Anna Of The North – The Dreamer

Anna of the north

Autumn is upon us and it’s time to break out the chill, soothing tunes that get us through the breezy nights. Anna Of The North is ahead of the game and has given us a dose of dreamy with her new track “The Dreamer”. This Olso-based indie-pop artist brings the right dose of magical pop and angelic vocals. It’s the right amount of calm, yet irresistibly catchy  all at once. If you want your first tune to walk around on fallen leaves to, this is your go-to. Check out the lovely tune below.

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Coast Modern – Hollow Life

Coast Modern logo

Coast Modern‘s latest single “Hollow Life” is a Jackson Pollack of different sounds and influences. There’s a reggae bounce to the synths and bass, the trademark staccato trill of trap hi-hats, and in-your-face electric guitar that builds aggressively on the hook.

It’s a testament to the group’s diverse style that all of these elements coalesce as they do. “Hollow Life” doesn’t feel gimmicky or like a band trying their hand at a sound they have no business dabbling in.

So much of today’s indie pop is restrained and tasteful, and “Hollow Life” is a refreshing deviation from the norm. It’s bold, brightly colored and impossible to ignore.

The L.A. duo don’t have much music to their name, but if they keep making tracks as genre-blending and alive as “Hollow Life” it’s safe to say you will be hearing plenty more from Coast Modern.

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Philco Fiction – Talk/Brag

Philco Fiction

Norwegian electronic duo Philco Fiction have been producing dark, forward-thinking synth pop for the past three years, but they gave themselves a tall task with their new single “Talk/Brag.”

“[With] ‘Talk/Brag,’ we wanna talk about our place in this world. We wanna brag about our potential as human beings. Tell everyone we are here to love. Tell everyone we want a piece of it,” singer Turid Alida said of the record.

Those are big goals for a single, but Philco Fiction manages to achieve them while still making a record you can dance to.

“Talk/Brag” is built on an intoxicating bed of synths, with understated sprinkles of guitar and saxophone built in for flavor. The instrumental is sleek and modern, but also manages to be surprisingly warm in places. Alida’s vocals are mysterious, reduced to a hypnotizing whisper on the bridge, but perfectly express the track’s grand aspirations.

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Best New Songs of September 2015


NFL season is underway. NBA starts soon. MLB is winding down. Sounds like fall is here…but don’t you worry, we still have the last of what was a great summer in music. 19 picks from your favorite writers ranging a wide array of genres. What’s not to like?

Rundown: Nashville artist, REMMI, proves to be a dreamy artist with silky-smooth vocals. Chaz French stayed true to himself making music the way he wants to. gnash got fucked up. First time a London rapper has ever been on Best of? Congrats to Chip! Lostboycrow goes rogue this month with a dark release. RKCB continues the consistency in putting out music to flood your ears.

Download Best New Songs of September 2015

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Wretch 32 – Alright With Me (Feat. Anne-Marie & PRGRSHN)

Taken from Wretch's facebook.

Ever since FIFA Street, new Wretch 32 music has been something that has always gotten me pumped up, and Wretch’s upcoming release, “Alright With Me”, is no exception.

My favorite thing about Wretch’s music is that he seems more and more like a professor in the game every day. Every new track he releases leaves me confused as to whether I should be bobbing my head or taking notes, and it seems like the answer is usually somewhere in-between. In this track, Wretch combines his usual veteran savvy with one of my favorite flows he’s ever put out, and Anne-Marie’s vocals fit perfectly.

“Alright With Me” is due out December 4th, and you can pre order on iTunes right now.

-Kyle Copier


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[Video + Lyrics] YONAS – This Goes Out To You


My guy, YONAS, drops the third single from us upcoming EP, Going Places. Appropriately titled ”This Goes Out To You” is for all the fans who’ve been there since day one, constantly supporting his music, no matter what. This is his way of giving back. I’ve been riding with YONAS ever since his “The Proven Theory” days, which is one of my favorite projects ever. I know tomorrow is #TBT, but today, for a throwback, go check out his “Pumped Up Kicks” remix if you aren’t familiar. Lyrics after the jump!

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Radical Something – Paradise In You (Young Bombs Remix)


Last month, we premiered Radical Something’s “Paradise In You”. Young Bombs is here to give us a little remix of Radical Something’s infectious tune. Could a song get any more infectious? A little more mellow, while making me want to get groovy, all at the same-damn-time. How does he do it! Check out the remix below.

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REMMI – Awake, Asleep

Awake, Asleep cover

Hours spent digging through SoundCloud become totally worth it when you bump into tracks like “Awake, Asleep” by REMMI, a silky smooth-voiced, exceptionally well-written artist from Nashville. I went back through the other two songs on REMMI’s SoundCloud and was blown away, specifically with “Capable“. While you’re here, I’d highly recommend listening to at least that one too.

The dreamy production of Dustin Burnett matches REMMI’s voice and the concept of “Awake, Asleep” almost too well, and that combination (along with the solid writing by the two) creates an incredibly well-rounded overall package. Nothing within this track sounds underdone or out of place.

Check “Awake, Asleep” out right here:

-Kyle Copier




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Erik Hassle – Natural Born Lovers

erik hassle

Erik Hassle seems to be the Swedish king of pumping out the catchiest of tunes and “Natural Born Lovers” is no exception. This track is a pure pop gem that is intertwined with electronic sounds and a dash of soul with Hassle’s sexy vocals. It’s a surprise Erik Hassle hasn’t taken over the pop world, but this tune is another one to add to his impressive list of work. Could he be the next r&b-pop star that’s all over the radio? Only time will tell, until then check out “Natural Born Lovers” below.

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[Premiere] High Rule – Lowkey [Download MP3 + Lyrics]

High Rule Lowkey

If you haven’t heard of High Rule yet, it’s time you familiarize yourself. We’re living in a time when artists need to do whatever they can to make themselves stand out. The landscape is crowded and competitive, so any unique spin helps groups gain recognition and familiarity. High Rule found their niche in blending harmonious pop vibes with electronic and hip hop.

The duo is made up of Seis and Buoy, two friends who grew up in the same hometown and met in elementary school. They bonded at a young age over a video game, The Legend of Zelda, which features a world called Hyrule, which is the origin of their name High Rule. They started making music together in college at Wisconsin, and after graduation they moved to Chicago and began down the 3 year path of developing their brand, style and sound that we’re hearing today. “Lowkey” is their fifth single to release as a group. Their debut single, “Touch,” was a huge success, earning itself a feature on Spotify’s popular New Music Tuesday (or shall I say Friday?) playlist and peaked at #2 on their Global Viral 50 Chart earlier this year.

“Lowkey” is a self-produced song about a closeted relationship in which each verse tells a different side of the story. There’s one person who wants to keep things under wraps and another who wants to celebrate love. Seis is on the verses and Buoy brings the story together on the hook, crooning “Shh, I want you lowkey.” Sonically, I love the blend of sounds in this song. My favorite part is the background harmonies in the beginning of the song (right around the 0:30 mark). The soft layering warmly lures you into the track, which then breaks down into a simple baseline beneath vocals that tell an alluring story that many of us may relate to in the modern world.

The future is bright for these two, and we’ll be keeping our eye on them. You can also follow High Rule on SoundCloud, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify and iTunes.

Hit the jump for the lyrics, and download the track via the SoundCloud widget.


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Viola Beach – Swings & Waterslides

Taken from Viola Beach's facebook

Viola Beach’s first release, “Swings & Waterslides”, recently hit Soundcloud and the like. If you can’t jam to this, I can’t do anything for you except recommend a few good doctors in my area. Think of a “still finding a way to have fun during the school year” meets “driving back from your crush’s house after successfully making the first move” kind of vibe. I’m beyond stoked to hear what this group does from here.

You can check the track out right here:

-Kyle Copier


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Great Good Fine Ok – Take It or Leave It

Great Good Fine Ok Press shot

Brooklyn’s Great Good Fine Ok have been consistently churning out toe-tapping dance pop, and their newest track is no exception. To put it simply, “Take It or Leave It” is polished chrome. Every second of the single shines and glistens, the mark of truly outstanding talent.

The duo have always let their music speak for them, releasing “You’re the One for Me” back in 2013 without so much as a press photo. “Take It or Leave It” also makes a powerful statement, with its bouncy bass line and pounding drums there is definitely a bit of ’80s nostalgia, but the hook perfectly transition into contemporary electro pop without missing a beat.

Their 2m2H EP came out a mere six months ago, and while it’s unclear whether a new project is in the works from Great Good Fine Ok, you’ll be able to catch the boys on tour with Vacationer this fall.

As a bonus, check out GGFO’s schedule.
Great Good Fine Ok Tour Dates:
9/18: U Street Music Hall @ Washington, DC
9/19: Cat’s Cradle Back Room @ Carrboro, NC
9/21: The Social @ Orlando, FL
9/22: Crowbar @ Tampa, FL
9/23: Club Downunder @ Tallahassee, FL
9/24: Gasa Gasa @ New Orleans, LA
9/25: Studio @ Warehouse @ Houston, TX
9/26: The Mohawk @ Austin, TX
9/27: Dada @ Dallas, TX
9/29: Lowbrow Palace @ El Paso, TX
10/1: Valley Bar @ Phoenix, AZ
10/4: Soho @ Santa Barbara, CA
10/5: Independent @ San Francisco, CA
10/7: Hawthorne Theatre @ Portland, OR
10/9: Barboza @ Seattle, WA
10/10: Biltmore @ Vancouver, CA
10/12: Kilby Court @ Salt Lake City, UT
10/13: Fox Theatre @ Boulder, CO
10/15: 7th St Entry @ Minneapolis, MN
10/16: Bottom Lounge @ Chicago, IL
10/17: The Drinkery @ Cincinnati, OH
10/18: Cattivo @ Pittsburgh, PA
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