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The Five Best Dance Songs of the Week

It’s Lollapalooza weekend here in Chicago, so I’m gonna keep it short and sweet as I prep to go cover the festival for you guys. Whether you’re here in The Second City having widespread dance offs to the likes of Avicii, Nero, Madeon, Kaskade and others, or alone in your apartment kitchen, here are the best songs to get down to from this week.

1. Adventure Club Debstep – Retro City

2. ZZ Ward – Criminal ft. Freddie Gibbs (Com Truise Remix)

3. USHER – Climax (dave sitek remix)

4. Pretty Lights – You Get High

5. Azealia Banks – LUXURY

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Five Best Dance Songs of the Week

It’s been a wild week, hasn’t it? I mean, there you were on Monday–still recovering from your Saturday night escapades–when you realized it was time to celebrate this great country’s birthday the very next night (sorry international audience.) Why did the calendar gods choose to put the Fourth of July on a Wednesday? That was rhetorical, but my point is that it’s Friday once again and I know you know what that means.

That’s absolutely right. It’s time for everybody to get down and shake their respective moneymakers. Yes, I know you’re tired because we’re about to embark on our third weekend in the past 7 days, but you know what the kids say these days. YOU DON’T GET TO DIE TWICE. #YDGTDT.

Shout out to Chris Herman who submitted some of his dance jam favs on the Sunset Facebook page. You made number five my friend!

1. Viceroy – Chase Us Around feat. Madi Diaz

2. Peter & The Magician – Memory (POINDEXTER Remix)

3. Jessie Ware – Wildest Moments (Star Slinger Remix)

4. Pretty Lights – We Must Go On

5. The Cataracs – All You (Feat. Waka Flocka) (Clinton Sparks Awesome Remix)

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Friday at Five [Weekend Music]

New Friday at Five!

It’s super cray that January is almost over. I guess time waits for no man (or woman), right? At least we’re that much closer to the Spring. I don’t have much to say this Friday, as I really don’t have any big plans for the weekend. What’s everybody up to? What do you guys typically do when the school/work week is over (besides listen to these jams)? I wanna know!

1. “Heartbeat (Treasure Fingers Remix)” – Childish Gambino

2. “Silence” – KillaGraham

3. “On’n’on (Rick Rubin Remix)” – Justice

4. “Ray Charles (Skeet Skeet Moombahton Remix)”- Chiddy Bang

5. “We Must Go On” – Pretty Lights

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Friday At Five [Weekend Music]

Friday at Five

EDIT: For some reason this never published at the right time, but here’s your FAF, a day late

I’m super excited guys. The NBA is officially back tonight. Okay, it’s just preseason, but the fact that I’m not already watching my team makes every game that much sweeter. And you’ll see that I dedicated the first FAF song to this celebratory occasion. What’s errbody up to this weekend? #TGIFAF

1. “NYE Chicago Bulls Intro (Remix)” – Pretty Lights

Pretty Lights – NYE Chicago Bulls Intro Remix by prettylights

In anticipation of the renewed and upcoming NBA season, I wanted to spread some Luvabulls with you. Pretty Lights dropped this live to ring in 2011 just about a year ago, and Congress Theater in Chitown went almonds to say the least. Yeah, I’m a Bulls fan, but you don’t have to be one to appreciate this NBA jam.

2. “I.D.G.A.F.O.S.” – Dillon Francis

Dillon Francis – I.D.G.A.F.O.S. by DILLONFRANCIS

La-La Land native Dillon Francis is one of Mad Decent’s best. Diplo sure knows how to pick ’em, eh?

3. “Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki Remix)” – Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi – Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki Remix) by steveaoki

This is probably my all time favorite remix of Cudder. I got a chance to catch this song live when Aoki threw down in Madtown last year. It was a riot. There was champagne everywhere, crowd surfing via inflatable rafts and a lot of fucking sweat.

4. “This Plane (Viceroy Jet Life Remix)” – Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa – This Plane (Viceroy Jet Life Remix) by VICEROY

Maaan. What ever happened to the Kush and Orange Juice Wiz? You know, before he dyed a patch of his hair blonde and started messing around with Yeezy-taught Amber rose?  I miss that dude. The least we can do now is enjoy his remixes I suppose. Taylor Gang or…

5. “A Real Hero (feat. Electric Youth)” – College

College feat. Electric Youth – A Real Hero by College

Save this one for Sunday morning, it’s got that type of vibe. Much of the appeal I got from watching Drive–whom a lot consider to be the year’s best flick–was from the soundtrack, and this was used prominently throughout the film. Enjoy some synth pop magic while getting flashbacks of Ryan Gosling stomping a dude’s head in.

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5 & a Dime – June is Soon

5 & a Dime – June is Soon

5 & a Dime’s back at it, killing it per usual. This one samples a few bangers, including Flux Pavillion’s WOMPER “Bass Cannon”, “King Kong” by Bare and Datsik, the absurdly outrageous “I Know the Truth” by Pretty Lights, and the “Look at Me Now” verses from Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes.

Turn the subs up and let this one blast.

Download “June is Soon”

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Pretty Lights – I Know The Truth

Daaayum. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve heard from our boy Derek Vincent Smith, aka electro beatsmith Pretty Lights. “I Know The Truth” first dropped at this year’s Bonnaroo, then officially sometime back in September. But, since PL just uploaded this officially to his SoundCloud, I thought I’d resurrect the jam. Bang.

Pretty Lights – I Know The Truth by prettylights

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Pretty Lights – Country Roads

Pretty Lights just dropped this smooth, country-sampling gem hours ago via his SoundCloud (did he just invent country dubstep?) The original song is the late John Denver’s ode to West Virginia of the same name. Apparently he made this joint because kids were requesting it on his Facebook page. That’s damn good customer service.

MP3: “Country Roads” – Pretty Lights

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Pretty Lights – Summertime

What up Sunsetters? My name’s Dusty and I’m a new addition to SITR. For now, I’ll be helping out Lydia by keeping you fresh on music while she’s on vacay, and also hopefully writing some longer columns in the future.

Derek Vincent Smith, aka Pretty Lights, dropped this feel good, windows down jam a couple weeks back featuring samples from EIGHT different songs about the summer. Can you name ’em all?

MP3: “Summertime” – Pretty Lights

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Sunset in the Rearview Weekly Feature: Womp Womp Wednesdays

So yesterday, Mike asked Lydia and I if we’ve heard the unreleased Pretty Lights remixes over in the chatbox, which they released as a bundle just the other day in “Unreleased 2010 Remixes,” which you can snag from the Pretty Lights Website. I could go on about how dope these are, but that’s blatant, so I’ll just talk about my four favorites. Which, by the way, was extremely hard to choose, because these are all absolutely filthy. Enjoy.

1. NYE Chicago Bulls Intro Remix – Pretty Lights

NYE Chicago Bulls Intro [Remix]- Pretty Lights by bigosmusic

So Pretty Lights did two shows in Chicago, one on January 30th and one on January 31st. They created this track specifically for those shows, and let me tell you, as a Chicago native, that’s pretty damn cool. This is a remix of the opening song the Bulls play before their games. It was beyond dope to hear this live, when people recognized it they went BANANAS. For real. People went bananas. Opening track potential for my future sets.

NYE Chicago Bulls Intro [Remix]- Pretty Lights

2. Pink Floyd Time Remix – Pretty Lights

This is absolutely, absurdly ridiculous. The fact that Derek Vincent Smith could create such a womper, while still keeping guitar, bass, and vocal stems from Pink Floyd’s original masterpiece, is unfathomable to me. I usually hate remixes of classics, but I absolutely love this.

Pink Floyd Time [Remix]- Pretty Lights

3. Kanye West All of the Lights Remix – Pretty Lights

I have to give myself credit for this-as soon as I first heard Kanye’s ‘All of the Lights,’ I knew there was going to be an insanely dope dubstep remix. I was certain of it. Well, Pretty Lights delivered just that. Keeping the synths from the original and a lot of the original vocals and adding some ridiculous womp to it, this one is filthy. I love the wobbles on it.

All Of The Lights Kanye West Remix – Pretty Lights

4. Jay Z Empire State of Mind Remix – Pretty Lights

I went to the Pretty Lights show on the 30th (too busy raging and drinking Dom Perignon to go on NYE), and this is the song they closed the set with. I recognized it as soon as those chimes dropped, as did a lot of people, and you could feel the excitement in the air. Overall an extremely ridiculous concert, this was a great way to end it. Great concert, great night.

Jay Z Empire State Of Mind [Remix]- Pretty Lights

Shouts to Big OS Music Source for some of the soundcloud streams.

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Pretty Lights – Free Downloads


Enjoy some free music from Pretty Lights, a group that blends music from all different genres. They are able to mix together samples from recent hits and old classics, but put it all together to make it sound like music from another world. Perhaps music from the future. It’s hard to categorize and write about Pretty Lights because their music can vary so much from song to song. But have a look yourself by visiting the provided link where you can download three free discs from Pretty Lights.

Side Note: If you are at Duke/in Durham area, you might want to pay particular attention to this, as Pretty Lights will be performing on Joe College Day. Get your hands on some of their music and give them a taste-test before seeing them live!

Link to Download HERE

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Pretty Lights – Finally Moving


“Finally Moving” – Pretty Lights

I found a second of free time and felt an extreme need to post a song. Hope you enjoy this one by Pretty Lights!

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