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[Download Mixtape] Sunset Selections of 2013

New Sunset Selections!

Sunset Selections is a curated collection of original songs written exclusively for this mixtape by our favorite breakthrough artists of 2013

A lot of people contributed to the making of Sunset Selections, so I decided to write this post as a thank you note. It feels dumb writing it, so if you feel dumb reading it, understand that that is okay. First and foremost, I would like to thank the artists who were a part of this mixtape for being so accepting of this idea and all-in with this project. You guys surpassed my expectations on that front and then met my expectations with the awesome songs you sent (my expectations were really high okay–that’s why we asked you to contribute). I would also like to thank the Sunset Fam for working their asses off for me and this idea. Without getting too sentimental, I love these people more than my own family. Just kidding. But they are cool, and it’s cool how Lydia set up a submissions page, Eric made a legendary trailer, Alicia let me use her collages, Jordan and Andy got artists on board, and they all listened to me vent about all the bullshit and awesomeness that took place while heading up this project. I really think the mixtape does its job of capturing this moment in time, but more than that, pieces of it are timeless. Oh God, that was ‘cheez‘-y. Fuck, I can’t stop. Just… let this mixtape soundtrack your 2013 and then your entire life.



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[Sunset Selections] CP – Losin’ It

New CP!

Sacrifice and art seem to go hand in hand. You know there are probably hundreds of think pieces on the Internet arguing over whether Kanye can ever truly be happy because, as he knows and we know, art is more interesting when it’s painful. CP‘s new single, the first offering from our all-original Sunset Selections mixtape, sounds like it was somehow created in a cave atop the coldest mountain in Russia. The beat is spaced out yet in your face, and the verses are angry and like, really explicit. The chorus, borrowing from REM’s 1991 hit “Losing My Religion,” sounds cold and desolate like an echo from a past life (whatever that means). Seriously, this is exactly what Sunset Selections is about: transformative sounds from young, talented artists.

Sunset Selections will be here on 10/10. Next single comes next Tuesday (10/1).


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MP3 Premiere: CP – It Only Begun

New CP!

CP rides the line on this one. Hit play on the song if you haven’t already. Yes, that’s a Mumford & Sons sample. “Wack” has to be your first thought. It just has to be, yet you can’t stop listening. Then about a minute into the song, “wack” becomes “dope,” and you’re sold. Download the track for free, and as a bonus check out the NSFW video, starring Mercedeh Allen.

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One Room – Sunflower

New One Room!

It’s happened. After about a year, the duo has finally crafted a song that surpasses the massive sensation that was their debut track “I Want You.” “Sunflower” is a nice change-up for One Room. It is more summery and plain happier than their other songs. The verses are still spot on, the beat is ethereal as fuck (…), and the hook is as catchy as ever. IDK Y’ALL I THINK I MIGHT BE IN LOVE. Cop the download for free below and then redirect your attention to the handwritten letter from Chris P to his One Room counterpart Samuel above.

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Audio Premiere: Chris-P – Telepathic

Chris-P is a young star. You probably recognize his name from his group One Room. Well, now he’s adding a solo career to an already impressive resume. This move has been in the works for a while now. His project The GEEK: The Generation Everybody Everywhere Knows will be released under Noiz Media Group and Indie Pop later next month. In the meantime Chris has given us the first single from the album, which Sunset is proud to be premiering. “Telepathic” features an irresistible beat and an R&B vibe that is a bit different than his One Room material. It finds the young artist somewhere in between the indie flare of The Weeknd and the mainstream appeal of an Usher. The video below is also noteworthy because it stars Jessica Burciaga who is considered to be the most beautiful woman in the world by ESPN and me. Check her it out.

Let me read your miiiiiiind, and I’ll let you read miiiine.

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[Brenton Duvall Remix] The Knocks – All We Got ft. One Room & Kardinal Offishall

Our guy Brenton drops this brand new joint, remixing The Knocks song with Kardinal Offishall, All We Got (original), and he adds in one of our favorites, One Room.

Two favorites in one song? Yeah, we’re kind of excited about this drop. Lydia should be too. Two people in this song crush on her! Chris (of One Room) and Brenton…I see you both!

Kardinal Offishall used to be my shit back in the day.

Brenton Duvall – All We Got Remix ft. The Knocks, One Room & Kardinal Offishall

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Interview: One Room + New Song

One Room is unlike any other group around today. Sunset has been supporting them since day one, and all the way up to now their releases have been nothing short of impressive. Their music is a unique blend of that dramatic Weeknd flare and the grounded, honest lyricism of someone like Kid Cudi. The group consists of Samuel (who released a solo track in March) and recent Indie-Pop signee Chris P. I had the pleasure of interviewing the duo earlier this year, and now you can read the full interview and listen to their brand new song “Tip Toe” in anticipation of their debut EP which will be released this June.

Arjun: How did One Room begin? Whose idea was it?

Chris: One Room came from a deep place inside both of us. It was kind of a mutual idea for us to do music together. Before you know it we had all these tracks we called ours.

Samuel: Yeah. We needed a new creative outlet that combined our individual strengths and talents into one big one. Watching all the awesome music happening around us and wanting to make something different… At first it was more experimentation than anything.

Arjun: What exactly is Heavy Roc‘s role in your music (production, distribution, etc.)?

Chris: The Roc is where it all goes down. Everyday pretty much we would go down to the studio and work. I was one of the engineers. Sam was always brewin’ something up as far as production, so by the time it was done I just had to cross the t’s and dot the i’s on it, ya know.

Samuel: The studio is our center, it’s really the way that we met and began to make music together and our friendship and the creative things began overlapping. We also knew that the HRM blog would be the first place we premiered our music. Everyone at Heavy Roc is really supportive, and we definitely owe them a huge thanks.

Arjun: I don’t think I get this whole set up yet. Who exactly does the production for One Room? And Samuel sings and Chris raps?

(Hit the jump to read the full interview, including who they’re both listening to right now and how Chris ended up being Lydia‘s Valentine this year.)

Continue reading “Interview: One Room + New Song” »

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Samuel – Brooklyn

Samuel is sitting on the brink of mainstream success. I mean, he has to be. The guy is everywhere in the blogosphere and is about to be more so as he cultivates both his solo career and his hip-hop project One Room with his buddy/Lydia’s Valentine this year Chris P. This new track came with the simple message, “Over a year in the making, here is my new song ‘Brooklyn’.” It is a simple introduction to what might be my favorite track of the year (so far). On it, Samuel takes a familiar acoustic sound and places it in the unique context of big city loneliness. The New York native takes full command of the track as it builds into a satisfying conclusion. Thank God for repeat buttons.

‘Cause darling I wanna come see ya, but you live in Brooklyn…


If you didn’t know Samuel before this post, here are some of my favorite tracks from his debut album Trains To Wanderland.

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Mysterious ‘One Room’ Reveals Their Identity

New One Room!

I fell in love on October 28th. Complicatedly, I wasn’t sure exactly who I was in love with. The best I could say was ‘somebody capable of blending different forms of music from rock to R&B to hip-hop to pop,’ and I could imagine a face in my mind, but it was all in my imagination. I knew this much: they were called One Room. But who were they? There were rumors that it was The Knocks under a different identity. The rumors were immediately shut down by The Knocks themselves. Doubters might have doubted (and haters might have hated), but come on, people…they SWORE. Real men don’t break swears.

Today, the secret is out. One Room revealed their identity. The duo happens to be consisted of Samuel and Chris-P, both connected to Heavy Roc music.  Turns out The Knocks wasn’t a far off guess, as they’re part of Heavy Roc music as well.

Feels pretty good to put a face to the name, ya?

One Room – Believe by oneroom


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Premiere: One Room – Believe

New One Room!

I heard “Believe” about a week ago when it was featured on Dazed & Confused’s impressive January Playlist, and now Sunset has gotten the exclusive premiere of its mp3. On first listen, I was immediately engrossed by the song’s screwed, atmospheric beat and no-bullshit lyrics. As a whole, “Believe” can fill whatever desire you have for more Drake and The Weeknd collaborations. Throughout it, you get honest Drizzy-like verses and a subdued but menacing Abel-like chorus. Now. If you don’t know about One Room yet, you really need to get your shit together. Last year, the duo (?) produced two of the year’s finest singles (here and here) and now is looking to take 2012 by storm.

Look for The EP to drop later this year, and until then…believe.

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[Mixtape] Best Songs of November 2011

Dear Sunset Viewers,

Whether you are new to the site, or frequent fliers, you’re the best. Pay it forward, and share the awesomeness we offer on this site. Download link, and my top 5 below.



P.S. – I jacked Lupe Fiasco’s mixtape cover.

Download Best of November 2011 (32 songs)

Jordan’s Top 5:

Hulkshare: One Room – I Want You/Wait

Who the fuck is One Room? It’s a mystery.

Hulkshare: Skizzy Mars – Another World

Kid just continues to keep on impressing everyone. He may be young, but god damn, he gets better with each song.

“I get love, don’t give it back. That’s the way they do it on Cinemax.”

Hulkshare: WZRD – Brake

People will have their opinions. People will say wah wah blah blah, where’s the rap! Ask me if I give a fuuuuuck, cause I don’t. I will ride with CuDi and die with CuDi. Dramatic? Eh, a lil bit. As Lydia said “I still wish it had the beat of a hip hop song that I know Dot Da Genius can bring to the table, but I always thought that Cudder was a better singer than rapper. Hearing him lay a melody on a track is something I always wished for more of, so it seems we might be on the right path.”

Hulkshare: 2AM Club – Reach Down Deep

Love, love, love this song. Always puts me in a good mood. Catchy, relaxing, and a melody that sounds like a combination of Fergie & Jesus.

Hulkshare: AudioDax – Smile

With their top 5 debut, and I believe Sunset debut as well, I got here a nice little tune that reminds me of some Shwayze type ish. I’ve had AudioDax on my radar for a little over a year now, and I’m hoping this track will get you Sunset viewers hooked.

Hit the jump for the tracklist! Continue reading “[Mixtape] Best Songs of November 2011” »

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One Room – Wait [Music Video]

New One Room Music Video!

I haven’t seen The Tree of Life yet, but this is kind of what I imagine it being like. Between candid shots of various girls, we get awe-inspiring shots of earth cycles and outer space. It seems like we get real glimpses into the mysterious One Room’s life, but that’s all they are: glimpses. Every alternate frame shuts us back out. It’s all very strange and probably a metaphor of some sort, or maybe it’s just how I see it: a really well-made, meticulously edited music video. Check it out below.

Look at you, could I ever…

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