The Five Best Dance Songs of the Week

We’ve hand picked the five best dance songs of recent for you to shake it like a salt shaker to this weekend. So, what are you waiting for?

1. Sky Ferreira – Red Lips (Com Truise Remix)

2. Your Drums, Your Love (Deebs Extended Mix)

3. Lil Twist ft. Lil Wayne & Chris Brown – Flowerz (prod. diplo & DJA)

4. Brett – Confidence (Viceroy Remix)

5. Pretty Lights – So Bright

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Clinton Sparks – Closing Time (Semisonic Remix)

The mixing master Clinton Sparks is back, with his latest track for your partying pleasure. Clinton adds a great feel to one of the biggest one-hit wonders ever “Closing Time” by Semisonic (not Third Eye Blind, I’m looking at you Timberlake). Clinton’s gearing up for his next release, My Awesome Mixtape 3, which we’ll see this summer, along with his first single, “Watch You” ft. Pitbull, also dropping this summer. Get the neon ready, and make sure this track is tucked firmly in your party playlist for the upcoming school year.

MP3: Clinton Sparks – Closing Time (Semisonic Remix) 

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Friday at Five [Weekend Music]

Friday at Five

1. “Candy Wolf” – Smokey Robotic

Candy Wolf by Smokey Robotic

I still don’t really…understand…Smokey Robotic. Who are they? What kind of music they put out? I get different vibes with every song I hear. But hey, point is – this song is dope. I’ll put it on my weekend playlist, sure!

2. “Bustin’ Scary Rhymes” – D.Veloped

Bustin’ Scary Rhymes by D.VELOPED

This track is a little all over the place, which is unusual for D.Veloped, but hey…if it’s going to be one of those nights, you have to go big or go home. Consider this song the coaster for your spilled drink.

3. “Here We Go” (AC Slater Remix) – Chiddy Bang

Chiddy Bang – “Here We Go” (AC Slater Remix) by acslater

How can you not be drawn to a remix artist who goes by the name AC Slater? This is a club remix of Chiddy Bang’s hit single “Here We Go.” I could get crazy with this…

4. “Sounds Like Rap” – Thirsty Fish

Thirsty Fish – Sounds Like Rap by MushRecords

This song might just be on crack. But shit, that being said, it’s no wonder so many people are addicted to crack. I feel like life is going fast forward on reverse. Ya, think about that for a second. Thirsty Fish are on drugs. I am on drugs. Your grandmother is on drugs. Your unborn child is on drugs. Fuck you, fuck drugs.

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Miike Snow – Silvia (VOODOO FARM REMIX)

Gotta keep it short, because my eyes are closing as I type (long week), but WOAH…this makes me feel like I just injected a bit of somethin’ or other into my arm and will actually never fall asleep. GotDAMNNN, Voodoo Farm! TRIPPPYYYYYYYYYYYY!


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Friday at Five

Save the date. Lydia has just posted a dubstep song, which falls in a genre that she has denounced for a long time. But this time, it’s a remix by Adventure Club of one of the best songs off James Vincent McMorrow’s latest album, Early in the Morning. Something tells me this is a perfect song for today’s Friday at 5track. I will be wobbling to this track this weekend. You too? Cool. Let’s womp and wobble together.

James Vincent McMorrow – We Don’t Eat (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) by Adventure Club Dubstep

BonusDownload “We Don’t Eat” (Original Version)

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Phish – Bouncing Around The Room (Its Overture Edit)


Bouncing Around The Room (Its Overture Edit) by Its Overture

The concept of Phish is so interesting to me. I saw them live once, at ACL, and I was so blown away at the amount of absolutely diehard fans there who know every single obscure word to their songs that all seem to tell tales of random things that they’ve encountered in life. They serve a niche market, that much is clear. Personally, I think I’d love the music if only Trey Anastasio’s voice was bearable; but alas, nine times out of ten, I can’t stand the sound of it. This song, though, stunned me when I saw it live; these old men were playing the song while jumping, in syncronized movements, mind you, on trampolines. For those of you who may not attend many concerts: that is not normal. It likely takes a freakish amount of talent to figure out how to play your instrument, sing your part, and do some syncronized dance moves all at the same time.

Anyway, Its Overture, one of my new favorite remix/mashup groups, has decided to make a Phish song a bit more appealing and accessible to people who may not be Phish fans. It’s more uptempo, and quite frankly, makes me want to go buy a trampoline and see if I can play the part of guitarist and singer of Rock Band while performing some stellar dance moves on the trampoline. How much would you pay me to film that, huh?

Happy Friday at Five, everybody! Enjoy your weekend!

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[New Release] “Lights (Bassnectar Remix)” – Ellie Goulding

“Lights (Bassnectar Remix)” – Ellie Goulding by SunsetintheRearview

No chance I could wait until tomorrow to drop this one on Womp Womp Wednesday. We got the drop on this, and I could not pass up that opportunity. I got an email from Bassnectar labs the other day promoting a new Bassnectar remix, and I almost had a heart attack after reading the subject line: “New Bassnectar Promo: Ellie Goulding Remix.” First off, it should be clear by now that I love Bassnectar. Second off, it should be known that Ellie Goulding and I will be married one day. Don’t be jealous guys, it’s just because I’m so good looking and charming.

Anyway, Ellie’s “Lights” has been mixed a whole bunch of times, my favorites being Potomac Boy’s Club’s remix “Lights!” or the Blackmill remix, and this new Bassnectar remix. This one sounds very similar on a certain level to the PBC’s remix, until the womp drops. I’m sitting in a very sullen room right now typing this, and I can barely restrict my headbanging. Bassnectar is just a master with the bass. His sound is so fierce-deep growls, slapping drums, and a great synth track rolling throughout that makes this one a real banger.

He’s an absolutely unbelievable concert to see, so I definitely recommend doing everything in your power to see Lorin womp live sometime. It will not disappoint, and neither will this track. Enjoy.

Download “Lights (Bassnectar Remix)”

Like this song? Give it a heart on Hype Machine!

Bassnectar || Facebook || Twitter

Dream Big

Twitter || D Prep

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SECOND birthday

Exciting news!

Sunset in the Rearview will be celebrating its SECOND birthday (a couple weeks early) on November 16th at Motorco Music Hall in Durham! The party, to be called Sunset Live, will feature three bands. The headliner is Jon Lindsay, pop artist extraordinaire out of Charlotte, NC, and the two openers will be announced closer to the event! I am really excited about this, and hope that as many people as possible can come out and join the party on Tuesday, November 16th as we celebrate two years of existence!

Sunset Live
Tuesday, November 16th 8:00
Featuring Jon Lindsay, and 2 other bands!
More details to come! For now, mark your calendars!

And if you already know you plan on attending, RSVP on the Facebook Event Page!

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Scoop Deville – Everlong Flip

“Everlong Flip” – Scoop Deville

It is a mini post from yours truly, Falade. It is that potent sound in a compact form. It is as if Aslan is whispering sweet nothings into your ear. It is an auditory shot and it will get your ears sloppy ninja drunk.

Remember to respond in the comment section below whether you would take the shot or pass. Based on how many people like the song and say they would take the auditory shot, I will apply a state of glorious inebriation to it.

Now without further ado, prepare to get your ears sloppy ninja drunk. (If you are wondering where auditory shots came from you can check here.)

Direct Download

Scoop Deville || Myspace | Twitter | SoundCloud

Written by Falade

Twitter | | MyspaceSoundCloud DropBox

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Introduction: The Knocks

The Knocks, an integral part of Heavy Roc Music, are reminding me why I love music so much. Any emotions that may seem to have me locked inside a claustrophobic space are let loose when I hear the refreshing sounds that The Knocks put through my speakers. Not only do their lyrics emphasize the fact that everything will be alright, but their sound automatically lifts my spirits and takes me to a sunny island with palm trees, hummingbirds, sand, coconuts, and smiles. And perhaps best of all, the main forms of communication are whistling and singing.

When you’re feeling down and low, you can make it better when you’ve got music

“When You’ve Got Music” – The Knocks (via)

“Fader” (The Knocks Remix ft. Samuel) – Temper Trap

“Make It Better” – The Knocks

Follow The Knocks on Twitter

Follow Heavy Roc Music on Twitter

Thanks to Jess from New Music Collaborative for inspiring me to post this.

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Rusko – Hold-On-Wha-La-La-Leng (Poirier Refix)

Rusko – Hold-On-Wha-La-La-Leng (Poirier Refix)

As my fingers click away on the black keys of my HP there is a sort of trepidation within me. I have absolutely no idea whether any of you will actually like this remix. I love it but I have a strong feeling that many will not feel the same way. On account of that I need you to do me a favor. When you hear the entire song post your thoughts in the comment section. Tell me whether you liked or hated it. Tell me whether it caused you to wreak some havoc or if you just shook your head in disgust. Post pictures of yourself dancing to the tune or crying in dissapointment. Do something but don’t just listen and leave because I value your feedback and all that good fluffy shit stuff.

“Rusko – Hold-On-Wha-La-La-Leng” – (Poirier Refix)

Direct Download

Poirier | Myspace | SoundCloud | Twitter

Written by Falade

Twitter | | MyspaceSoundCloud DropBox

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Sky Ferreira – One (WAWA Remix)


“One” (WAWA Remix) – Sky Ferreira

Another week, another Friday at Five!

“One,” by Sky Ferreira, has been stuck in my head for weeks. And I haven’t minded it one bit. Matter of fact, it’s given me a hop in my step the whole time, and I wasn’t sure I could ask for much more. …Until I heard this spectacular remix. That’s when I realized that the good, my friends, sometimes just does get even better.

I think this here calls for a bit of a role reversal, Mr. Weekend. I’ve had enough of your usual, “Lydia, are you ready to get your butt kicked?” nonsense. Today, WAWA and I propose this question: “Weekend, are you ready for us?”

Head to ground, I don’t ever want the beat to stop.

Download “One” (Wawa Remix)

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