Florrie – Real Love [Video]


Florrie has been teasing her fans with small collections of songs for years. She’s released an EP here and there, but the long-awaited full-length has never quite reached the surface like many would have hoped. However, 2016 may finally be the year of Miss Florrie, the pop, electric songstress. To warm her fans up for what’s to come, she’s released her latest tune “Real Love” and has delivered it in a lovely, colorful music video. “Real Love” is probably the purest “pop” song Florrie has released to date and it’s got a genuine sparkle. It’s light-hearted, yet heavy on the catchiness factor. If you’re ready to get a song stuck in your head for the rest of the day, take a listen below to Florrie’s addictive tune.

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Isabel – Fences

Taken From Isabel's Soundcloud

Over a release schedule spanning 3 years (at least on Soundcloud), Jazz/Soul Singer-Songwriter Isabel has been routinely supplying quality music, and her recent release, “Fences”, is a clear and definitive step in a strong direction for the Brisbane artist.

Riding uncomplicated and smooth production (a mainstay in her releases to date), Isabel’s sizzling voice stars among the keys and drums on the Steve Thornely assisted record, creating a stripped down feel. Lyrically, Isabel mixes unpredictability with just enough familiarity to create a stunning original concept. The final product is a resounding statement of intent from an upcoming artist with undeniable potential to make some waves in the near future.

Listen to “Fences” here!


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Best New Songs of January 2016


New year, new music. All new. Everything new. Everything is always new in our monthly “Best of” series, so nothing has changed there. Who will be the next breakout artist this year? Will Chance The Rapper finally release his next project? Will Kanye West’s newly titled “WAVES” be the greatest album of all time? So many questions, so stay tuned…2016 is here.

Download Best New Songs of January 2016

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Paperwhite – Unstoppable

Taken From Paperwhite's Soundcloud

Having recently returned to the scene with their icy smash single, “Get Away“, Brooklyn sibling duo Paperwhite is back with a more swift tempo punch on their new single, “Unstoppable”.

Clever synth and drum work remains the name of the game on the part of Ben Marshall, as he mixes peaceful pumping synths with a like-minded kick drum in the verse, leading up to a colossal chorus sound complete with buzzing synths and stadium drums. Katie Marshall again returns with a glove-tight fit over her brother’s production, trading the velvety vocals she displayed in “Get Away” for an impressive showing of vocal reach in the chorus.

What continues to work so well for Paperwhite is the duo’s ability to change pace so abruptly, yet keep the cohesion of the record intact. Count Paperwhite for 2/2 on their last two releases.

Check out “Unstoppable” right here!

-Kyle Copier

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Katy B & KAYTRANADA – Honey

katy b

It’s been a couple of years since the last electro-pop album from Katy B, but she’s back in a big way with a lot of familiar help. Honey is her project, coming out April 29th via Rinse/Virgin EMI and it’s got a long list of star contributors, including Craig David, Major Lazer, Four Tet, and plenty of others. She’s always known how to bring her powerful voice to a beat thumpin’ sound and it’s always flowed in the most flawless ways. This new project is bound to follow that well-known Katy B pattern with even more to offer this time around. “Honey” is the title track and it’s produced by none other than KAYTRANADA. It’s has got a sexy groove that is irresistible and of course, the tender touch of Katy B’s soulful pipes. It’s a great intro to what’s to come from Honey and you can check out the track below.

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geo – Back In Your Heart


There’s not much info out there on this, but here’s what I can tell you: there’s this artist geo. geo made a dope mix of Jackson 5 “I Want You Back.” geo wants you to be happy and have a lot of alcohol to this. geo is smart. Be like geo.


be like

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Viola Beach – Boys That Sing

Taken from Viola Beach's Facebook

After storming onto the scene with their smash single “Swings & Waterslides“, Warrington dream team Viola Beach recently released their new record, “Boys That Sing”, an uptempo beachy track with some catchy guitar riffs and vocals.

The impressive thing about Viola Beach and “Boys That Sing” is the way the group have created such a cohesive sound over their three releases without allowing their tracks to sound too similar. On “Swings & Waterslides”, the standout element was the background shouts and the catchy chorus, on “Cherry Vimto”, it was the main guitar riff mixed with Kris Leonard’s softest vocals among their three releases, and on “Boys That Sing”, it’s the confident lyrics mixed with the foolproof vocal mixing to match the beach-like vibe of the instrumental. The elements that remain constant among the releases (cheeky lyrics, catchy guitar work, etc) are all emphasized differently between releases to keep any similar sounds at bay.

Check out “Boys That Sing” right here!

-Kyle Copier

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Kelela – Rewind Feat. Goldlink (Remix)


Kelela and Goldlink are two artists that rose last year, so it only makes sense that they combine their talents into one. “Rewind” is originally a mysterious, sexy track, but this Louie Lastic remix turns it into more of a feel-good dance tune. Although the drastic change may not sound like it makes sense, it works flawlessly in the end. Not only is “Rewind” suddenly filled with a new catchy beat, but there’s also a verse from Goldlink to give it that extra edginess. You can listen to the reborn version of “Rewind” below, premiered last night on Annie Mac’s radio show.

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Ricky Smith – Yesterdays


Ricky Smith just recently crossed my radar as he was featured on the song “Make You Feel” off Hoodie Allen‘s new album Happy Camper that was released today. And I was put onto him by a friend who also introduced me to Son Little. Nothing like trustworthy word of mouth advertising. So I listened to Ricky’s single “Yesterdays” and realized this is an artist to get familiar with. He’s joining this growing genre of pop-infused R&B that I can’t seem to get enough of. Loving his vibe.

Tonight we’re finally free from our yesterdays, tonight tomorrow’s dreams will take us far away 

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AlunaGeorge – I’m In Control feat. Popcaan


AlunaGeorge has been quiet since their hit “I Know You Like It” was on basically every radio station last year, but they’re ready to take a new turn with their talents. Everyone knows by now that Aluna’s angelic vocals mesh with George’s beats like honey and tea, but they’ve got so much more in them and they’re ready to share it with the world. “I’m In Control” is a smooth, slightly more mature sound for AlunaGeorge and there’s even an added kick with a feature from Popcaan. It also wouldn’t be an AlunaGeorge track without a funky, dance-worthy vibe which is exactly what it’s got. Listen to “I’m In Control” below and keep your eyes peeled for their upcoming album this year.

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Billie Eilish – Ocean Eyes (GOLDHOUSE Remix)

billie eilish

Billie Eilish got heads turning with her mystical track “Ocean Eyes” a couple of months ago and since then the remixes  have been pouring in. Although the original tune is mesmerizing enough on its own, quite a few artists have tried to add their own flavor to the Billie Eilish gem. This time around Chicago producer GOLDHOUSE has given “Ocean Eyes” a different taste for listeners to become addicted to. It’s got a more upbeat feel and there’s an additional dreaminess to it. The song doesn’t lose its original Billie Eilish charm, but GOLDHOUSE definitely gives the track a new life. Listen to the latest “Ocean Eyes” remix below (and re-fall in love with the track one more time).

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[Interview] Lostboycrow Releases New EP “Sigh For Me”


Lostboycrow has been on Sunset’s radar for a while now. He’s currently one of our favorites to lead us into the 2016 music year. With first making waves on Sunset back in April of 2015, the music in which he describes as happy, sad, sexy, and dance, began when he made Los Angeles his new home and was fortunate enough to record a few songs with his good pal, Dylan (Flor). From there on, Lostboycrow was born. One of the first things we asked him was why Lostboycrow? Is there any significance to the name?

“I wanted the name to reflect the sentiment behind all of the art I create, a banner I could hold above every song and feel good about. It’s about having a vision and telling a story; “Lostboycrow” comes from the legend of The Lost Boy told by the Crow Nation – a people whose culture is centered on both of those things. I feel close to them and they inspired me to create and dream with others.”

Hit the jump for the rest of the interview and EP!

Continue reading “[Interview] Lostboycrow Releases New EP “Sigh For Me”” »

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