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[Stream + Lyrics] Flosstradamus – Where R Ü Iverson (Jack U x Post Malone Mashup)

Well it had to be done sometime, right? Taking two of the summer’s biggest hits, Chicago-natives Flosstradamus may have just extended the playing runway of both Jack U’s “Where Are U Now” and Post Malone’s “White Iverson”. Somehow, someway, Posty sounds just right replacing Justin Bieber on the Skrillex and Diplo production.

Stream the mash up below, and sing along to the original’s lyrics below!

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[MP3] Bipolar Sunshine – White Iverson (Post Malone Cover)

Bipolar Sunshine solo shot

Post Malone‘s “White Iverson” has been one of the year’s most unlikely smash hits, and in the process the OVO-sounding single has been remixed by just about every artist and produce you can think of.

While plenty of these remixes are interchangeable – beefing up the drums and bass line can only get you so far – British singer-songwriter Bipolar Sunshine puts an incredibly memorable spin on the track.

His soulful voice takes the song from struggle croon to bona fide R&B slow jam with the help of Jazz Purple on the boards.

Bipolar Sunshine says of the remix, “Since my younger brother played me this song I have been hooked on it. Everything down to melody and lyrics was spot on for me, so I wanted to do the song justice in my own way.”

Retaining the original’s languid pace, the duo drop the drums and piano, turning it into a sprawling track which highlights Bipolar Sunshine’s unique voice and perfect mapping of Malone’s signature cadence.

The harmony on the final hook is an especially nice touch, but it’s hard to find fault with this pitch perfect remix.

Also check out Bipolar Sunshine’s guitar-drenched flip of Lorde’s “Team.”

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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: Head Hunched Over Weeping to the Music

New Tape Tuesday!

The great artists suffer for their art. The great listeners suffer along with them. I think without truly intellectualizing it this Tape Tuesday is inspired by Na’kel‘s soul-crushing verse on “DNA” from Earl Sweatshirt‘s album I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside. For those of you who don’t know, Na’kel wrote and recorded his verse just after hearing that one of his close friends had died. And you can hear the pain in his voice, and he’s not a rapper (he’s a skateboarder) but he laid down a brutally poignant verse. He wrote his feelings on paper, and now whenever I listen to the song, I find myself feeling the anger and despair that Na’kel is trying to convey.

The sad thing is that in the vapid hype machine that is the music Internet verses like Na’kel’s could be overlooked. Hype is easy. I mean to dedicate my life to the creation of timeless art. When you’re honest and uncompromising, that’s when you become a step closer to creating art that is timeless.

And it’s okay to be emotional.

You used to say you like violins and your lifestyle depend on me

*SoundCloud mix is missing track 2 (“Mantra” by Earl Sweatshirt).


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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: BAD 4U

New Tape Tuesday!

Based on probability alone, most people are bad for you. The problem is my generation is so antisocial that they cling to any semblance of familiarity. Familiarity, oftentimes, is also bad for you. This mixtape documents that internal struggle between the comfort of familiarity and the drab of routine. I miss new feelings. In order to experience newness, you first have to acknowledge how damn easy it is to be sucked into unhealthy but familiar tendencies, and then you have to fight those urges. Progress comes from the fight for novelty.

On a different note, “Vic Mensa sang beautifully on a Kanye West song” is not a thought I ever imagined I’d have. But on “Wolves” Vic croons, “I’m just bad (bad, bad) for you,” and it’s the most affecting part of the song (along with the haunting sounds that follow his verse). This mixtape is in part an ode to the perfection of that song. It’s my attempt to channel the same energy of “Wolves” into an entire mixtape that doesn’t include the song itself.

By the way, this is the 40th Tape Tuesday. We actually celebrated the anniversary a few weeks ago and a lot of celebrities came out to support. Check out the footage from that here.

And I was only trying to make it

*SoundCloud mix missing track 7 (“Home” by Heems), track 8 (“The Death, The Funeral” by Sean Leon), and track 19 (“Stay Down” by Big Sean) — so basically, download the entire thing below.


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