Paces – Savage Feat. Nyne

Some tracks are so easy to get into within seconds because they reel you in with a mesmerizing, catchy beat. You turn it on and like that your mind is twisting and your head is bobbing like nobody’s business. “Savage” is no exception and we can thank Paces and Nyne for that. This team-up is a match made in addictive sounds heaven and will likely control your brain for the rest of the night. Get your dose of pop-electronic goodness below.

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Allday – Sides (ft. NYNE)

Even Allday, Australia’s preeminent left-field druggie rap-singer, isn’t immune to the Toronto influence. His latest single, “Sides,” clearly has some northern sensibility with its ominous synth beat and NYNE doing a pretty decent Weeknd impression on the hook.

“Sides” is the rapper’s first track since his Startup Cult record dropped in 2015, and it has us realizing just what we’ve been missing over the last 10-plus months.

That album cemented him as a master at walking the line between pop rap and something woozier and darker. The chorus here is Views-level catchy, and Allday’s verses have some serious bite, similar to “Right Now,” another surefire banger that was a highlight of Startup.

All in all, “Sides” is proof that Allday remains in mid-season form.

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LUVKUSH – The Name feat. NYNE

Some songs are just meant for zoning out and getting in that laid back vibe. LUVKUSH and NYNE are two fresh r&b artists that are bringing those flavors to the table. “The Name” is that simple, slick r&b track that is just right for a late night. LUVKUSH gives off those Post Malone-esque vocals while NYNE brings another dimension to the song with her more tender, sweet sounds. Overall, it’s a combination of two up and coming artists that seems to fit together in all the right ways. Check out the new tune “The Name” below.

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Sevn Thomas – Can’t Sleep Alone (ft. NYNE)

Sevn Thomas is the producer you either know or you know without even realizing it. His most notable musical contribution in recent times was none other than Rihanna’s hit single “Work”. If that hot track isn’t enough to convince you, he’s cooked up quite the collaboration with Australian songstress NYNE. “Can’t Sleep Alone” is a mysterious, dark r&b track that possesses some similar vibes to those of another gloomy favorite, the Weeknd. NYNE’s vocals are tender and don’t lack the much-needed edge to keep up the atmosphere. Check out the team-up between Sevn Thomas and NYNE below.

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