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Purity Ring – Asido

Purity Ring Asido Cover Art

Their classic synth-pop sound shines through alongside emblematic lyrics in Purity Ring‘s new track “Asido”. The Canadian duo released the song on the fifth anniversary of their debut album Shrines. Megan James and Corin Roddick have been relatively quiet since the 2015  release of their sophomore album Another Eternity, only releasing a few remixes until now.

Though the single is expected to be the first from their third album we may not be seeing it any time too soon. Megan and Corin took to Instagram to tell fans, “As we work at our own pace on the third Purity Ring album, we wanted to celebrate with all of you this monument in time. And so, we share with you asido, a parable that holds nothing before and nothing after.”

Check it out below.


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Purity Ring – Bodyache

Drink it in, friends…this is the last time you’re going to hear Purity Ring‘s “Bodyache” with pure ears. I’m not betting recklessly when I say most of Another Eternity, their second LP on 4AD, will get broken down into several million club remixes, another million chopped and screwed reimaginings once the stems leak, and an almost unfathomable amount of covers and cyphers in the coming months.

But “Bodyache” has the makings of being the one, the closest Purity Ring will get to mainstream accolades without sacrificing their trap-pop sound and goth kid lyrical chemistry. Fans of Shrines might cry the forces of pop evils finally took young Corin Roddick and Megan James’ souls, but I don’t think anyone that knows they’re about to become pop stars would sing a line like, “I wanna stare at the tears, how they water your years” with any sincerity.

My guiltiest pleasure of 2015, Another Eternity, is out worldwide today and will likely take over several countries with brute force by early tomorrow.

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[MP3] Angel Haze Raps Over Purity Ring’s Lofticries

The young troublemaker Angel Haze just grabbed a sample from Purity Ring‘s “Lofticries,” spat some bars on top of it, and made a fucking jam. It seems to be missing a verse or two at the end, but the first verse she put on there was all I ever wanted to sound like back when I was an aspiring rapper, nawmean?

You should run cuz I’m on your heels, yo
You should run cuz I’m on that pill flow
That super fuckin real flow
That break a bitch neck back, bend her fuckin chest back, stomp her with her heel flow

Angel Haze is working on finalizing her Universal Republic debut Dirty Gold. Shout out to Purity Ring, tho.

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Purity Ring ft. Danny Brown – Belispeak II

Purity Ring & Danny Brown collab for this cool-funky-EDM-ish track, Belispeak II.

In all honesty, some people may not like this sound. It’s different, but different is good. I’d rather listen to different music than that poopy music we call the radio.

My obsession for Danny Brown (please click) grows and grows with each track.

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Jaden Smith – The Cool Cafe: Cool Tape Vol. 1 [Free Download]

I didn’t want to be this guy. But I have this thing where I’ll post something if I enjoy it and see potential in it. That’s what happened earlier today when I half-jokingly pressed play on The Cool Cafe: Cool Tape Vol. 1 by Will Smith’s 14-year-old son… I liked it.

Let me set a few things straight before you do that thing where you scoff, roll your eyes, and skip on to the next post. I don’t like every song on this tape. But a lot of the songs are good if you just listen to them with an open mind. Sure, much of the tape is spent finding a definite voice (there are moments of full-on Drake impressions), but can we just remember that this is a mixtape by a 14-year-old kid? The lyrics aren’t bad (I’d be surprised if he wrote them all himself), and the beat selection is spot on. Whoever decided young Jaden should rap over Purity Ring and “cover” SBTRKT is really smart. Blogs eat that shit up. Um, y’all was that meta?


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The Hood Internet – Pesobedear (A$AP Rocky x Purity Ring)

Damn. I know I post a lot of The Hood Internet, but I think they really outdid themselves this time. By throwing Purity Ring and A$AP Rocky into a blender, the Chicago based mashup duo cooked  up something much weirder this time around–but awesome nonetheless. This one takes bars from That Pretty Motherfucka’s cult hit “Peso” and lays them over Purity Ring’s “Obedear.” Swoop!

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