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[Mixtape] Pusha T – Wrath of Caine

This that shit that y’all wanted  //   This shit cook up hard, don’t it?
Y’all gotta beg my pardon on it  // But this shit sound like God don’t it?

So I’ve posted a ton of Pusha T recently, he’s been everywhere leading up to this release. Finally, we have the much anticipated Wrath of Caine. My fandom of Pusha obviously revolves around his adlib “yuuuchk,” but I also love how ferocious he sounds when he spits. An angry individual.

The intro is prime. I wish I could speak with a badass Jamaican accent, don’t we all? There’s a lot of big features on here, including Rick Ross the Big Boss who, just this morning, crashed his Rolls Royce into a building while being shot at. Happy birthday, Richard!

Millions is definitely a standout track on the tape, and both he and Ross go in on it.

Blocka is another standout to me, produced by Chicago’s Young Chop, best known for his work with Chief Keef.

Pusha really put a lot of great elements together on this effort, and a lot of the producers and features on the mixtape are awesome–the only significant exception to that would French Montana who I think is pretty damn abysmal. I also loved seeing Harry Fraud production on here–he just released a really, really dope LP with Curren$y that ought to be played on the regular. Neptunes is also a huge plus, as always.

Overall, Wrath of Caine is a huge success in my book. As Pusha points out, he’ll never sell as many records as some other popular artists, but I truly think he’s one of the best in the game right now. He’s also one of the few rappers out there who really, really impress me every time I see footage of him live. He just wants it more.

“All Praise to the Most High,” King Push.


Dream Big

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Nas – Accident Murderers (ft. Rick Ross)

Nas Rick Ross Accident Murderers

I tweeted the other day that if Rick Ross was a dog (which, let’s be honest…he might be), I’d want him as a pet. I was questioned, but I stand by my statement. When you get jealous that my dog has titty tats of U.S. Presidents’ faces, I’ll remind you that you doubted me.

New joint from Nas and Ricky Ross. Both gentlemen go in. Beautiful bedtime lullaby for me tonight.

MP3: “Accident Murderers” (ft. Rick Ross) – Nas

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French Montana – Pop That (ft. Rick Ross, Drake, & Lil Wayne)

French Montana (and hopefully his bear hat, too) just dropped the lead single to his debut album Pardon My French. The star-studded track is definitely a contender for summer anthem as of right now, and I’ve found out that I can stand Lil Wayne as long as he keeps on his ign’ant grind. Will update once the CDQ/tagless version drops, S/O to Illroots for the find.

UPDATE: No tags, waddup

MP3: French Montana – Pop That (ft. Rick Ross, Drake, & Lil Wayne) (No Tags)

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[Mashup Mixtape] Rick Ross X Bruce Springsteen – Boss vs Boss

Our good friends over at P&P sponsored this awesome new mashup mixtape from Jonathon Lee that features two of my favorite bawses. The Big Boss Rick Ross lyrics thrown over the original Boss, Bruce Springsteen? Unbeatable. Jonathon Lee recreates instrumentals combining his own beats and the original instrumentation from Springsteen’s classics “Born to Run,” “Streets of Philadelphia,” “Blood Brothers,” “Secret Garden,” “Murder Incorporated” and “Atlantic City.”

Bruce is one of my all time favorite artists, and I’ve got to give kudos to Lee for using the tracks he did, especially “Streets of Philadelphia” and “Atlantic City.” Something about hearing Ross rap over Clarence Clemons’ beautiful sax is just perfect.

Kinda wish he had sampled “Jungleland,” but an all around awesome concept has been incredibly well executed by Jonathon Lee–I haven’t liked a mashup in a long, long time, but Lee’s cemented the genre as dope and legitimate, if done correctly.

Download “Boss vs Boss”


Dream Big

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[Video] Rick Ross – Yella Diamonds

Bawse. Rugged.


Dream Big

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Wale – Ambition (ft. Meek Mill & Rick Ross) [MP3 + Lyrics]


I haven’t been too big of a fan of a Wale song in quite a while, to be perfectly honest. But this song right here sounds like the original Wale that I really fell hard for. Of course it’s got the piano in the production, so that’s an automatic plus, but Wale, Meek Mill and Rick Ross all go hard and keep the hip hop honest. I’m definitely giving this a high rating in my iTunes. (Also, you have to love the Rick Ross bark.)

Hit the jump for the lyrics.

MP3: “Ambition” (ft. Meek Mill & Rick Ross) – Wale

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[3 New Tracks] Drake – Club Paradise, Round of Applause, & Free Spirit

Some new Drizzy tunage for your listening pleasures! Club Paradise was recorded during the Take Care seessions, his sophomore album. It is unknown if this will make the final cut or not, but nonetheless, he’s still stepping it up. Peep it!

Side note: Produced by 40. Surprise, surprise! And rumor has it he’s dropping more songs tonight, so be on the lookout for this post to be updated.

Hulkshare: Drake – Club Paradise

*UPDATE* Those two tracks I was talking about are here! Drake’s L-Card (Lex Luger virginity) has been officially taken and Free Spirit is niiiiiiiiiiiiice! *insert loso voice*

Hulkshare: Drake ft. Waka Flocka – Round of Applause

Hulkshare: Drake ft. Rick Ross – Free Spirit

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Complex Presents: The Rick Ross Soundboard

Well this is just fucking fantastic. First Complex gives us the epic Charlie Sheen soundboard, and now we get the majestic Rick Ross soundboard.  UGHHHHNNNNN

Twitter || D Prep

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Pusha T – Fear Of God (Mixtape)

Pusha T Fear of God

Pusha T is one of my favorite new signs by Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music. He dropped his mixtape yesterday. It goes harrrrrrd. Features the likes of 50, Rick Ross, Kanye, and more. Turn you bass up, crank the volume. Be prepared to blow your speakers. If you get a knock on your door with a noise complaint, open the door, kick the dude in the balls, and keep bumping. Credit to P&P.

“Feeling Myself” (ft. Kevin Cossom) – Pusha T

“I Still Wanna Rock” (ft. Rick Ross & Ab-Liva) – Pusha T

Download Fear of God

Pusha T mixtape


Download Fear of God

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Kanye West ft. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, & Bon Iver – Monster


“Monster” – Kanye West ft. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, & Bon Iver

I’m sure if many of yall are avid music blog followers, you may have already heard this one. But since I’m not typically able to be the first to post a popular song given the fact that I have a day job, here’s for those of you who haven’t heard it yet. Or who maybe just wanted my opinion on it 🙂 Nah, I’m not that arrogant.

But for real. Wait one second. Kanye West said he was cooking up some heat with Bon Iver, but I did not know he meant this sort of heat! This is crazy! Are you familiar with Bon Iver? Here’s a link to what might be my favorite song of his. Please, do yourself a favor and listen to that song for a second. Okay, you good? You listened? Alright, now let’s get back to this “Monster” track. Where in the WORLD did this come from?

Must say, when I first heard the beat, I thought…mmhm, this sounds JUST like a beat that Nikki Minaj would be on. But then came her verse. And Good Lawd Almighty, I was blown away! I mean, GIRL! If you’re reading this, let me just say, I am sorry. Perhaps I underestimated you. I had good expectations, but your performance blew those out of the water! Moreover, Nickigirl, the things you do with that voice of yours never cease to amaze me-keep doing your thing-I’ll keep listening. And crushing.

As for the other verses? Fine. Good, I suppose. But nothing like my girl Nicki’s. She wins this one.

Download “Monster”

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Ryan Leslie and Rick Ross – Maybachs and Diamonds


Ryan Leslie and Rick Ross collaborating to produce “Maybachs and Diamonds.” I just love watching Ryan Leslie at work-he’s brilliant. His talent is out of this world.

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