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Say Lou Lou – Fool Of Me (ft. Chet Faker)

Swedish twins Elektra and Miranda Kilbey of Say Lou Lou just paired up with the Australian wonder Chet Faker for their latest single, “Fool Of Me.” When they released “Maybe You” (back when they went by Saint Lou Lou), I knew these two would be a pair to keep an eye on, but they just outdid themselves on “Fool Of Me.” I’m sitting on the bus on a sunny morning in California and am easily whisked away into a daydream state, carried by the soft voices of the Kilbey twins and the magical production on the track. What a fantastic way to start my week.

had a dream I could teach you how to love

Bonus: Stream “Julian,” the debut single from their upcoming album

[Hilly Dilly]

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Listen While You Work: 1.0

Listen while you work music sunset in the rearview

While I’m trying to keep my head above water with my day job, it pains me not to be able to share every song I hear and love. Particularly because even while I work, if I’m sitting at my desk, I have to listen to music to keep the blood pumping through my veins. That’s just how I operate. And there’s a lot of stuff going into my ears. So I’ve decided I’ll try to do some of these posts where I pull some of the top songs together and make a custom playlist for you to be able to listen to while you work. So here goes…Listen While You Work: 1.0. This week features music from Peace, Vondelpark, Josh Record, Fyfe, Say Lou Lou, Wintercoats, Junip, Last Lynx, Sir Sly, Cloud Boat, Ajimal, and Niagara

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