Most Anticipated Albums of 2016

2015 came and went, some albums gave us chills, others made us want to party like it’s 1999, and then there were ones that just never seemed to arrive at all. While Adele made her surprising reappearance into the music world, Frank Ocean was probably off on an island far, far away laughing at us all as we impatiently wait for his sophomore album. He was most likely chillin’ alongside Rihanna and Kanye West, who have also been taking their precious time to release their next albums. Before we get too bitter about this, it’s important to think about all the great works of art that are likely to flood our ears in 2016. Here’s a list of albums that will (hopefully) arrive in the new year and fill our musical needs.

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Poliça – Lime Habit

Poliça have been bringing their quirky synthpop sound to our ears since their debut Give You The Ghost. Their last release Shulamith also created an atmosphere of darkness with a dash of their uniqueness. Their sound is one that can’t be compared to anyone, so it’s no wonder they’ve gotten quite the following. It’s been two years since their sophomore record and they’ve luckily come back to life with a brand new single. “Lime Habit” is quite simple and clean compared to some of their prior tracks, but it’s got its own beauty to it. It’s smooth, calm, and a dose of easy-listening music.

Poliça will release their third album United Crushers next year, March 4th. For now, check out “Lime Habit” below.

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Top Acts to See at Hurricane Festival

Summer usually means one crucial thing for music fans….music festivals galore. Although quite a few have already taken place, there’s a good handful of them that have yet to occur. This time around we’re bringing you a taste of a big festival taking place in Scheessel, Germany on June 20-22, Hurricane Festival. As a current resident of Germany, I’ll be attending this festival for the first time but as  preparation I’ll be giving a taste of what to expect. Whether you’ve never heard of Hurricane, are attending, or simply interested in what other festivals around the world have to offer, here’s a list of my top acts to see (including a taste of some actual German artist).

Friday picks:

Bombay Bicycle Club

Bombay Bicycle Club have definitely been around long enough at this point to be seen as a solid band that has everyone’s respect. However, in many parts of the world there are still people that haven’t experienced the pure rawness and talent these guys possess. Their latest album came out merely a few months ago and the newer tracks will only add to their already flawlessly energetic live show. Whether you’ve seen them ten times or zero, they’re always worth experiencing live.

Duke Dumont

Duke Dumont has been bringing some serious jams in the last year. He’s currently making the world explode with his incredibly addictive track “I Got U” and that’s probably not the only track that he’ll be getting us stoked for. He’s bound to bring the party at his set and what’s better than a dance party at a festival?

George Ezra

George Ezra is another artist that’s been slowly but surely making himself known to the world. His soulful pipes and incredibly likable tunes can make anyone turn their head. His set is worth checking out before he completely blows up.


Casper is the first on our list that is an actual German artist. His music is a fusion of dark hip-hop and indie alternative.  He doesn’t stray far from other American artists, having already done a tour with Portugal. the Man. He’s greatly known and appreciated in Germany and is worth giving a listen to.

Saturday picks:

Selah Sue

With vocals filled of honey and soul, it’s almost a given that Selah Sue is a must-see. She’s got some serious girl power going and how can one not appreciate that? She rocks out on the guitar, belts out notes that we wish we could, and simply has it all. Full package, she sure is.

Circa Waves

Circa Waves are exactly what you’d expect and want from a band’s live set. They’ve got the simple indie rock vibe that everyone appreciates in a festival setting. Plus they just know how to rock, can’t go wrong there.

Lily Allen

Lily Allen may not be the most unique pick considering she’s a huge pop star that everyone knows. However, after her hiatus of far too long, it’s only right we appreciate her comeback. A bit of sass mixed with sing along worthy pop tracks, it’s definitely not a bad way to end your Saturday night after some intense sun.


Kraftklub is yet another German artist on the list. Their music can be described as indie rock with an occasional taste of hip hop. Their live act is bound to get the crowd going with energy therefore they’re a must-see if you want to have a good time.


Sunday picks:


Polica is absurdly beautiful which means their live show is bound to be just as mesmerizing. These Minnesota darlings are probably the most unique of the Hurricane must-see acts, so they’re definitely going to give a different flavor from anything else. That in itself is enough to appreciate.


Metronomy bring the indie-electro catchiness we all need at a summer festival. It’s worth bringing your dancing shoes, yet you won’t be totally drained watching them either. It’s the light fun you’ll be looking for when you want to enjoy yourself yet not melt from lack of energy.

London Grammar

London Grammar have stolen our hearts within the last year, so it would be criminal to not have them on this list. They may not be the most energetic, or particularly crazy as far as live acts go but what they have to offer is far beyond that. With vocals to sooth our minds and songs to melt our souls, there’s definitely nothing to complain about when seeing them live. They’re simply beauty in a band and missing them would be simply silly.


Last but not least is the final German artist on our list. Seeed is a well known band in Germany. Their music is a mixture between hip hop and reggae. As a headliner and closing act they are bound to attract a big crowd.


All in all, Hurricane Festival is bound to please it’s thousands of guests. With acts from around the world, it’ll give everyone a taste of something they enjoy.

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[MP3] Poliça – Chain My Name (Allan Kingdom Remix)

New Allan Kingdom!

Allan Kingdom will be famous–whether he wants to be or not. It’s funny how truly great artists are most often the ones who don’t try to fit in. Here, Kingdom isn’t transforming Polica‘s “Chain My Name” into a pop song, but it really could become popular. His music is such that it is so unique to him and weird and catchy in the most intuitive way possible. This remix, completely re-produced and written over by Kingdom, will simply make you feel things, and isn’t that what good music is all about?

RELATED: Download Allan Kingdom’s track from our Sunset Selections mixtape

[via Yours Truly]

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[Sunset Selections] Allan Kingdom – Cheez

New Allan Kingdom!

We were floored by Minnesota-based rapper Allan Kingdom‘s 2013 mixtape Talk to Strangers, so naturally we asked him to join the cast of this year’s Sunset Selections. He quickly blessed us with “Cheez,” which to me sounds like the most zen trip into a lost Tibetan monastery. The sparse beat is challenged by Kingdom’s questioning (“so why you trying to climb up my sycamore tree?”) and a razor sharp closing verse. Talent-wise, I think the sky is the limit for Allan Kingdom, and with friends/fans like Plain Pat and Poliça, I just don’t see him not making a big splash in hip-hop and music in general.

Sunset Selections will be here on 10/10 (next Thursday!). The final single comes out next Tuesday (10/8).

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