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The Bonnaroo 2012 Experience (Day Two, Radiohead)

I consider day two of Bonnaroo the first “real” day, as most of day one was spent picking up my wirstbands and setting up camp. Music didn’t start until 4pm and the two main stages for headliners weren’t even open.

Day two, on the other hand, was jam packed. Here’s the thing about Bonnaroo…Music. Just. Doesn’t. Stop. There’s way too much to see. You’ll legit have some sort of music to attend until about 6am (at which this point the sun has already risen and not to mention it gets sizzling by 9am, aka no more sleeping in your tent sauna.)

Prior to this, the biggest festival I had attended was Lollapalooza. Music gets cut off by 10pm there, mainly because you’re in a big city with noise ordinances. At Bonnaroo, you’re in a dusty, rural town with a typical population of around 10,000 people that swells to an enormous 100,000 during the festival weekend. So yeah, there’s no rules around this country.

The big catch of the day was of course Radiohead. I had seen Thom Yorke and company once prior at Lollapalooza in 2008, so I was worried that I had been spoiled and that their performance the second time around would seem lackluster. Nah. I was wrong.

I mean, there’s a reason these dudes have been killing it since as far back as the 80s. They evolve. Both in music production as well as performance. I’ll let the video below do most of the talking, but the entire set was more like watching a 2-hour music video. There was a camera on each member the entire time, displayed on huge flat screens hanging above them, which really let you get an “inside” scoop on the inner workings of the troupe. The lights were dazzling and the Thom Yorke was as weird as ever with his ad libbing.

Like I mentioned earlier, the strange thing about Bonnaroo is that even after your 120-minute headliner, the show goes on. I mean, after a big gun like Radiohead you kinda think to yourself, what else is there? Well on that particular night I happened to catch the likes of Major Lazer, Black Star and Flying Lotus…that’s all AFTER Radiohead. Shit.

Check out the performance of “Lotus Flower” below and enjoy the five-track playlist made up of acts I saw on Day Two.


Rodrigo y Gabriela – Hanuman

Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place

Major Lazer – Hold The Line feat. Mr. Lexx & Santigold

Black Star – Definition

Flying Lotus – A Milli (Remix)

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