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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: Grand Theft

New Tape Tuesday!

Summer’s gone, and school has started. It all sounds about as depressing as it feels, and as we embark on the ongoing cycle of school, weekend, school, etc. it almost feels as if something is being stolen from us. So we go out on weekends and wreck shit up and engage in behavior our parents’ would probably not be proud of. So this tape, like almost every Tape Tuesday before it, is sort of a toast to being young. It’s about the lasting effects of summer and lots about love. Also, I’ve totally been playing Grand Theft Auto IV again lately. It’s a problem.

  1. Obey City – Reflect Effect
  2. The Coopers – Summer’s Child
  3. Antonio Paul – Coloured Screens
  4. Zak Waters – Penelope (Radio Edit)
  5. Mikky Ekko – Kids (Max Martin’d by Djemba Djemba Trollmix)
  6. Drake – Hold On, We’re Going Home (ft. Majid Jordan)
  7. Budo – Barcelona
  8. Earl Sweatshirt – Sunday (ft. Frank Ocean)
  9. X Ambassadors – Power Trip (J. Cole Cover)
  10. San Mei – Brighter
  11. Thief – Broken Boy
  12. Whinnie Williams – Break Hearts In Your Sleep
  13. Mikal Cronin – Weight
  14. Party Supplies – Love Song
  15. Moonlight Mask – What’s That? (Gimme That)
  16. Jaymes Young – Northern Lights
  17. Enth Degree – I Heart You
  18. Seekae – Another Girl

I would tell her all these fairytales, the ones I tried to write


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[Album Stream] Party Supplies – Tough Love

New Party Supplies!

Party Supplies‘s debut album Tough Love is different than anything you have heard in 2013. There are moments in these 9 tracks where the BK duo sounds like LCD Soundsystem in their prime, and there are other times where they sound a lot like the Footloose soundtrack–and this is coming from the guys (well really, Justin Nealis produces) behind Action Bronson‘s critically acclaimed Blue Chips project and Danny Brown‘s blog smash “Grown Up.”

To me Tough Love is something of a soundtrack for crazy nights out, and in the same vein, it is as imperfect as said nights out. Haven’t you noticed how so much music nowadays sounds way too clean? These songs seem to be purposely mixed to contain that much needed hazy grittiness that retro rock songs sort of champion. All around I would say this is a damn good debut from the Fool’s Gold signees.

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Party Supplies – New York 2017

Party Supplies

Party Supplies hit me this evening like a fucking blow to the face. It hurts, but it was probably deserved. The thing is, it felt good, too. I haven’t been able to blog much for a while because I’ve been really busy with work, and for that I’ve missed out on Party Supplies. So what do I get? A blow to the face. Party Supplies 1, Lydia 0. Then I realized how fucking good the music is. Party Supplies 2, Lydia 0. AND that this is the same guy who produced the Action Bronson mixtape, Blue Chips. Party Supplies 3, Lydia 0. And that’s about all I can say about that.


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Action Bronson & Party Supplies – Blue Chips (Mixtape)

Action Bronson, the lovechild of gangster William “Action” Jackson and Charles Branson, is my new favorite rapper. There–I said it. It’s true. He’s awesome.

So is Party Supplies. His remix of “Once in a Lifetime” is one of my favorite songs of the past year.

So the two of them combining for a full mixtape, for me at least, is incredibly exciting. Now that it’s hear, that excitement has been vindicated–Blue Chips is perfect.

It’s weird how well Party Supplies and Bam Bam Bronson go together. Their styles are compatible, sure. But the thing that really strikes me is the similarity in their delivery–laidback, relaxed, and while certainly imperfect, it just kind of seems, you know, perfectly imperfect.

Party Supplies productions aren’t necessarily polished or technical. But it sounds so nice. Branson’s rhymes aren’t always that meaningful or deep–shit, the dude spends a lot of time talking about hookers–but they’re crisp, ya know? Dope in their apparent effortlessness, in a Das Racist kind of way, so it makes sense to see a Kool AD feature here.

Anyway, get UP on Action Bronson if you haven’t checked him out yet.


Action Bronson – 9-24-11

Action Bronson – Hookers at the Point

Action Bronson – Arts and Leisure ft. Kool AD

Action Bronson – Nordic Wind

Download “Blue Chips”


Dream Big

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