Best New Songs of August 2014


Yesterday, I turned 22. Today, no classes because of labor day. Tonight, the best new songs of August, and just like this month (for most), it was a scorcher of a month. Genre jumping, and feature hopping, the best new songs of August are here! Just a great weekend.

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BROODS – Four Walls

sibling duo

BROODS just uploaded ‘Four Walls’ from their album Evergreen, which was released on August 22, 2014. This sibling duo from New Zealand has impressed me track after track, and ‘Four Walls’ is no exception. There is something about the way BROODS combines the blend of slow tempo snares with soft vocals that produces a track that flows so incredibly well. This track is like a dream you don’t want to wake up from.

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Only Real – Pass the Pain


Yes, summer may be winding down far too quickly. With August almost at its end and school books starting to be bought. Luckily though, that’s not stopping some last minute summer friendly songs to be released for our season lovin’ ears. Only Real brings the catchy pop-grunge sound again with his newest single “Pass the Pain”. It’s upbeat, got a bit of surfer vibes, an will likely be perfect for those last summer strolls with the windows down around your neighbourhood. Check out the tune below and keep an eye out for Only Real’s debut album, coming soon.



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Eyelid Kid – Sleeps Well on Knives


I received a submission from a mysterious group by the name of Eyelid Kid, whose SoundCloud page currently only features two songs and tells me nothing more than that they’re from “Nowhereville, United States.” No external links to a YouTube channel, a Facebook page, a Twitter account…they just left an email address. So I figured all I had to go on was the music behind this really strange and dark song title. I guess that’s cool, though. Unbiased listens are always a good thing, right?

Well luckily the music brought more clarity. I found myself listening a couple times over to “Sleeps Well On Knives,” intrigued by the sound of the music (the lyrics are a little hard to decipher, but what I could catch was alluring as well: “So I’m giving up on giving up, always trying to cover a hole in my soul that’s always been full).

After falling in love with the song, I did a bit more Internet research and found out that it’s a group band that comes from Southern California. They call their music “psychedelic pop music,” though all the songs are “pop tunes at their core.” (Note to self: they are clearly sitting on more than the two songs that I can find. That’s exciting.)




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Best of July 2014


Man, oh man was July a hot month for music! I’ve talked with several of our writers and we all agree: this was one hard month to pick songs for! Fortunately for you and me, we did it. 23 songs put together in a convenient playlist, ranging from a bunch of different genres. Happy August everyone!

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Lil Silva – Don’t You Love (Feat. Banks)


It may be nearing the last month of summer, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t be having a few more addictive warm weather jams coming our way. “Don’t You Love” is everything right, especially for your long summer nights. It’s sexy, smooth, and as catchy as they get. The combination of Lil Silva’s soul and Banks’ soothing vibe, you just can’t go wrong. Trust in the fact that this track will have you in the right vibe and will definitely be on repeat for the rest of your summer days. For more goodness, check out Lil Silva’s EP Mabel, out August 4th.


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Astronomyy – Nothin On My Mind


Astronomyy finished 2013 with a perfect record. After following up his phenomenal debut track “Don’t Need U” with two singles that only improved on his lush guitar-heavy r&b style, he was 3 for 3. We couldn’t wait to see what he had planned for 2014 — only to see him disappear for the next nine months. I mean, he kept posting really pretty pictures on his instagram account and let us know he was recording an EP at legendary Abbey Road Studios, but his Soundcloud page stayed frustratingly silent. Until now.

Is it safe to say he’s 4 for 4?

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BROODS, a duo from New Zealand, have made a name for themselves in 2014. With the release of their self-titled EP in January of this year, they turned heads with their subtle blend of pop and electronic music. “Bridges” was their hit song, but personally I preferred “Never Gonna Change,” as it felt as though it carried a bit more “oomph,” if you will. They brought it again again with today’s release, “L.A.F.,” which actually carries a rather similar sonic vibe as “Never Gonna Change” but ]more upbeat. And it’s impossible to ignore the swooping noise that comes on the word “you” that’s repeated in the chorus — it’s cool and cute at the same time. #nailedit

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Top 100 Songs of 2014 So Far


It’s already been six months into 2014, and that’s just weird. So weird that we had to tell you our top 100 songs from the last six months. All of them are compiled into one giant SoundCloud playlist with over 5 hours of tunes to fill your ears with. No particular order. Special shoutout to our writers for helping me put this together, and to our readers that are on this page checking out our picks. Y’all are awesome!

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London Artist Makes You Fall For His Vocals and Then Surprises You


When I went to listen to the first song on the 2-song EP from London artist Voyageur, I found myself falling in love with the vocals and lyrics in the song. The song is called “Tear My Heart Out” and it tells a heart-breaking story of a couple who fought all the time, but the words keep coming back to this slowly sung line “hold on to me close.” There’s a point in the song right around the 0:50 mark that says “if I stand in the sunshine all I see is rain, so I tear my heart out. Hold on to me close.” And right then, Voyageur does the unexpected.

A massive beat drops.

What?! Yes. It happened. This John Newman-esque vocalist just put some Zedd in his step.

I have to say I nearly dropped my drink when I heard it – it’s entirely unexpected. But when you stop and think about it, it’s actually quite brilliant. Vocalists today are turning heads left and right. Look at Sam Smith. While Voyageur isn’t the vocalist that Sam Smith is, he still has a voice that can draw a large crowd. But at the same time, a massive audience is eager for heavy-hitting production that can get them dancing. And so it seems Voyageur just found a way to blend the two desires together into this surprising and intriguing sound all his own. He still feels relatively undiscovered, but once the word gets out, I have a feeling this young man has quite the future ahead of him.


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Olympic Ayres – Control

oympic ayres

Olympic Ayres have been creating a fusion of tropical, pop indie jams for quite some time now and haven’t seemed to slow down since. “Control” is the newest track to their collection and it’s just as catchy as any of their other material. It’s a feel good song with the perfect opportunity to blast during the summer season. Basically, it’s what we need at the moment. So press repeat on “Control” below.


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Hannah Lou Clark – Calamity


Hannah Lou Clark was once known as FOE, with a rock edge and angst coming out of her pores. It was a great time but now she’s simply going by her name and making music that’s something quite different from her previous work. She’s treated us with her new track “Calamity” and it’s got something truly special to it. It’s beautifully haunting yet doesn’t try too hard to be. We can only hope she’ll bring her pure sweetness to us with more material soon.


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