[Festival Review] Outside Lands 2013

Outside Lands: That time when San Franciscans make their annual trek into the foggy depths of Golden Gate Park to tap into their inner rocker, raver or head bopper depending on the vibe they’re going for (and/or how many drinks they had the night before).

Show-stopping performances came from newcomers and veterans alike throughout the course of the weekend, but a few stood out to me as especially noteworthy. [Continue reading to get the skinny on all the best performances, songs and secrets from the weekend from guest writer Molly Murtaugh.]

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[MP3] Rudimental – Feel The Love (Woz Remix ft. Childish Gambino)

New Rudimental!

This is insanity. Woz remixed Rudimental‘s “Feel The Love” into a jarring, electro beat that has Childish Gambino jumping all over the place. Somehow it works. Like this is a dance track. Dance to it. Now. I’m dead serious.

Purchase this remix on July 30th and/or get the Gambino feature minus the remix (I think) as a bonus track on the deluxe edition of Rudimental’s debut album Home, out in the US on August 6th.

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Rudimental feat. Bipolar Sunshine – Distance


Rudimental and Sunset favorite Bipolar Sunshine have done the unthinkable…they’ve created the perfect dance jam in a matter of 24 hours for Bacardi Beginnings. It’s no easy task to create a beautiful masterpiece but they did not let us down and they only had a day to do it! “Distance” is light, fun, and will get you out of your seat to shake your bum in no time.  It’s safe to say, another collaboration from these two would be greatly appreciated.

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Introducing: John Newman

New John Newman!

I don’t know how Rudimental did it. The British DnB quartet has managed to discover some of our favorite young British vocalists. Their new album Home features Alex Clare, MNEK, and Ella Eyre, each of whom we have already raved about in previous posts. Now, enter John Newman. At first listen you will notice the 23-year-old Brit’s powerhouse vocals. Imagine Ray LaMontagne singing over a drum ‘n’ bass beat. Once you get passed the initial shock of the sheer strength of his voice, you’ll notice there is an adept songwriter behind this curtain. Look out for big things from this guy.

P.S.: For you Hoodie Allen fans out there, John Newman’s voice is the one you hear on Hoodie’s Rudimental-sampling song “Feel The Love.”

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The Five Best Dance Songs of the Week

Life is like dancing. If we have a big floor, many people will dance. Some will get angry when the rhythm changes. But life is changing all the time.

-Miguel Angel Ruiz

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Hoodie Allen – Feel The Love

I once tweeted that college was a mixed bag of retarded Skittles. I meant it. My Physics professor I just can’t understand. He’s so freaking Asian (whenever he says “zero” it sounds like he’s saying “gyro,” and I’m like that’s not Physics, that’s food). After class on my way back to my dorm, I saw the worst looking girl possible with her headphones in, singing horribly. I think she had a beard. And at lunch I ran in to the one girl my friend and I set out to avoid this one specific day due to extenuating awkward circumstances. So yeah, I don’t think retarded Skittles actually exist, but they do in college in the form of people. And even though these Skittles are weird tasting and at times, obtusely disproportional body-wise, somebody somewhere loves them. They feel the love, and when you listen to the Rudimental-sampling chorus of this song, maybe you will too.

Really though, RJF killed this beat. Five stars.

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