Sinead Harnett – If You Let Me feat. Grades

sinead harnett

The sounds of r&b are taking over the radio these days with the success stories of Bryson Tiller, The Weeknd, Tory Lanez, and all the other current princes of r&b. It feels like the boys are taking over (with the exception of Kehlani and Jhene Aiko) and it feels like we could use some more powerful women in this r&b lineup. Luckily, Sinead Harnett is a rising star that happens to have some serious soul. “If You Let Me” is her latest track which she wrote with Grades and it’s probably her most traditional r&b track yet. It’s got that cool, slick vibe without even trying. Sinead effortlessly serenades us in the most tender way and we can’t help but fall under her spell. “If You Let Me” is on Sinead Harnett’s newest EP, but you can listen to it below.

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Refs – Turn Around


It’s safe to say we haven’t heard from Refs in awhile, they came to reel us in with their debut track “Pain Goes Away” and then disappeared into oblivion (pretty cruel, if you ask us). Luckily, they’ve come out of hiding and are back with a bang. “Turn Around” is their new tune and it’s an absolute pop gem. It’s one of those tracks that will stay in your head after 1 or 2 listens, so approach with caution. It’s completely catchy and has us ready for what’s next. Let’s hope it’s not another year until we hear more from Refs, for now check out “Turn Around” below.

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[Video] Banks – Fuck With Myself


Banks has always been the r&b princess that stole our hearts, but she’s got a new flavor that will have fans feelin’ her (and possibly themselves, too) even more than before. It’s been a little too long (okay, only about 2 years) since we got Banks debut album in our hands, but she’s back and she’s bringing things to another level. “Fuck With Myself” is the ultimate “I love myself” anthem for all of us that need it. The message is clear, but the video for the track takes the mood to a dark, slightly creepy place. It’s like an obscure horror movie, starring a beautiful female lead. Needless to say, it’s absurd in the best way, just the way we like it. If this is any indication of what Banks is about to bring, our souls are about to get a piece of lovely darkness. Check out the disturbingly beautiful video for “Fuck With Myself” below.

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Abir – Girls (Prod. EFF3X)

New Abir!

Abir is a Morocco-born, Virginia-raised, Queens-based singer-songwriter with a penchant for great songwriting and a voice that can (probably) shift tectonic plates. A few days ago on her 22nd birthday, she released the massive, impeccably produced and written track “Girls,” which comments on the superficial club culture most of us reluctantly participate in. By the song’s conclusion, you realize that everyone is “on their bullshit,” drunkenly fronting to anyone who will listen. It is actually kind of depressing to think about, but Abir coats her message with enough sugary pop goodness for all of us to forget our worries for approximately 3 minutes and 25 seconds.

Check out the accompanying piece of bathroom horror stories and .gifs from Abir’s friends and collaborators via Milk.


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High Rule – No Filter


High Rule feeds the ears of music with “No Filter,” a witty, and playful take on pop culture in our society. While not my favorite from the Chicago based duo, High Rule still stays true to their unique sound, and as a result, it’s still something to mess with. This acts as the second single off of their debut EP, In Real Life.

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Bo Rocha – Enough For You

Bo Rocha

It was merely a year ago when Bo Rocha released her edgy track “Tangerine Flake” and at the time it felt like the emergence of another Lana Del Rey. However, Bo Rocha has proven to be much more than just another artist in the crowd. Her sultry, mysterious sound is one that’ll hook you in without even trying. “Enough For You” is her latest offering and it’s a soulful display of what Bo Rocha is capable of. As usual, the London-based artists brings a mixture of genres (pop, r&b, soul) to create that perfect musical recipe. Her new EP will be out this September on Bait and Switch Records, but for now check out “Enough For You” below.

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Best Songs of 2016 (So Far)

Best Songs of 2016 So Far [1348557]

We’ve officially reached the halfway point of 2016. We’ve heard from Chance The Rapper, Drake, Kanye West, Rihanna, and plenty more. However, we still have yet to hear from Frank Ocean. This upsets me, but we’re getting close. He teased his release a few days ago. In the meantime, the SunsetFam has put together one hell of a playlist for you to vibe out to with our favorite cuts (so far). Follow the playlist on Spotify, and we can’t wait to let you know our favorites from 2016 in December!

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Denitia and Sene – Olive.

denitia and sene

What do you get when you mix funky sounds, r&b vibes, and a seriously delicious food item? You’ve got the impressive new single from Denitia and Sene, of course. “Olive.” is the Brooklyn duo’s latest offering and it’s smoother than butter (enough food references yet?). Songs this catchy usually don’t last more than 3 minutes, but this one happens to keep its addictive sparkle for the duration of 5. It feels so good that it could probably go on for longer and no one would complain. Listen to the Sly5thave produced track below and start your weekend right.

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Spotify Spotlight: **The Shit I Like** by Alfredo Tirado

New Spotify Spotlight!

Alfredo Tirado is an A&R assistant at SONGS Publishing and a manager/A&R consultant at Take & Thrown, which he co-founded with Noah Yoo. Since following him on Twitter, I have come to realize that Tirado is a music biz whiz and a quintessential resource for cutting edge pop music. This playlist, aptly titled “The Shit I Like,” features the stars of tomorrow realized today. Personal favorites discovered on this playlist include “Tell Me” by Mobley, “Episode” by GallantCar Seat Headrest, and Radio Eliza – just to name a few.

Clear some time out of your day, scroll through these selections, and you will likely come away with new songs and artists that will stick with you for a long time.

And follow the playlist because it is regularly updated.

RELATED: Check out the previous Spotify Spotlight playlist SAD SUMMER SIXTEEN, curated by me.


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Camden Cox – Focus

camden cox

Camden Cox has released some truly addictive pop gems in the last couple of years, yet here we are still waiting for that debut album. Although there’s no word on that (yet!), we’ve at least got a little dose of music to pull us through for now. “Focus” is Camden Cox’s newest single and it’s feel-good pop music at its finest. The track is laced in r&b vibes which makes it that much more intriguing. It’s undeniably catchy  and you’re bound to have it stuck in your brain after about two listens (go ahead, test it out). Listen to Camden Cox shine in her latest single “Focus” below (and keep hoping for that debut full-length)!

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[Stream + Lyrics] Radio Eliza – Kids

New Radio Eliza!

Radio Eliza is a Dutch six-piece band with a sound reminiscent of that synth-driven indie pop wave of the late 2000s but with lyrics that could only exist in these unfiltered times. A lot of people consider indie pop to be “fluff” music and completely disparage it. For me, indie pop has merit when the chorus hits at the perfect moment (and suddenly teleports you into a teen drama you thought you had outgrown), and when the writer somehow conveys your own emotions in a completely unexpected way (…and suddenly teleports you into a teen drama you really, really thought you had outgrown). These elements come together on ”Kids,” Radio Eliza’s best song to date.

While I don’t particularly care for the yelling in the backing vocals and the outro, the lyrics are so bold and relatable you realize you have totally lived out the lyrics several times over in your own glory days.

If you like what you hear on “Kids,” then I highly recommend you check out the rest of Radio Eliza’s debut project, the Intergalactic Flurny Furby EP. (“Answering Machine” is another favorite of mine.)

But when she called I heard her say / ”Perfect ending, shitty day”

Hit the jump to follow along with the lyrics of “Kids.”

Continue reading “[Stream + Lyrics] Radio Eliza – Kids” »

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biLLLy – Can’t Blame


Who the heck is biLLLy and why is he spoiling us with such jams? If I had the answer, I’d give it to you (I’m just as lost as you, folks!). “Can’t Blame” is the latest dance-worthy tune from the London-based artist and it’s bound to be that perfect addition to your summer party playlists. The track has a slight Jai Paul vibe (everybody needs some of that, we’re deprived!) and happens to be a track on biLLLy’s upcoming EP. “Can’t Blame” is the rhythmic gem that’ll get you groovin’, so take a listen below!

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