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Live: S. Carey (100Bands Review #40)

Photo Credit: Michael Zonenashvili

What’s Left: 212 Days. 60 Bands.
Band #40: S. Carey

When/Where: December 16th, Paramount’s Black Box Theater, Boston, MA
Expectations: I was fairly certain I would fall asleep standing up.

Concert: The crowded black box theater was a nice change of pace from the regular strange acoustics of my usual haunts and the exposed brick wall was the perfect back drop for S. Carey and his three other band members. What I instantly realized was how purposeful and precise each and every note was. Every song sounded like the most meticulously crafted song. This first impression stuck with me through the rest of the short set and held me captive. Watching the band members play with such intense concentration was entertainment in its own form; they made the experience emotional. It was really such a pleasure to witness. I left with a deep appreciation for their musicianship and their music. It really put the quality of other musicians into perspective.

Highlights were when Sean Carey, someone with a performance degree in classical percussion, played a jungle drums sequence at the end of his song “Mother.” The audience ate it up. Their encore was a cover of The Notwist’s “Consequences” for which they invited Casey Dienel of White Hinterland up to sing. Her voice has a lot more too it when it isn’t distorted by echoey effects she uses in all of her music. It was a well executed and sounded delightful.

Concert Afterglow: It was easily one of the tightest performances I’ve seen all year.

Recommendation: See him; it wont be what you expect.

Song: “In The Dirt” – S. Carey

“In The Stream” – S. Carey



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In The Dirt” – S. Carey


“In The Dirt” – S. Carey

S. Carey’s debut solo album, All We Grow, just dropped on Jagjaguwar a week ago today. A further review of the entire album is in the making, but for now, sit back and enjoy the sincere beauty of this song. I feel as though I am sitting on a reclining lawn chair in a screened-in porch at a lakehouse. The sun is going down, and not a bug is in sight. If you asked me to describe a setting more perfect than this one, I will respect your request and think about it, but hardly anything will come to mind. With simply a piano, a guitar, light percussion, and a drawn-out voice that soothes, S. Carey has managed to sweep me off my feet.

As stated, more information will come with the album review, but for any curious about S. Carey’s past, just keep in mind that he works alongside Justin Vernon as part of Bon Iver.

Download “In The Dirt”

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