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Big Sean, Pusha T, & 2 Chainz – Mercy (Live At Hot97 Summer Jam)

So Big, Push, and 2 Chainz took the stage together at Hot97 Summer Jam to perform their hit “Mercy.” Damn, I wish I had been there. Mercy’s easily one of my favorite jams right now.

What surprised me about this, though, is how Sean was completely put to shame, at least in my mind, by Pusha and 2 Chainz. Sean seems awkward, forced, and robotic up there–he barely seems into the performance. Pusha and Chainz, on the other hand, really seem to be giving it their all, and that comes through in their performance.

Pusha, especially, unloads on this. Overall really solid performance, its unfortunate Kanye wasn’t able to attend but he was in Paris performing Niggas in Paris over, and over, and over…….and over again.

Truuuuuuuueeeee! Swirv.


Dream Big

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Pusha T – Exodus 23:1

This is a very controversial release from Pusha T, and I love it.

This is rumored to be a Drake diss. This wouldn’t be the first time he went after Drake. Not sure that there is a clear, definitive line directed towards Drake, but what do I know. I do know that Lil Wayne is standing up for Drake (or someone) and did not take to kindly to this release.

I actually want to take you through OnCue’s thought process on this. This what I love about music. Read below.

Maybe Pusha’s going at The Weeknd? I doubt it, but still, clever on Cuey’s part! My thoughts are that this is towards Drake, Lil Wayne’s pissed, and The-Dream on the chorus is just because he has a great voice.

Pusha is the man. YMCMB sucks. Lil Wayne sucks. Drake is still a boss, though. I still feel like YMCMB is holding Drake back from making a classic album.

Peep it for yourself and let us know what you think! Oh, and this is supposedly a leak off of “Cruel Summer,” GOOD Music’s collaborative album…do you think this affects Kanye’s crews relationship with Weezy’s? Keep in mind that Big Sean, Drake, Kanye, Weezy, etc… have all worked together at some point.

“You signed to one n*gga, that’s signed to another n*gga, thats signed to three n*ggas, now that’s bad luck.”

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Chief Keef ft. Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T & Jadakiss – I Don’t Like Remix

About an hour ago, the radio rip of this surfaced. An hour after that, we have the CDQ/Explicit version of G.O.O.D musics remix to Chief Keef’s song, I Don’t Like. This was an odd song to begin with, so what does everyone think now that G.O.O.D music put its hands on it???

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Kanye West ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz – Mercy


Good Fridays are back.

This dropped on Friday, but because of the holiday weekend, I forgot about posting. Whoops! #LatePass

Big Sean > Kanye > 2 Chainz > Pusha in terms of who I thought had the better verse. Pusha wasn’t even that bad, but Big Sean, ‘Ye, and 2 CHAINNNNNZZZZ came to play.

White girls politican/That’s that Sarah Palin/Gettin high/Californication/I give her that D/Cause that’s where I was born and raised in.

Lambo/Mercy-lago/She go wherever I go/Wherever we go we do it pronto

I’m drunk and high at the same time/Drinkin’ champagne on the airplane.

Looks like I can’t go out on Fridays anymore until the Good Friday joint drops…just like old times and I’m not complaining!

Kanye West ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz – Mercy

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Pusha T – Amen (ft. Kanye West and Young Jeezy)

Pusha T - Fear of God II

You gotta Love and Basketball this Pusha T track off the album Fear of God II, out 11/8/11.

MP3: “Amen” (ft. Kanye West and Young Jeezy) – Pusha T

At one point Kanye says he’s “colder than an elf on a sleigh.” Just in time for the Winter season, Kanye comes through with the perfect poignant metaphor to gave me anticipatory shivers for the end of 2011. Bring on the album, bring on the elves, bring on layaway season at Walmart! Amen!

Pusha T | Twitter | Website | Album Preview

Source: Above the Fold

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Pusha T ft. Kanye West & Young Jeezy – Amen (No Tags)

Ah, yes! The collaboration that’s most highly anticipated off of Pusha’s Fear of God 2 EP. And no tags! If you recognize the beat, it’s because Jeezy had an unreleased/unfinished joint called Amen awhile back. Looks like it found a home.

Who had the best verse? Pusha, Ye, or Jeezy? Enjoy!

Pusha T ft. Kanye West & Young Jeezy – Amen (No Tags)

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[Video] Pusha T ft. Tyler, The Creator – Trouble On My Mind

Golf. Wang. Wolf. Gang.
The visuals for one of my favorite songs to hit the net this month has been unleashed to the internet masses! It doesn’t disappoint, and the reason for that is because, well, it’s, uh, Tyler, The Creator. He’s a just a strange mothafucka, but I really can’t get enough of him. He makes the song even though Pusha does his damn thing too. I included the behind the scenes video as well because it’s funny as shit in my opinion.

My question is though, how much input did Tyler have on this video? Because we all know he can direct.

In other related news, “Yonkers” video is in the run for MTV Music Video of the Year. Go vote for him, because he spazzzzzed out on Twitter if he loses to Bruno Mars. He actually spazzed out on Twitter just for being nominated. I really do give this man props for what he’s become and he’s done it the way he wanted to, which is everyone’s dream. He didn’t have a label (Atlantic you devil of a label) telling him what to do.

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Pusha T ft. Tyler, The Creator – Trouble On My Mind

Wow. This song is perfect. Seriously, it’s perfect. I’m a fan of Pusha as well as Odd Future. But you have to be a fan of Tyler otherwise this song won’t appeal to you. But I absolutely love it! Pusha said it best near the end of the song…

“This is for the critics, who doubted the chemistry. Two different worlds, same symmetry.”

“Pardon my french. I’m going hard as my dick. I envision my tip on the crust of bitch lips. Mr. Lipschitz has been trippin since I mentioned Reptar. Triceratops, dinosaur dick.”

“I’m a fuckin’ walkin’ paradox and a really shitty rapper in my favorite pair of sox.”

^^Those are just my favorite Tyler line.

Pusha T ft. Tyler, The Creator – Trouble On My Mind

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Lovely – John West Feat. Pusha T

Lovely – John West Feat. Pusha T

Dirty money?

Got a vault of it.

Wow, I wish I could sing like this. This is another one that I’m late on, it dropped a while ago, but I wanted to post it anyway. First heard it when my girl Becky posted it over on GMAD so shouts to them.

Anyway, I’m a closeted fan of R&B. Not exactly something I’d blast hanging with the bros or at a party, but I definitely groove to some of it. Basically what I’m telling you is that I’m not gay, but I do like to boogie to some Marvin.

This is an awesome collaboration. Never listened to John West before but I’m definitely going to go back in his archives, and I’ll be anxiously awaiting new material from him. Crazy talented voice.

Pusha T is on point as always. Dude’s just a boss. Period.

Tryna get my mind right

Jugglin’ my time right

Weekend getaways

Duckin’ out the limelight

Download “Lovely”

John West || Facebook || Twitter

Dream Big

D Prep || Twitter

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XV – Awesome (ft. Pusha T) (Zero Heroes Mixtape)

I think Friday at Five needs to be renamed – something like Friday Fun Shit. No, that doesn’t roll off the tongue, does it? Will yall throw some ideas at me? The issue is that the song never seems to go up at 5, even though that’s supposed to be a whole ‘ooooh! You’re off work! Party time!’ concept. Meh, most of you probably don’t even work yet, do you? Alright, well…hit me up with some ideas.

Anyway, this is another thing that’s been out for a bit (released 4/15), but Sunset was down when it dropped. But it’s not fair to jump over this mixtape, because just like this song, it is absolutely awesome. XV is one of my favorites. I’ve loved his music for a couple years now, and the progress he’s made as a lyricist and even more than that, a full-blown artist, is astounding. The songs on this mixtape are full, substantial, and also have some incredible features (J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Pusha T, CyHi Da Prynce, to name a few). I mean…those are names that Kanye has on his tracklist, too. See where I’m going?

Here’s a fun track for the weekend. Yall have fun plans? It’s my birthday on Sunday – should be a fun one 🙂

“Awesome” (ft. Pusha T) – XV | Download

Download Zero Heroes [MIXTAPE]

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Pusha T – Fear Of God (Mixtape)

Pusha T Fear of God

Pusha T is one of my favorite new signs by Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music. He dropped his mixtape yesterday. It goes harrrrrrd. Features the likes of 50, Rick Ross, Kanye, and more. Turn you bass up, crank the volume. Be prepared to blow your speakers. If you get a knock on your door with a noise complaint, open the door, kick the dude in the balls, and keep bumping. Credit to P&P.

“Feeling Myself” (ft. Kevin Cossom) – Pusha T

“I Still Wanna Rock” (ft. Rick Ross & Ab-Liva) – Pusha T

Download Fear of God

Pusha T mixtape


Download Fear of God

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Friday at Five!

It is Friday at Five and that means the weekend has officially arrived. For many there will be no cares for three days and two nights. Monday is far away and the only thing on their mind is the lights that will blind their eyes as they dance their cares away. Here is Kanye West, a favorite of many and the topic of discussion of even more, accompanied by Common, Pusha T, Kid Cudi, and Big Sean. Yes it is Friday at Five and damn is it G.O.O.D.

“G.O.O.D. Friday” – Kanye West Ft. Common, Pusha T, Kid Cudi, Charlie Wilson, and Big Sean | Download

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