[Sunset Mixtape] Goodbye Summer: One Last Go

You may be currently sipping a cocktail in the backyard and tanning your skin away, but we all know the inevitable is coming — the end of summer. I know, it burns our ears too, but let’s not forget all the good times basking in the sun quite yet. We’ve compiled the perfect playlist for your last minute BBQs and days at the park. There are songs literally about summer (Kate Nash), songs that just make you want to get down at the labor day party (Roy Woods, Mac Miller), and some tracks that are simply light and catchy (Big Baby D.R.A.M., Kali Uchis) for those “windows down” car rides. Before you kiss the sun and warmth goodbye, take this playlist for a spin and just live in the summer moment.

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Refs – Turn Around

It’s safe to say we haven’t heard from Refs in awhile, they came to reel us in with their debut track “Pain Goes Away” and then disappeared into oblivion (pretty cruel, if you ask us). Luckily, they’ve come out of hiding and are back with a bang. “Turn Around” is their new tune and it’s an absolute pop gem. It’s one of those tracks that will stay in your head after 1 or 2 listens, so approach with caution. It’s completely catchy and has us ready for what’s next. Let’s hope it’s not another year until we hear more from Refs, for now check out “Turn Around” below.

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Refs – Pain Goes Away

There’s something magically beautiful about artists uploading their first soundcloud tracks. It’s one track that can get the attention of music lovers and swirl into a storm of attention. It’s all about being a hit or a miss, in this case Refs are hitting the mark in all the right ways. “Pain Goes Away” has a chill vibe yet doesn’t fall short of being incredibly catchy. There’s a hint of soul, indie, and it blends into the perfect debut tune. For fans of Chet Faker, this track will be a true pleaser.  Check out the gem below and keep an eye out for this great new artist.

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