Best New Songs of September 2016

September was scorching! While we tend to cater our Best of The Month playlist towards what’s available for free on SoundCloud, there was a plethora of phenomenal music that dropped this month. We’re talking the likes of Bon Iver, St. Paul and The Broken Bones, Francis and The Lights, Solange, Danny Brown, Travis Scott, Mac Miller, and Young Thug (last few days of August). So fire up your Spotify, or Apple Music (or Tidal I guess), and check out those albums. In the meantime, peep out these glorious 17 tracks below!
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Best Songs of 2016 (So Far)

We’ve officially reached the halfway point of 2016. We’ve heard from Chance The Rapper, Drake, Kanye West, Rihanna, and plenty more. However, we still have yet to hear from Frank Ocean. This upsets me, but we’re getting close. He teased his release a few days ago. In the meantime, the SunsetFam has put together one hell of a playlist for you to vibe out to with our favorite cuts (so far). Follow the playlist on Spotify, and we can’t wait to let you know our favorites from 2016 in December!

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Boy – Wait (ft. Indica)

Enigmatic Providence rapper Boy has been quietly building up a solid discography of dark, atmospheric hip-hop, and he’s back with one final single before the year wraps up. With a sing-song flow and a nice melodic ear, he’s similar to versatile MCs like Tunji Ige and Tory Lanez.

“Wait” is moody and brisk, with Boy’s voice filtered to sound even more distant and detached. Chad Desjarlais provides the production, and the synth-centric beat serves as a nice compliment to Boy’s delivery. It particularly kicks into gear on the woozy outro, which sounds like vintage OVO.

As a bonus, Boy also released an extended Desjarlais remix, which features some different quirks and harsher industrial tones to give “Wait” a new dimension.

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[Download] Little Simz – Age 101: Drop X

Little Simz is a game-changing talent with tremendous lyrical skill and a real knack for crafting knockout songs. Her star rose considerably in 2015, so it’s fitting that she ends the year by giving us one last inimitable dose of soulful, introspective hip-hop with her surprise new EP Age 101: Drop X.

Simz’s style and understated delivery mirror heady TDE MCs like Kendrick Lamar and Isaiah Rashad (who appears on “Just a Dose”).  She’s not actively trying to impress you with her skills on the mic, but it’s impossible to listen to even a few tracks without realizing she has something special.

The entire project is stellar, but Mick Jenkins collaboration “Sea Level” and the melancholy “Interlude” reach particularly incredible heights.

The Londoner has been one of rap’s best kept secrets over the past few years, and she’s unwilling to delve into real, complicated topics in a way that’s honest, refreshing and real. Rap needs Little Simz.

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Best New Songs of October 2015

If you’re reading this, it’s not too late. Halloweekend is winding down, and we set back our clocks an hour today. Plus, on top of that, I got this playlist for you that you’ll love filled with vets, such as, Chance The Rapper, Kygo, Skizzy Mars, and new comers with Kamau, Stephen, & Feki. Check out the playlist below, and let us know what your favorites are!

Download Best New Songs of October Here

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Trapo – Kill the Robots

Milwaukee MC Trapo

You’re undoubtedly tired of your 50-year-old parents telling you about the ills of technology and social media, but Milwaukee MC Trapo has a much different – and more interesting – way of getting his point across.

The teenage rap wunderkind’s latest single “Kill the Robots,” is a trap-tinged warning about what constant screen watching is doing to the youth that manages to be both spacey and soulful.

Trapo’s gruff, melodic bars have drawn comparisons to Future, which while not unwarranted, does somewhat undersell his lyrical ability.

“I can read the signs, I seen how my generation suffers from a filter full of lights/And that just isn’t right,” he spits, before imploring you to delete your Instagram.

Trapo manages to straddle the line between conscious and raucous in a way reminiscent of Sunset favorites Hurt Everybody. That is to say, he’s making hip-hop which is enjoyable on both an intellectual and emotional level.

“Kill the Robots” is yet another impressive notch in the young rapper’s belt, and you should be sure to check the track out so you can get in on the ground floor of his rise.

After that, maybe go play outside for a while.

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Chip – My Bruddaz (Feat. Wiley & Frisco)

London rapper Chip has been lighting it up since he was 16 years old, and if his new release, “My Bruddaz”, is any indicator, he still finds sport in reminding us grime fans that he’s got every bit as much talent (if not more) that he had on that famous Westwood freestyle eight years ago. Just don’t ask him where Ice kid is at. He’s not his secretary.

Chip comes out the gate strong with some classic Chip bravado and lyricism before handing off the mic to a couple of perfectly-pitched innings from Wiley and Frisco. The track comes together as an undeniable flex of grime muscles from the trio.

Check out “My Bruddaz” right here:

“My Bruddaz” is the perfect song for that weekend night drive with your friends to your favorite spot, or just driving in general, really.

Kyle Copier

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Best New Songs of January 2015

If you haven’t checked out our Best of 2014, you’re missing out on something special! With 2014 ending on a strong note, 2015 takes off right where 2014 left off as the writers at Sunset present you with our top picks from January! SoundCloud & download link below.

Shout out to Skizzy Mars and his new project releasing yesterday! Get it here.

Download Best of January 2015

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Sunset In The Rearview’s Best Songs of 2014

We are only three days away from a brand new year. Crazy. How you spent your 2014 is on you, but I can tell you the music scene in 2014 was quite successful. This is by far my favorite post of the year and I’m glad I can share it with all of you. The writers over here at SITR were very high on some artists this year, and it shows in this playlist. Artists such as BANKS, Childish Gambino, Chance The Rapper, Skizzy Mars, G-Eazy, Kevin Abstract, Milky Chance, Sam Smith, Zhu, and Young The Giant have multiple appearances while Skizzy Mars has the most. Safe to say 2015 is Skizzy’s for the taking? I know I’m most looking forward to him and Chance (he had a relatively quiet year) the most!

Here’s how we did the playlist this year:

  • There’s a Spotify and Sound Cloud playlist
  • Not all of the songs are on Sound Cloud
  • Not all of the songs are on Spotify
  • The following download links below are the tracks that aren’t on Spotify so you can upload them in your Spotify with ease
  • Part 1 contains tracks 1-34 while part 2 contains tracks 35-69
  • The Leftovers Track List: 1-26, 27-52, 53-69
  • Hit the jump for the playlists

The Leftovers Part 1 Download | The Leftovers Part 2 Download

Continue reading “Sunset In The Rearview’s Best Songs of 2014” »

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Best of July 2014

Man, oh man was July a hot month for music! I’ve talked with several of our writers and we all agree: this was one hard month to pick songs for! Fortunately for you and me, we did it. 23 songs put together in a convenient playlist, ranging from a bunch of different genres. Happy August everyone!

Download Best of July 2014

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[Download] Wildflower: The 4.20 Mixtape

The high holidaze is almost here isn’t it? What’s it called again? Ah, yes! Easter. So one year later we get to celebrate Easter on this lazy Sunday and celebrate the only way we know how to: by listening to music, eating anything in sight, hanging with friends, and uhhh, celebrating Easter! Last year’s mix was nuts, but this year? This shit right here? The best Easter music you’ll find on the internet. Just remember one thing for me: when you play the game of thrones, you win or you lose. So if you lose, you tell the god of death “not today, but stay and get high.”

Stay beautiful my friends.

Download Wildflower

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Best of March 2014

Usually what happens is I give you somewhere between 15-20 songs that I liked throughout the month. That’s boring, isn’t it? Why do that when we have amazing writers on here with such great tastes? Why not expose you to all of us from now on? We do this every year in December, but why not all the other months? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to do. All you need to know is that from now on, we’re asking each writer to give us their top 3 songs from the month, and as a result, we probably have my favorite month ever doing this. The results were nothing short of perfect.

Download Best of March 2014

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