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Oh Wonder – Landslide [MP3 + Lyrics]

I’m heading home tomorrow to be with [part of] my family for a week, and there’s something almost unexplainable about the feeling of excitement and warmth that comes with the anticipation of the time at home. I hope this is something that’s known to each of us, and that everybody can feel. It doesn’t have to be your family – maybe it’s friends of yours – but I hope every person has somebody or something in his or her life that creates this sensation of comfort and love.

On the topic of comfort, I just heard the song Oh Wonder released today called “Landslide.” It appears to be born out of a pretty sad story wherein somebody has hit rock bottom, but that repeated “I’ll be there for you” line transforms it into something really sweet and uplifting. Listen closely for female vocalist Josephine Vander Gucht’s emphasis on certain lines; it’s pretty emotional. I’m feeling this a lot.

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Oh Wonder – Technicolor Beat

 Oh Wonder have been releasing solid track after solid track these days. They promised to grant listeners a new song every month and luckily for us they haven’t skipped a single beat. This duo has managed to bring something new with each tune and their newest one is no different. “Technicolor Beat” is perfectly calming but with enough flavor to it to bring a head-bobbing beat. This duo is unstoppable and although a song a month is perfectly fine with us, an album would be even better. Until then, enjoy their March track below.

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