Ryder – Nirvana

Sometimes a track can sound like an automatic hit and you find yourself wondering, “how is this not invading the radio?!”. This time around it’s an electric pop number from Ryder, a Los Angeles based artist. “Nirvana” is a dreamy, catchy tune that’ll perfectly sit itself into your head for hours because of its undeniably addictive chorus. So what more can we really ask for? Check out the fresh pop track below.

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Ryder – Fade Away

Ryder returns to the scene with her latest release, “Fade Away,” an electronic, synth-infused track that fits perfectly with her uniquely talented vocals. There’s something mysterious about this, and that’s the appeal. Ryder takes you on a ride and you can feel the pulse of each wave that hits your ears.

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[MP3 + Lyrics] Ryder – Ruins

Ryder dropped a game changer with “Ruins.” A powerful pop ballad that will make you want to slam your foot into the ground and move your clenched fists in motions near your chest as if you were apart of a boy band. Put this one on max volume and have yourself a good night, because you deserve it.

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