Lonesome, My Jameson,’ and ‘No Hard Feelings’

Trying to get ahead then I got a little dome


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Kilo Kish – k+ [Free Download]

New Kilo Kish!

Oh, this is dope. Last year, NY artist Kilo Kish came onto the blog scene (is that a real thing?) with her spellbinding HomeSchool EP. Since then, she’s made some really cool friends and with their help, crafted this 9-track (not including the intro) project. Who are these “cool friends” you ask kind of rudely? Well, Childish Gambino, Earl Sweatshirt, SBTRKT, and Star Slinger–just to name a few. Cop the awesome-weird, experimental project below. Really though it’s like the trippy R&B version of Royalty.

Speaking of Royalty, the CG feature…”Ghost”


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Friday at Five [Weekend Music]

New Friday at Five!

You know the drill. We’ve rounding up the latest and greatest of jams with danceability for ya’ll to get down and dirty to this weekend. What’s errbody up to this Friday the 13th. Break a leg.

1. Call Me Jay-Z (Carly Rae Jepsen + Jay-Z) – Scott Melker

2. Under The Bridge (Brummer Remix) – Red Hot Chili Peppers

3. Whip Appeal (SBTRKT edit) – Frank Ocean

4. Primadonna (Benny Benassi Remix) – Marina and the Diamonds

5. All You (feat. Waka Flocka & Kaskade) (CRNKN Remix) – The Cataracs

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Tape Tuesday: Songs for an Actress 3

If we can just recap for a second, the whole Songs for an Actress trilogy is named after a Hoodie Allen track of pretty much the same name. The first of the trilogy was the very first mixtape I ever made on Sunset in the Rearview. It contains some of my favorite songs of last year and is still one of my favorite mixes. The second was the first mini-mix I ever made for my Saturday at Sunset daily special. It contains more hip-hop/rap than any of my other mixes, including the always hilarious “Rashida Jones” by Prometheus Brown and Bambu and the incredibly catchy “A Lil More” by Otayo Dubb.

This, the third and final installment in the series, is an audacious attempt at a real mix. Like, you know, the one’s that actual DJ’s play. Wait, okay. That’s not completely true. What I like about this mix is actually how eclectic it is. One second you can be snorting crack cocaine to a remix of an Avicii track and the next you can be crying yourself to sleep! The whole mix is an audio representation of your estranged uncle. But unlike your estranged uncle, it’s just crazy enough to work.

And yeah, I wrote these songs for an actress.


  1. “Levels (Vitzi’s Old School Intro)” – Avicii
  2. “Hold On (ft. Sampha)” – SBTRKT
  3. “Five Minutes” – Scattered Trees
  4. “Lunar Lovers” – Finally Boys
  5. “Something Goes Right” – SBTRKT
  6. “Bury the Floors” – Scattered Trees
  7. “All I Know” – Joe Goddard
  8. “Cinema (ft. Gary Go)” – Benny Benassi


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SBTRKT & Sampha – Blue Cassette (Friendly Fires Cover)


I don’t know Sampha, but I know he’s probably an amazing human being. He probably donates so much money to charity yet still manages his money so meticulously. He probably invented snow. Sampha is perfect. His voice was hand-crafted by angel harps, and he can almost definitely play table tennis with his eyes closed. Amazing.

Honestly, I think he should be the permanent vocalist for SBTRKT. Each of their collaborations has been exceptional, and this one is, well, no exception. The cover is more soulful and subdued than the original (compare here). It features Sampha’s signature angel harp vocals. I really don’t want to stop talking about Sampha! He can make babies sing instead of cry.

The cover was performed live on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge, but really, you won’t be able to tell. Jesus was Sampha’s vocal coach.

WAIT! This is only the beginning of the SBTRKT and Friendly Fires news. As SBTRKT told Australia’s triple j, the two got a collaboration on his next album with vocals from Friendly Fires lead singer Ed Macfarlane. SBTRKT also hinted at another collaboration with Drake. So swag on that.

“As I hear your voice, it sets my heart on fire.” -Me to Sampha everyday/Sampha in this song

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