[Premiere + Free Download] Patti Yang – Im Ready


Patti Yang has been a fixture in the UK electronic scene since the early 2000′s, delivering a steady stream of stunning EP’s and acclaimed remixes that have drawn comparisons to Zola Jesus and Icona Pop. Ever the restless spirit, Yang left her native London and sought inspiration in the Mojave Desert; mixing her native UK dance vibes with the psychedelic heritage of the Californian dessert. We have the pleasure of premiering the newest single from these sessions, “Im Ready”, which plays with the idea of being spiritually saved by a lover. The track makes quite an impression with its stomping beat and hushed pillow talk about penance and holy communion… Suffices to say that not since vintage Madonna has an artist made religious symbolism seem so suggestive. Feel free to download the single to tide you over for her full length due out January 2016.


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[MP3] RKCB – Ignite


Enter the dreamy realm of RKCB. A world created by Riley Knapp and Casey Barth that will give you your electronic-RnB fix that you’re always craving because it’s so great. What can make a great song is the story it tells, and not just with the vocals. Paired with a stunning backdrop, “Ignite” tells a story of falling in love with your best friend and the sparks/burns that come with your feelings.

Their debut EP is slated for a release later this Summer. With “Ignite” being the lead single, be ready to enter this realm.

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Cœur de pirate- Carry On

Taken From Cœur de pirate's official website

Cœur de pirate is a well known name to fans of French music, and her recent single, “Oublie-moi” got a matching English release, “Carry On”. Bèatrice’s vocals glide smoothly over the production of Björn Yttling (of Peter Bjorn and John) and the interesting video concept creates a perfect overall package. Cœur de pirate’s new album, “Roses” is due to be released on August 28th.


If you like the English version of this track, I’d highly recommend giving the French version a listen.



-Kyle Copier

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[Download EP] Young Karin – PYK

New Young Karin!

Young Karin is a pop duo from Iceland, consisting of vocalist Karin Sveinsdóttir and producer-songwriter Logi Pedro Stefánsson. They are formerly known as Highlands, and their n°1 EP was one of the best of 2014. Looking to build upon their debut, the group has released the PYK EP, a collaboration with director K_tanman and clothing brand 66°NORTH.

The chemistry of the duo is electric. Karin’s yearning vocals and Logi’s rap-inspired music and lyrics (e.g. the beginning of “U”) fit together like puzzle pieces. Neither works without the other, and it makes for one of my favorite releases of the summer. Also, I am deeply in love with Karin, but that would be unprofessional and weird to mention in the writeup.

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Best New Songs of June 2015


These “Best of” are like clock work. The second I put one out, I feel like I’m already compiling the music from our writers for the next month. Well, have no fear, June is here. Throw this on for your July 4th celebrations, and be sure to come check out our July 2015 edition in a few weeks!

Download BNSOJ15

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Oh Wonder – Landslide [MP3 + Lyrics]

oh wonder

I’m heading home tomorrow to be with [part of] my family for a week, and there’s something almost unexplainable about the feeling of excitement and warmth that comes with the anticipation of the time at home. I hope this is something that’s known to each of us, and that everybody can feel. It doesn’t have to be your family – maybe it’s friends of yours – but I hope every person has somebody or something in his or her life that creates this sensation of comfort and love.

On the topic of comfort, I just heard the song Oh Wonder released today called “Landslide.” It appears to be born out of a pretty sad story wherein somebody has hit rock bottom, but that repeated “I’ll be there for you” line transforms it into something really sweet and uplifting. Listen closely for female vocalist Josephine Vander Gucht’s emphasis on certain lines; it’s pretty emotional. I’m feeling this a lot.

Hit the jump to read full lyrics.


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Ticket Giveaway: The Griswolds Concert in San Francisco


Aussie wonders The Griswolds are coming to San Francisco! I’ve got two tickets to give away to two lucky locals. They’re performing at The Independent on 7/1/2015; it should be a fun, super high energy show!

To enter to win the tickets, EITHER:

1. Leave a comment on this post with your favorite song of the moment.


2. Tweet the following: “I’m entering to win 2 tickets to see @wethegriswolds in SF from @SunsetRearview – http://bit.ly/1CfVeze”

To be eligible: you must leave your comment/send your tweet by end of day (midnight) PST on Thursday 6/25. I will randomly select a winner on Friday 6/26 and will get in touch with that person via Facebook or Twitter – whichever they submitted through.

Check out the new music video for The Griswolds’ song “If You Wanna Stay” below. Or stream their debut LP, “Be Impressive” on Spotify. See their full US tour schedule after the jump.


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5 New Artists For Summer

Zara Larsson EP cover taken from Idolator

Summer is a time for new friends, good times, and most importantly, new artists. Allow me to help you get started on your search for the good ones.

5. Quigley
Quigley is an artist I’ve only recently run into, but she’s made herself a major place on all the important playlists on my iPod.

What You’ll Love:
Quigley’s use of her own vocal samples in songs creates a refreshing new style in a time currently dominated by heavy synth work in instrumentals. Her hooks are incredible, almost always staying in your head for the rest of the day.

Check this song out:
“Lost Again” from Quigley’s EP, “Initium” (released May 8th)

4. Amanda Fondell

Hailing from Linderöd, Sweden, is Amanda Fondell, winner of the 2011 season of Swedish Idol.

What You’ll Love:
Fondell’s slightly raspy, natural sounding voice is completely unexpected being the winner of a TV talent show, and the way she mixes both vocal and instrumental hooks is sure to impress any listener.

Check this song out:

“Let The Rain Fall”, from Fondell’s album, “Because I Am”

3. Black M

Black M is a french singer/rapper who has, after some work on Google Translate, become one of the main creators of the soundtrack of my life.

What You’ll Love:
Black M has an incredibly wide-open range of ability. No matter the type of track, the self proclaimed “Black Shady” (a reference to Eminem) always delivers great rhymes, good punchlines, and straight up catchiness.

Check This Song Out:
“Sur Ma Route” from Black M’s album, “Les Yeux Plus Gros Que Le Monde”

2. Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara is a brand new name from Toronto who has been knocking cover songs out of the park for a long time. Seriously, go back and look through her Youtube channel.

What You’ll Love:

Cara’s voice is something you’ve been waiting to hear for a long time. The control she shows on the song I’m about to direct you to absolutely blows me away.

Check This Song Out:
“Here”, Alessia Cara’s first single.

1. Zara Larsson

If you never listen to anything I tell you to listen to on this site, please- for the love of music- listen to Zara Larsson.

What You’ll Love:
Larsson, through only 17 years of age and one United States EP, has shown the complete package already. Songs like “She’s Not Me PT 1 & 2” display a total grip on the ability to write relatable songs, while the songs like “Uncover” point to a already top-notch vocal abilities that will only get better.

Check This Song Out:
“Carry You Home” From Larsson’s first US EP, “Uncover”



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Halsey – Hold Me Down

Halsey album cover Badlands

Halsey’s new track “Hold Me Down” is prescient of her status as a pop star on the rise.  In the last 9 months she has emerged as one of 2015′s most promising new artists.  20 year-old Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, who goes by Halsey, went from posting demos to her SoundCloud page to being the most tweeted about artist of SXSW. Her ascent has been so swift that the music world is still reeling from her almost instantaneous success.  After making waves with her EP Road 93, released shortly after she signed to Universal subsidiary Astralwerks, Halsey begun popping up everywhere. She has 323k Instagram followers and 269k on Twitter; she’s a textbook example of the power of social media for musicians in 2015.

Currently sporting long blue locks, at first glance she appears to be nothing more than a Brooklyn scenester or possible a Katy Perry impersonator, but once she opens her mouth her talent becomes undeniable. The bio on her website is refreshing in its simplicity: “I am Halsey. I will never be anything but honest. I write songs about sex and being sad.” She’s a weirdo, for sure, but Halsey may be the exact breed of weirdo that pop seems to embrace. She follows in the footsteps of Charlie XCX, Grimes and maybe even Sia with her ability to walk the fine line between pop music and something darker, more brooding.

“Hold Me Down” is an electro-infused pop ballad that arrives in time for the lazy afternoons of summer spent by the pool gossiping and sipping lemonade.  It’s not the best track Halsey has released to date, but it functions as a nice teaser for her forthcoming album Badlands due out in August. With shows coming up at Hangout Fest and Lollapalooza and an opening spot on Imagine Dragons’ summer tour, Halsey has a summer planned that guarantees her exposure to a whole new set of fans. Halsey is coming and you can’t hold her down.


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Best New Songs of May 2015


Summer is officially in full force and we have the music to accompany your ears. 18 news tracks, specifically picked out from our writers. We have newcomers such as High Rule and Joey Aich, and then some more well known artists like Chance The Rapper & ASAP Rocky. Either way, it’s great. Enjoy!

Download Best New Songs of May 2015

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Lostboycrow – C’est La Vie


Lostboycrow continues to put out melodic, and somewhat genre bending music that is hard not to love. “C’est La Vie” is no different as he moves forward with taking over the LA music scene. “C’est La Vie” means that’s life in french (in case you weren’t aware or are smarter than me. Thanks Google!).

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Made in Heights – Pop It In 2


Made in Heights are the definition of catchy mixed with a slight dash of trippy cool. This time around they’ve got a track to expose to the world called “Pop It In 2″. Although it may start out slightly silly, the serious beat and mesmerizing sound is too serious to ignore. It’s on their new album “Without My Enemy What Would I Do” which is out today for everyone to check out. This track is most likely just one of many must-hears of Made in Height’s fresh tunes, but get the first taste below.


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