Alohaha – Welcome to Your New Life

Alohaha is billed as “the breakup album and collaboration of L.A. based producer Jake Sinclair and poet Lyndsay Thornton.” But while there’s definitely melancholy below the surface, the  single brims with woozy, slow-churning beauty.

Punctuated by steel guitars and meandering, his-and-hers vocals, “Welcome to Your New Life” is as gorgeous a track as you’ll find about relationship dysfunction. The song’s sunny sound is reminiscent of Peace or Real Estate.

“Welcome to your new life/Is it the paradise, baby, you’d hoped you’d find?” the pair of voices ask rhetorically.

White Sea‘s Morgan Kibby provides guest vocals, and gives “Welcome to Your New Life” a lot of its heart and suspense.

All in all, the track is a wry ode to the end of a relationship, and a testament to the power of dissonance between sonic style and subject matter.

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Listen While You Work: 1.0

Listen while you work music sunset in the rearview

While I’m trying to keep my head above water with my day job, it pains me not to be able to share every song I hear and love. Particularly because even while I work, if I’m sitting at my desk, I have to listen to music to keep the blood pumping through my veins. That’s just how I operate. And there’s a lot of stuff going into my ears. So I’ve decided I’ll try to do some of these posts where I pull some of the top songs together and make a custom playlist for you to be able to listen to while you work. So here goes…Listen While You Work: 1.0. This week features music from Peace, Vondelpark, Josh Record, Fyfe, Say Lou Lou, Wintercoats, Junip, Last Lynx, Sir Sly, Cloud Boat, Ajimal, and Niagara

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“Two” (Buffetlibre Remix) – The Antlers

As stated recently, I don’t usually like remixes that much. I prefer the original stuff. Most remixes strike me as artists who lack creativity piggybacking/jacking somebody else’s creative juices and calling it their own. That said, however, once in a while a remix comes along that makes me drool. Maybe I’m drooling right now because I have strep throat and cannot seem to make use of my throat because it’s in so much pain, but I’d like to instead think that I’m drooling because I am loving this remix so much. It’s a perfect blend of the original and a new dance funk mix. Not overdone, not underdone. Just right. In fact I believe I like it more than the original. Thank you sir, I’ll have another.

And the other part of this that I love! So the dudes who did this remix, Buffetlibre, have teamed up with Amnesty International Catalunya to create something called “PEACE,” “the first music atlas in the net.” Basically this is a compilation of over 180 exclusive and unreleased songs by artists from all over the world. You can download the album here after making a donation to Amnesty International Catalunya. The money then goes to the investigation and action campaigns aimed at preventing cases of Human Rights abuses around the world. Being a human rights major in college, obviously this concept appeals to me.

Download “Two” (Buffetlibre Remix) (right click and save)

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