Hoodie Allen – Let It All Work Out [MP3 + Lyrics]

Hoodie Allen is back with another upbeat hip-hop single using a sample from one of my favorites: Sampha’s “Indecision.” Hoodie’s road to fame started when the world heard his first big hit, “You Are Not A Robot,” which had a similar vibe and sampled Marina & The Diamonds popular song “I Am Not a Robot.” Since then, Hoodie has proven himself to be a mainstay in the pop-infused hip hop scene, releasing many free mixtapes and amassing fans along the way.

Those fans are likely thrilled with this latest release from Hoodie, which reflects his constant ability to flip an indie sample into a playground for an artist who likes to spit clever wordplay filled with puns, double-meanings and pop-culture references.

“Let It All Work Out” is the first single from an upcoming mixtape that Hoodie plans to release this fall. Hit the jump for the lyrics.

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SBTRKT Feat. Sampha – Temporary View

SBTRKT and Sampha have always been a dream team, as we saw in SBTRKT’s self titled debut album. Now they’re treating their fans with yet another team up. “Temporary View” is like a part II to the sounds they gave us in the first record but with a new little twist. It’s an addictive yet smooth electronic track that’ll have you needing more after just one listen. If this is any idea of what new SBTRKT may sound like, sign us up because it’s bound to be quite the follow up.

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Artist Picks: What Music is Raleigh Ritchie Listening To?

Raleigh Ritchie is somebody we’ve been keen on for a while here at Sunset, but lately I’ve been unable to stop listening to his song “Bloodsport.” One of my friends told me the other day that he, too, has been unable to stop listening to “Bloodsport” ever since discovering it on my 2014 Spotify playlist. This inspired me to get to know Raleigh Ritchie a little bit better myself, so I reached out to him to see if he would participate in our Artist Picks feature.

Artist Picks is a series we do where we turn the tables and ask artists for their current music recommendations. It’s a fun way to discover art that’s inspiring creators, rather than just hearing the opinions of influencers like myself. We ask the artist to list 10 songs that they’re currently listening to, tell us why they picked that song, and we put together a playlist with all of their picks plus our favorite song by that artist him or herself.

One might think Raleigh Ritchie’s stunning music is enough to speak for itself, but there’s more to the man that I think you should know. First of all, his stage name is a result of Jacob Anderson’s (Raleigh Ritchie’s birth name) obsession with Bill Murray. He searched through every Bill Murray character he could think of, and eventually settled on names from The Royal Tenenbaums (Raleigh was Bill Murray’s character and Ritchie was Luke Wilson’s). The other thing worth knowing is that he’s also quite well known for his acting career – he acted in Game of Thrones and Adulthood. Not having seen either of those films myself, I trust that he’s a talented actor as well, but selfishly, am very glad he picked up music.

And just like his talents span multiple genres, so too do his musical tastes. I asked him to share 10 songs that he’s currently listening to on repeat, and they range from a quirky song that you might imagine hearing in a Wes Anderson film (mostly “Figure Eight” by Blossom Dearie) to an upbeat trap song (“My Different” by Big Narste). And there’s a whole bunch of variety in between.

Not all of the songs are available on Spotify, so pardon the couple of standalone extras. Hit the jump for the full song list with Raleigh Ritchie’s reasoning for each song and to stream all songs, including Raleigh Ritchie’s own “Bloodsport.”

Follow Raleigh Ritchie on Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Google+

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[Stream] Sampha – Happens

I’ve been drowning myself in Sampha lately, and this “Happens” track is only going to keep that going for the foreseeable future. After he dropped his solo version of Drake’s “Too Much” the other day, I dove headfirst into his July EP Dual (which I HIGHLY recommend checking out on Spotify, at the very least), and his dual-single here (“Happens” is the B-side to “Too Much”) makes me very optimistic of another project soon. The combination of Sampha’s voice, which is perfect for the emotions he’s trying to convey here, and the piano just hook me in like none other. I don’t even have a witty remark right now. I’m probably just going to go cry about an ex that I don’t have.

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[Music Video] Sampha – Too Much

Coming through in the CLUTCH right now, Sampha delivers a video to his solo version of Drake‘s track “Too Much” off of Nothing Was The Same. I’m not totally sure if this was originally a Sampha track and Drake sampled it, or if this is Sampha’s cover, but either way, I’m all up in my emotions right now. Like Drake’s version, this slow, piano-heavy version keeps it emotional and really just makes you sit back and listen. Choo choo, all aboard the feels train.

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Songs of the Week: July 17-23

This evening I bring to you the second installation of Sunset’s Songs of the Week, a weekly post covering our favorite songs of the week. If you ever fall behind, count on this post to get you up to date on the best releases of the past seven days.

1. Mikky Ekko – Kids

So there’s about a 100% chance that you already know Mikky Ekko from his incredibly overplayed (yet somehow still infectious) song “Stay” with Rihanna. This one is just him, and is produced by certified hitmakers Benny Blanco and John Hill. A carefree, laidback tune perfect for the summer. (Posted by Arjun)

2. José González – Crosses (Dinner Date Remix)

This is an incredibly beautiful remix of one of my favorite artists, Jose Gonzales. A light, sleep inducing, almost transient remix by Dinner Date, this one is perfect for a daydream. Lie in a field somehow, get lost, and enjoy. Thank you to Chuck from The Chuckness for bringing this to our attention via the first edition of Sunset’s “Overlooked” feature.

3. Akono Miles – Gotta Be Loved

Akono Miles recently came into the blogosphere, and his jazz infused hip hop is extremely unique. His flow and sing songy hook is both infectious and calming, and he is certainly a name to keep your eyes on going forward–the kid has some serious talent. (Posted by Arjun)

4. Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know

The Arctic Monkeys have been my jam for years. I just saw them recently at Free Press Festival (I was backstage woohoo) and they played this one live. Alex Turner and the crew always kill it, but their sound has, in some ways, transitioned from being whimsical and fun to driving and serious. One of the best contemporary rock bands in my opinion, I’m looking forward to their upcoming album. (Posted by Arjun)

5. Fjords – Observer Drift

Shouts out to Arjun for always finding music and artists that I love and have never heard of until he brings them into my world via this beautiful little thing we have here called Sunset in the Rearview. This song is a super catchy blend of folk and hip hop influenced instrumentals–definitely a must download. (Posted by Arjun)

6. Migos – Versace feat. Drake

7. Drake – Jodeci Freestyle


8. Drake – The Motion feat. Sampha


9. Party Next Door – Over Here feat. Drake

Drake kind of went ham this week, releasing a ton of new material and a couple different teasers. You can stream all 4 new tracks above–the standouts to me were Versace and the Jodeci Freestyle. Look out for Nothing Was the Same dropping September 17th. BIG year for hip hop. (Posted by Jordan)


Dream Big

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Dida – Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown [Free Download]

Sweden is not exactly known for its hip-hop scene, but it seems Michael Dida is working to change that. On his newest tape, the rapper did not create anything groundbreaking, but all 6 tracks try something new and interesting. The tape samples SITR favorites Sampha and JMSN, so you know it’s real.

Mixtape highlights: ‘Corona,’ ‘Me, My Lonesome, My Jameson,’ and ‘No Hard Feelings’

Trying to get ahead then I got a little dome


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NP #2: MNEK, BESTiE, and Thumpers

I did the first NP feature last month. Well, I didn’t know exactly what it was going to be last month. But now, I’ve decided it will be a recurring feature because it’s just a great way for me to introduce some exciting, new acts I’ve discovered during my excursions through the Internet (sorry if the word “excursions” makes you feel uncomfortable).

Hit the jump to discover who is Now Playing on my iTunes… Continue reading “NP #2: MNEK, BESTiE, and Thumpers” »

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SBTRKT & Sampha – Blue Cassette (Friendly Fires Cover)


I don’t know Sampha, but I know he’s probably an amazing human being. He probably donates so much money to charity yet still manages his money so meticulously. He probably invented snow. Sampha is perfect. His voice was hand-crafted by angel harps, and he can almost definitely play table tennis with his eyes closed. Amazing.

Honestly, I think he should be the permanent vocalist for SBTRKT. Each of their collaborations has been exceptional, and this one is, well, no exception. The cover is more soulful and subdued than the original (compare here). It features Sampha’s signature angel harp vocals. I really don’t want to stop talking about Sampha! He can make babies sing instead of cry.

The cover was performed live on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge, but really, you won’t be able to tell. Jesus was Sampha’s vocal coach.

WAIT! This is only the beginning of the SBTRKT and Friendly Fires news. As SBTRKT told Australia’s triple j, the two got a collaboration on his next album with vocals from Friendly Fires lead singer Ed Macfarlane. SBTRKT also hinted at another collaboration with Drake. So swag on that.

“As I hear your voice, it sets my heart on fire.” -Me to Sampha everyday/Sampha in this song

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Saturday at Sunset: Songs for an Actress 2

Saturday at Sunset!

This 10-song mini-mix is a convenient way to catch up on some songs I haven’t posted, hype you guys for this week’s Tape Tuesday, remind you that Saturday at Sunset is still a thing, and show off my mad photo-editing skills.

The mix is raw and personal and so blatantly about a girl. It’s perfect to not be happy to. Swag swag.



  1. Childish Gambino – Rolling in the Deep (ft. Adele & Jamie xx)
  2. Skizzy Mars – Tara
  3. Albert Hammond, Jr. – In Transit
  4. Otayo Dubb – A Lil More (ft. Bambu)
  5. Ms Mr – Ash Tree Lane
  6. Prometheus Brown and Bambu – Rashida Jones
  7. The Tough Alliance – My Hood
  8. Sampha – Indecision
  9. Marlon Roudette – The Loss
  10. Childish Gambino – These Girls (ft. Garfunkel and Oates)


Songs for an Actress 2

“We are really close, and this party’s really loud…”

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