Party Pupils – Pony

Party Pupils is at it again with a rework of Ginuwine’s classic “Pony”. A few weeks after dropping their fantastic remix of Outkast’s “Ms. Jackson”, the Los Angeles duo is back with their second release. This track sports tasteful synth stabs, occasionally pitch-shifted vocals, and a bassline bouncy enough to keep you dancing throughout. With this track, the group puts their own spin on another R&B classic – I can’t wait to hear these guys’ original work.

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The Five Best Dance Songs of the Week [Valentine’s Day Edition]

“Where there is love there is life.”

Whether or not you’re holding down a boo thang this Valentine’s Day, I wanted to put together a special FBDS playlist for the weekend with the theme of love in mind ’cause, well, you guys deserve it If you’re heart is taken, this should help you and your item get down in the right away. If you’re flying solo, send this as a mixtape to your crush and you’ll thank me later.

And remember: everybody’s somebody’s everything.


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