Earl Sweatshirt – WHOA

Earl Sweatshirt is back at it with a video directed by Wolf Haley, Tyler, the Creator’s alter ego. The song starts hilariously with Tyler saying that people think the Earl wouldn’t go back to his “vintage” sound now that he released Chum and got “all personal.”  The thing that amazes me about Earl’s lyricism on tracks like this is how seemingly random the words maybe be, yet how deeply metaphorical they can be at the same time.

This video has all the makings of the Odd Future of old–ridiculous, unexplainable things (why is that old women in a tutu), disgusting, sickening actions, and an overall “I’m confused but that was dope” vibe. That, combined with Earl spitting the way he was after he released EARL back in the day, should please both new OF fans and those who have been there for years. I’m looking at you, Jamarcus.

The Misadventures of a Shit-Talker


Dream Big

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[Video] Earl’s First Performance with OF Since Returning from Samoa

Tonight, after an interview with Tyler and Peter Rosenberg on Hot 97, Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt performed with the rap collective for the first time since returning from Samoa. He performed Orange Juice with Tyler as well as his song Kill off of EARL.

Lost an erection and found it in a Catholic nun. – Mr. Sweatshirt

It’s nice to have you back, Earl.

Orange Juice



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Tyler, The Creator – Nightmare

Tyler, the Creator’s album, Goblin, came out today. D Prep is going to post a big review of the whole album, but just so you guys don’t miss out on buying this album from the get-go, here’s a quick preview of what you’re in for. This shit is absurd. Buy it. It was released TODAY and it’s already #3 on iTunes Top Albums. If your Twitter is moving slowly, it’s because Goblin is giving the Twitter servers seizures. EVERYBODY is talking about this album. Absurd, if you think about it. These high school kids are really making a movement. Buy the album and prove that people don’t need to be signed by a major label to make it big.

MP3: “Nightmare” – Tyler, The Creator

Goblin (Deluxe Edition) - Tyler, The Creator

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Tyler, the Creator Announces Goblin Tracklist, Release Date

Goblin odd future

Tyler, the Creator, head honcho of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA/Odd Future) announced last week that his newest solo project, Goblin, would be released on May 10th. Just today, he let the word out about the tracks on Goblin via Twitter. Hit the jump for tracklisting and more information about the project.

Goblin Tracklisting:

01 Goblin
02 Yonkers
03 Radicals
04 She
05 Transylvania
06 Nightmare
07 Tron Cat
08 Her
09 Sandwitches
10 Fish
11 Analog
12 BSD
13 Window
14 AU79
15 Golden

Tyler also announced that the tape would be released on vinyl.

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Childish Gambino – Freeks and Geeks (Music Video)

Freaks and Geeks from Donald Glover on Vimeo.

Childish Gambino’s “Freeks and Geeks” music video dropped today. Apparently the coolest new thing is to do a solo video of yourself dancing in an open warehouse. This is a fun little video, but Donald Glover doesn’t have quite the dance moves that the Odd Future guys have. I think my favorite part is when it’s just his face, like he’s telling us a story. Once again reminds me of Tyler, The Creator, though. I guess I just expected something a little more creative from a guy like Donald Glover. I like it a lot, nonetheless. Shout out to Rob for the heads up on this video release.

Download “Freeks and Geeks”

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Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All

Right now, Tyler, the Creator (@fucktyler), Hodgy Beats (@KILLHodgy), and Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (@ofwgkta) might be my favorite hip hop group. They’re outrageous, they’re unprecedented, they’re revolutionary. I really don’t know how else to put it. It has an effect on me like no other music has ever had.

Let me recant you with a story from this morning: I had Kid Cudi level night terrors, and slept terribly. Woke up, my ass was beyond tired. I threw on “Sandwitches” and “Yonkers.” By the middle of Sandwitches, I was literally jumping around my room punching invisible objects screaming “WOLF GANG WOLF GANG WOLF GANG,” like a possessed human being. Truly overtook me. Some of you may think I’m crazy for that, but I’m confident some of you out there will know exactly what I mean. And the thing is, so do so many other artists out there. HUGE artists. Kanye West himself tweeted this last night, linking to Tyler, the Creator’s video for “Yonkers.”

@kanyewest: @fucktyler http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSbZidsgMfw The video of 2011

Just days after Kanye’s own “All of the Lights” video drops, and he’s calling a 19 year old’s video the “video of 2011?” That’s unprecedented for the egomaniac that is ‘Ye. That might be the realest support you can get. Truly, unprecedented. Esquire did a great little article explaining the madness that is OFWGKTA. Some of the most notable snippets:

Who the fk are Odd Future? The leader of the group is a 19 year-old named Tyler, or Tyler The Creator. The second-most prominent of the group is a rapper named Hodgy Beats. The rest of the group splinter off into sub-groups. The youngest member is Earl Sweatshirt, who was recently sent away to boarding school by his parents.

What the fk is the big deal about Odd Future? Imagine the most belligerent, psychotic, damaged, and mischievous teenagers you’ve never wanted to meet. Pair them with ounces of charisma, an SAT-ready vocabulary, and rap records. You end up with their mixtapes, which have involved raps about drugs, sex, rape, anarchy, Freudian damage, epic self-consciousness, and a purview of the world mostly involving nihilism, anarchy, and obscenities as vocally nutritious content.

They’re making all of this noise and one of their members is getting sent away to boarding school by his parents? Really? Damn. These kids have a whole lot of future in front of them if they’re making this much noise and they’re young enough to be sent away by their parents.

Anyway, this is a video of them performing on Fallon. ?uestlove’s on the drums, and he’s been all about Tyler and his group recently, tweeting about them seemingly everyday. Tyler, before the concert, said “I want to scare the fuck out of old white fucking people that live in Middle fucking America.” Well, mission accomplished I’m sure. By far the most entertaining late night performance I have ever seen in my entire life. They absolutely OWN the stage, own the show, and blow the crowd away. Look at Mos Def absolutely lose his shit at the end. “Swag! Swag! Afhosaihgiwegaighawigoiwehgiow!!!!”

To put it simply, OFWGKTA makes people lose their minds, and I love it.

Dream Big

Twitter || D Prep

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Tyler, The Creator – Yonkers (Music Video)

Tyler, The Creator is another one of those names that’s buzzing around everywhere right now. In fact, let’s make a little list of these names, shall we?

Yeah, that’s good for now. These folks are in the ears and minds of practically every music blogger and their mama’s Twitter page right now. Somebody like Tyler, The Creator, is on that list because of all the controversy he’s causing. Lil B is somewhat similar. Both guys say whatever they damn well please with not an ounce of caution regarding what’s appropriate or not. Do I agree with it? Well, maybe. If it amounts to art, yes. I agree with it. If it doesn’t amount to art and instead just clutters the already crowded scene? Then no. This is why I don’t post much of Lil B’s stuff – I think he teeters on the line of overpopulation and lack of artistic value. This dude Tyler, though, he’s an intelligent man saying things that aren’t just nonsense (come on, Lil B is NOT Miley Cyrus)…instead they’re the ramblings of a perhaps disturbed mind. But it’s reaching people. And as disturbing and perhaps inappropriate as this music video is, it’s art. It’s expressive. What do you think? Is he crazy? Are there people missing from the list of buzz names?

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